How to rent your space for ATM Installation ?

Rent your space For ATM

If there is no any bank ATM in your location, you have to travel a long distance to get the cash from ATM. Then you can offer your space on rent for ATM installation.

Advantage for Rent a Space for ATM

Good option for earning monthly  Right business opportunity. Zero Capital Investment.  Simply pay minimal refundable deposit

ATM Leasing Model:

ATM Leasing Model:

There are two types of ATM leasing models-  White Label ATM: are not owned by any bank.   Franchise ATM: Another way for using your commercial space is by taking an ATM franchise

The minimum space required for ATM installation is 40 sqft to 100 Sqft and for banks is 1200 Sqft to 4000 Sqft.

Monthly Expected Earning: 

The location plays the main role here to decide the rental income.

You can expect monthly rent will be minimum Rs. 35,000 and maximum Rs. 80,000

Application Process:

Application in a bank. Institution will review the proposal Approval of application. Provide space for server and dish facility for network connectivity Lease agreement.

How to apply  for renting Your Space for ATM Installation ?

To rent your space for ATM in your commercial space, you have to write a letter for offering space for ATM Installation to the Bank manager.

And if you want to open a largest white label ATM Franchise then you can choose TATA Indicash ATM Franchise. To more about this swipe up.

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