How to take Bikanervala Franchise ?

Bikanervala Franchise- Requirements, Investment, Profit, Applying Process

“Bikanervala” you must have heard the name of Bikanervala somewhere, because Bikanervala company is a very famous sweet company. Every year, the Indian food industry has already been progressively increasing its share of the global food trade market. Bikanervala is an Indian brand that is known among its clients for manufacturing classic Indian sweets, namkeen, biscuits, and other snacks.

Bikanervala franchise

Its particular business also follows to certain recipes that were handed down to them from every generation’s forefathers. Bikanervala franchise offers business opportunities the additional benefit of making this outlet one of the best traditional sweet franchises you could ever invest in because the outlet already has a high brand value in the market.

Franchise business has been the most preferred choice of business for many individuals in the recent years. If you are unfamiliar with the franchise, let us explain. If a big company wants to extend its network but cannot work in every location, it can open a branch under its own name.

Bikanervala Company Details:

IndustryFood and Beverage Services
FounderShri Lal Chand Agarwal
HeadquarterNew Delhi, Delhi
SpecialtiesFamily Restaurants, Sweet shops, Fast-food outlets, Packaged food products, Snacks, Sweets, Namkeens, Beverages, Small tunk shops, Gifting solution, and Corporate gifting, Catering solution

Bikanervala history/details:

Bikanervala made a small start in 1905 and grown to be associated with Indian sweets and snacks. In the Kote Gate neighborhood of Bikaner’s old city, Shri Lal Chand Agarwal opened a tiny sweet shop called Bikaner Namkeen Bhandar, which served the area. Initially, the business sold a few Bikaneri-inspired sweets and namkeen. Bikaner Bhujia Bhandar was set up. It became famous as Bikanervala among Delhi locals, which later become its brand name. Shyam Sundar Aggarwal, the current Managing Director of Bikanervala Foods Pvt Ltd, joined the family business in 1968. Later Bikanervala launched Bikano in order to provide sweets and namkeen items in airtight packaging and grow the brand internationally.

Bikanervala franchise has more than 60 outlets in India now they are now a company worth 1,100 crores with headquarters Bikanervala franchise are available in various parts of India and this company is now opening restaurants. And outside India, this company has 26 outlets in UAE, Nepal, New Zealand, Singapore and USA.

In 2003, Bikanervala launched Bikano Chat Cafes, which are restaurants serving fast food with quick delivery in addition to selling packed sweets and namkeens under the brand name Bikano.

Why to choose Bikanervala Franchise:

Bikanervala is well known for its flavor, quality, and hygiene. The company never has failed to give the same flavour and quality of products to its customers.

  • Establishing a Bikanervala shop in India has many benefits. The brand name is only one of many benefits.
  • You will also get access to the company’s product line, which includes traditional Indian sweets, namkeens, and other delectable treats.
  • You get access to the resources and support of the business by purchasing a Bikanervala Franchise.
  • company will also provide a business model.
  • Bikaner franchise offers high returns on less investment.
  • When you purchase a franchise, you become the owner of your own business.
  • Hassle-free business.
  • Products from Bikanervala are made without adulteration, providing its customers the taste of homemade sweets and namkeens.
  • There are a large number of products manufactured by this business, which sells more than 50 different products.

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What is Bikanervala Franchise Model ?

As we know franchise is a plan of action that permits people to begin and work their own business under the brand name of a current business. Establishments are accessible in different enterprises, including food, retail, and services. And if you will take the Bikanervala Franchise then you can run a Restaurant as well as resort.

The company offers establishment chances to individuals who are keen on going into business in the food business. Bikanervala establishments are accessible in different pieces of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Jaipur.

Product Category:

Company have many product category which is given below:

Bikanervala franchise


Bikanervala Restaurant Menu:

The menu of the Bikanervala Restaurant may be different according to the location some of the menu is given below:

Bikanervala franchise restaurant menu

Bikanervala Franchise Cost in India:

The Startup costs for a Bikanervala franchise are quite high. If you have your own land then you will have to spend less money. On the other hand, if you do not have your own land then your expenses will be high.

Depending on a number of factors that are only revealed by brand representatives, the total investment for opening a Bikanervala Franchise is 1,24,85000 INR. Everything, including furniture, tools, marketing, startup materials, and other costs, is covered in this investment.

  • Franchise fees including GST : 23,60,000 INR.
  • Interiors & Fit-outs : 70,00,000 INR.
  • Equipment : 29,75,000 INR.
  • Misc. (Licenses, cylinder connections etc) : 1,50,000 INR.
  • Grand total : 1,24,85000 INR.


  • License cost may vary depending on location
  • Some other cost may also vary

Bikanervala Franchise Profits & Margin: 

If you start your business by buying Bikanervala Franchise then the total profit you make in this business depends on your sales strategy the more you sell the more profit you will earn. After getting the franchise from this company you will not need much to advertise your business. Because it is already a very big brand in India.

If you find out from a market research, then you can extract a profit margin of 10% to 15% from the products of this company. Your company will also help you with marketing, so you won’t encounter any difficulties with sales right away. You can start out with a monthly salary of 50,000 rupees.

Because of the fact that this company’s name is already so well-known, customers will only begin approaching your store after seeing its name.

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Space requirements for Bikanervala Franchise:

If someone wants to buy a Bikanervala Franchise, the property must be in the correct location and be of a reasonable size since the company does have certain land-related requirements that must be met before the franchise can be granted.

  • Area Required : 2500 square feet.

The owner has the option of either owning or renting out the business space. You should have a basic knowledge of how to manage finances and run a business. You must also be able to fully follow the company’s guidelines and procedures.

Benefits of Starting a Bikanervala Franchise:

There are many advantages of beginning a Bikanervala outlet in India. A portion of these advantages incorporate the brand name, support from the organization, and a demonstrated plan of action.

Furthermore, you will likewise gain admittance to the company’s product range, which incorporates conventional Indian desserts, namkeens, bread rolls, and different bites.

Being a part of the Bikanervala gives you many benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Admittance to the company’s assets and supports.
  • Demonstrated plan of action
  • Hogh Investment
  • High Return
  • Adaptable working hours
  • Work for yourself
  • Hassle free business
  • Admittance to the company’s assets and supports.
  • The capacity to utilize the company’s marking and promoting materials
  • The capacity to sell the company’s products and services.

Document requirement:

Some papers must be given to the company in order to establish the business of this company, which enables you to apply for the company’s franchise. You will need the following documentation to get a Bikanervala franchise:

  • ID Proof : Aadhaar card, Pan card, Voter id card
  • Address proof : Ration card, electricity bill
  • Photograph, Phone number, Email id
  • GST Registration certificate
  • NOC of unit/shop
  • Unit/shop address proof
  • Franchise agreement
  • Rent agreement
  • Complete Property Document With Title & Address
  • Lease Agreement

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How to take Bikanervala Franchise in India ?

If you want to take Bikanervala Franchise then you have to follow some steps which is given below:

  • First, go to the company’s official website. ( )
  • The website have contact us is available on this site. On this, you click.

Bikanervala franchise

  • You can fill out and submit the form that you will see.
  • After filling all the details submit the form.
  • The company will get in contact with you on its own.

Before applying for the Bikanervala Franchise, make sure that there is no any other franchise available in that location. If any franchise exist in your location then you will not be eligible for the franchise in your location.

Company Contact Details:

If you have any query related franchise you may contact company via given information as I’ve mentioned below:

Bikanervala Foods Pvt. Ltd

A-28 Lawrence Road Industrial Area New Delhi, Delhi 110035, INDIA


You can contact on this number for more information:

For Franchise related queries : 011-47006700  (9:30 AM-6:30 PM (MONDAY – SATURDAY)


  • Email ID for Bikanervala Franchise :
  • Customer care number: 011-47006735, +91 9650075931


Process to take the Franchise:

  • First of all you have to apply for the franchise. If company will consider your franchise application then you will get a call from the company.
  • After your concern, then company’s team will schedule a meeting.
  • The company’s team will verify your location and make a plan. And if your location will be suitable for the Bikanervala Franchise Restaurant then they will tell you all terms & condition.
  • After that if you will agree to take the franchise then the company will proceed you franchise application.
  • Then you have to pay some security money to lock the franchise in that location.
  • Then after, you have to sign franchise agreement.
  • After all the documents procedure you can start you work for the outlet.
  • After a month you can start your Bikanervala Franchise. 

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Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Q. What is the Bikanervala Franchise Fee ?

Ans: There is no franchise fee charged by the company for opening a Bikanervala Franchise.

Q. Security money for opening Bikanervala Franchise ?

Ans: NA

Q. What is the royalty fee charged ?

Ans: NA

Q. Is this Bikanervala Franchise profitable ?

Ans: This brand comes under FMCG i.e. Fast Moving consumer goods, therefore sales will always be high in this business. And Bikanervala products which have already occupied the Indian market very strongly. So, its product is in high demand every time. Therefore we can say that it is profitable franchise business.

Q. What is the Profits and Margin in the Bikanervala Franchise ?

Ans: The profit margin will be varying from product to product but if you manage to make a good sale throughout, more profit can be achieved. Overall total gross margin in Bikanervala items is about 10% – 12% and total gross margin on other items is about 50% – 70%.

Q. What is ROI in Bikanervala Franchise ?

Ans: Company assured to get 140% return on investment.

Q. How do you get a Bikanervala Franchise ?

Ans: If you want to get the  franchise then you have to fill the franchise form or you can contact via contact details like phone: 011-47006700 or mail:

Q. Is Bikanervala company support to the franchisee to run the outlet ?

Ans: Yes, they support the franchise mainly in sales, offers, promotions, billing software, provide training etc.

Q. What is the cost to open Bikanervala Franchise ?

Ans: Depending on a number of factors that are only revealed by brand representatives, the total investment for opening a Bikanervala Franchise is 1,24,85000 INR.

Q. Bikanervala Franchise Contact Details ?

Ans: For Franchise related queries : 011-47006700  or email ID for Bikanervala Franchise : or for more information you can visit:


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