How to take bailley water distributorship ?

Mineral Water Distributorship

Launched in 1993. It was the 2nd brand of packed drinking water. Packed across India in 52 state of the art bottling plant.

Bailley Mineral Water

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Benifits: It has a unique purification process to give consumers pure water and perfect taste. Provide quality product. One of the trusted brand.

Applicants should fulfill the company's eligibility criteria. Requirements: (Shop/Godown, Vehicle, Manpower for services, some equipments like Computer, Printer, CCTV, Inverter, Table,chair)

Space Required:

Packaging of Bottle:

Water bottle capacities – 250 ml/500 ml/1 Liter/2 Liter/5 Liter/10 Liters and 20 Liters.

Shop Space :- 200 sqft. 300 sqft. Godown Space :- 800 sqft. to 900 sqft.


You have to buy minimum of Intial Stock Purchase of 1.25 lakhs rupee(800 – 900 boxes). Basic Infrastructure & Shop/Godown cost: 1lakh. Vehicle: 5lakh Total Investment: 10lakh - 12lakh

Profits & Margin

It depends on the total sells you have made but if you are able to sell enough boxes of mineral water then you can expect approx 10% - 15% margin.

Steps to apply: Application. Manager will survey your area properly. They proceed if you agree. Manager will make an agreement. Provide you training. You can start you business within 5- 10 days.

How to apply for the Bailley Water Distributorsip ?

How to apply for the Bailley Water Distributorsip ?

To apply for the Bailley water distributorship you have to visit its official website or you can watch video by clicking.

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