How to take Hitachi ATM Franchise?

Hitachi Payment Services is one of the select non-bank entities in India have been licensed by the Reserve Bank of India to deploy and operate white label ATMs (WLA)

Company Details

Hitachi is an ideal partner for managing its partners' complete ATM networks and business growth by generating revenue, optimizing costs, enhancing customer service and building brand trust.

Association with Hitachi Brand. Entrepreneurial Opportunity Minimal Investment High Return on Investment Dedicated Support and Training

Why Partner with Hitachi Payment Services ?

Hitachi ATM Franchise



Additional income Increased store footfall Higher store reputation Cash Safety

Partner with India's largest White Label ATM Operator Hitachi group to invest money and get high ROI @33%

Security of transactions, easy and speedy access to cash and seamless service define Hitachi’s ATM solutions.

To open this ATM Franchise you need approx 80 sqft to 100 sqft

This initial investment of Rs.2,10,000/- is excluding the cash loading fund of Rs.1,00,000/- which will have to be paid while signing up.


Hitachi ATM  Franchise Model

All the franchise model and the detailed information on Hitachi ATM Services are given below:

HPY WLA Franchise Model

* Basic Model * Emerald Model * Topaz Model

How does they process the work ?

Shortlisting of Site  Franchise Onboarding  ATM Room Readiness  ATM Go Live Support Launch of ATM  Manage ATM Operations Earn with Every Transaction

Identity Address Proof Proprietorship/Partnership/LLP Doc. Bank Account Opening (A/c tagged for waiver as per 194N) Submission of Docs & Agreement Payment of Security Deposit

Documents Required

Profits & Margin:

High Return on Investment: ROI @33% in year 1 and potential to move up to 53% in year 5.

Non-Cash Transaction: min. Rs 2-4 Cash Deposit: Min. Rs 8 Cash Transaction: Min. Rs 8.5 to 14

How to apply for the Hitachi ATM Franchise ?

To apply for the Hitachi ATM Franchise you have to visit the official website or you can mail on

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