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Complete Details About ZORKO Franchise.

Complete Details On ZORKO Franchise:

If you are deciding to open a restaurant brand with no royalty, no profit sharing, chef-less kitchen model, low investment and affordable Concept with high profit margin restaurant business in India, then it is the best time to introduce to you about ZORKO Franchise.

As the food and beverage market is growing rapidly after the pandemic, and this market is booming in India. The Indian food and beverage sector is a huge market, and in addition to that, it’s also very diverse. In 2023, the food and beverage market is expected to generate $905.20 billion (₹75.3 trillion) in revenue. The market is predicted to increase at an annual rate of 8.40% (CAGR 2023–2028).

So, in today’s blog, we will discuss about such company called ZORKO franchise, it’s investments, profits, and much more. ZORKO, which recently came to Shark Tank India, is offering franchises in new locations. So if you are interested in opening a food franchise business, then ZORKO Food Franchise is the best brand to open for, so you can read all the details about ZORKO Franchise.

About ZORKO Company:

ZORKO is India’s fastest-growing affordable pure vegetarian franchise chain. ZORKO currently has 150+ outlets in 46+ cities in India. ZORKO is a food franchise that offers 80+ food options with good quality at affordable prices. ZORKO franchises works in chef less model where you don’t need to hire chefs and trained staff. Franchise can be run by local staff provided minimal training and guidance to them.

ZORKO Pvt. Ltd. owned by Nahar brothers(Anand Nahar & Amrit Nahar) and they dared to start this company during COVID-19. ZORKO is a DIPP-recognized startup by the Government of India, a young manufacturing company with a strong desire to make a difference in society. ZORKO also expanded their activities into food manufacturing, Horeca supply, processing, health supplements, and emerging technology-based services. ZORKO is guided by a deep philosophy of ethics and trust, supported by experienced individuals from many industries, and directed by a dedicated team of specialists.

ZORKO Brand Introduces the NO Royalty, NO Profit Sharing, Chef-less Kitchen Model, Low Investment, and Affordable Concept with High Profit Margin Restaurant business in India.

Why to choose ZORKO Franchise ?

There are multiple reasons to choose ZORKO as franchise:

  • ZORKO doesn’t take any Royalty or profit sharing in your business.
  • In ZORKO franchise business you don’t have to hire Chefs and highly trained staffs as ZORKO franchise works in chef less model, so you can mange this business for very less number of staffs.
  • They gives full freedom to design your cafe according to your budget and choose the interior furniture of your choice.
  • They offers pocket friendly menu and gives 80+ options to choose from it’s menu.
  • There are no limits to starting your food journey with a shop, you can even start with a Food Truck/Cart. They also allow the Takeaway Model.
  • They produce Sauces, Syrups & Pre Mixes in their in house manufacturing unit, making it more cost efficient to purchase.
  • ZORKO provides great quality & fresh veggies to it’s customers.
  • The Café provides a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere that allows you to chill out and enjoy yourself.
  • ZORKO offers pocket friendly menu and gives 80+ options to choose from it’s menu.
  • They has well researched world class menu & they also gives the freedom to customize the menu. They also allow to add new menu to the customers.
  • 165+ outlets present across 45 cities in 10 different states

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Eligibility Criteria for ZORKO Franchise:

To become a ZORKO franchisee, applicants must meet certain criteria set by the company.

  • Applicant should completed the age of 21 years.
  • Applicant qualification should be 10th
  • Should have Knowledge in the field of food franchise business.
  • They should have proper investment and proper space.
  • They have a good financial background to manage the expenses.

ZORKO Franchise Model:

ZORKO has two franchise model based on franchise fee. ZORKO franchise agreement is for 1 year and after 1 year you have to pay renewal amount of 25,000₹ only. Let’s discuss both of the franchise one by one.

  1. In 1st model, franchisee fee is 4 lakh excluding 18% G.S.T. In this model you will be provided with all the support & guidance.
  2. In 2nd model, franchisee fee is 5 lakh₹+ 18 % G.S.T in this franchise model you will get all the benefits of 1st model, and in addition to that you will get a deep freeze, Commercial fryer, commercial pizza oven, 18×18 microwave, mixer grinder, induction and commercial griller.

Zorko Franchise

ZORKO Franchise Cost: 

If you want to take ZORKO Franchise then the Investment depends on various factors such as the location, space, franchise model etc. If you take 1st franchise model where the  franchise fee is 4 lakh₹. The minimum investment to take this franchise is 8- 10lakh which is given below :

  • Franchise Cost: Franchise fee is 4 lakh₹+18% G.S.T.(in this amount company will guide and support you in many ways, also provide you raw materials, Franchise Start-up Kit and 50+ kitchen accessories, billing software and Brand value). And other model where franchise fee is 5lakh₹ +18% G.S.T( in this model the company will provide you all the guidance and support included in 1st model and some kitchen appliances like deep freeze, mixer grinder, etc.)
  • Infrastructure Cost: Infrastructure costs include rent of that place(if not owned), interior designing of the outlet and furniture cost. Rental cost may vary location to location. Infrastructure cost will be around 4-5 lakh₹. ZORKO gives full freedom to setup Interior & Exterior of your Outlet.
  • Manpower Cost: ZORKO can be operated by 2-3 people without any trained chefs. So assuming cost around 20,000-30,000₹.
  • Equipment’s Cost: Kitchen equipment costs include a refrigerator, microwave oven, griller, etc. These equipment cost will be around 1lakh₹ if you take 1st model but if you take 2nd model then these are all included in the franchise fee.
  • Total Cost: Total investment required to start ZORKO Food franchise business is about 8-10 lakh₹.

This information is as per the given in the internet. So, we always suggest you to directly contact with the official franchise team of this company for the accurate and updated information.

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Space Required for ZORKO Franchise:

If you want to open ZORKO Franchise then the space should be in high crowed area or in the main market or in a mall. The space required to open ZORKO franchise is minimum 200 – 250 square feet. Food outlet should be well spacious, interior of the outlet should be soothing enough, customers feel calm ambience inside with proper lightening.

  • ZORKO gives 100% Creative Freedom to Design Your interior as per your budget, choice of Interior & Furniture
  • ZORKO will also guide you for kitchen setup, including all machinery space and sitting arrangement according to your space
  • ZORKO give you guideline on how to design your Outlet with minimum effort and cost.

ZORKO Franchise Menu:

ZORKO offers wide range of  food to their customers. ZORKO has more than 80 varieties of food for customers. In Addition to that ZORKO gives you the freedom to customize your menu and also to add any local cuisine or items to boost sales as per your area or remove any item to suit your style of operations.

ZORKO Franchise Menu are:- Pizzas, Burgers, Sandwiches, Fries, Variety of Momos, sweet corns, Pastas, Maggie, Cold coffee, Mojitos, Hot Chocolates, Milkshakes, Garlic bread, Cheese Pull, Garlic Bun, Wraps and lot more.

Documents Requirements:

The franchisee must have the following documents before opening the store:

  • ID Proof: Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Voter Card
  • Address Proof: Electricity Bill/Rent agreement/ NOC
  • Qualification certificate
  • Photograph, Email Id, Mobile Number
  • Current A/C and cancel cheque
  • Shop agreement 
  • Rent agreement
  • FSSAI License
  • NOC
  • GST number
  • Outlet trade license

ZORKO Franchise Profit Margin:

Profit margin is an important term in the restaurant industry; it tells the percentage of revenue that remains as profit after all expenses are deducted. To increase profit margins, restaurants use a variety of strategies, such as menu design to highlight high-margin items, minimizing food and labor expenses, and negotiating better agreements with suppliers. In addition, using technology for online ordering, delivery, and reservation systems can simplify operations and increase income.

Maintaining a strong profit margin in the restaurant business is very essential for restaurants to grow in sustainability and expansion. ZORKO restaurant runs on a gross profit of 50%, but after deducting all its expenses like rent, raw materials, and manpower costs, it remains a net profit of 25%, which is good in this competitive market.

ZORKO does not charge Royalty, it runs on No Profit Sharing and no hidden fees.

ROI(Return On Investment): ZORKO has a gross profit of 50-60% as stated by the company, and after deducting all other expenses you will get back your investment within 12- 14 months.

This profit margin is assumed, so to know more on profit and margin you may contact with the officials, I have mentioned their contact details below.

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Support & Training:

To start with any franchise business at first you will need lots of guidance and mentorship from the company, like how to operate the business, marketing support and lot more. So, ZORKO provides training and support to it’s franchises in many ways:

  • ZORKO provides kitchen utensils and raw materials
  • They also helps in doing marketing of your store via influencer.
  • Digital Ordering System, Management, Inventory Etc. with Brand Guidance & Training
  • ZORKO helps in brand guidance, & training.
  • Short Recipe training Video of all Menu items of ZORKO.
  • Expert advice, on running a successful business.
  • ZORKO help to design your layout & to decorate your outlet.
  • ZORKO give you guideline on how to design your Cafe with Minimum effort and Cost.

How to apply for ZORKO franchise ?

ZORKO runs it’s franchise model in 2 different types, One is ZORKO’s franchise and another one is ZORKO’s master franchise. To apply for ZORKO’s franchise, we have mentioned the following details below:

ZORKO’s Franchise helpline number:9909900139

ZORKO’s Franchise website:

Contact Details Of ZORKO team:

If you have any query related to ZORKO Franchise then you may contact to the company via given details as I’ve mentioned below:

Corporate Office

310-311, 3rd Floor, Exault Shoppers, Near Vesu, Surat, Gujarat-395007

Registered Office

Plot no. 116A, Ground Floor, Navsarjan, Udhana Magdalla Road, Surat-395007

Email Id-

Website Link-

Phone: +91 9909900139


In conclusion, ZORKO is one of the top food chains in India. They have been serving India for the past 3 years. ZORKO Food Franchise has been consistently growing and expanding its outlets all over the country through the variety of menu offered and strategic planning.

ZORKO has 165+ outlets in India across 46+ cities. ZORKO provides the best quality food at an affordable price. ZORKO has over 80 menu options. ZORKO also shows its potential for growth and success in this highly competitive food industry. ZORKO’s franchise model works in a chef-less model, making it a more profitable business for franchise owners.
The risk of this business is minimal, and the demand for this segment is growing day by day. In this blog, we already talked about the ZORKO franchise’s initial investment, profit and margin, etc. In this article, we have mentioned all the required information, and we hope you have liked it.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the ZORKO food franchise ?

Ans: ZORKO has 160+ outlets in India across 46+ cities. ZORKO provides the best quality food at an affordable price. ZORKO has over 80 menu options. ZORKO also shows its potential for growth and success in this highly competitive food industry. ZORKO’s franchise model works in a chef-less model, making it a more profitable business for franchise owners.

2. Who is the ZORKO franchise owner ?

Ans: The ZORKO food franchise is owned and operated by the Nahar brothers (Anand Nahar and Amrit Nahar), born and brought up in Gujarat. ZORKO was started in 2021 in Gujarat, and now it has more than 160+ outlets all over India.

3. What types of food are served at ZORKO restaurants ?
Ans: ZORKO restaurants offer a variety of dishes at an affordable price. ZORKO offers vegetarian and vegan options to its consumers. ZORKO has 80+ menu options currently, which include burgers, pizza, garlic bread, pasta, and much more.

4. Can I franchise a ZORKO restaurant ?
Ans: Yes, franchising opportunities is available for people who meet above criteria can open this franchise. You can get information about franchising opportunities and requirements on the official ZORKO website or by contacting the company directly.

5. What sets ZORKO restaurants apart from other dining establishments ?
Ans: ZORKO restaurants offer a unique dining experience, has vast menu options to choose from the outlet also has soothing and calm ambience to enjoy the vibe. That differs ZORKO from other restaurant brands.

6. Do ZORKO restaurants host special events or promotions ?
Yes, ZORKO restaurants often host special events such as birthday parties, anniversary, promotions, and new year celebrations to their customers and celebrate.

7. How can I provide feedback or suggestions to ZORKO restaurants ?
Ans: ZORKO restaurants welcome feedback and suggestions from customers. You can reach out to them through their official website, social media channels, or directly at any of their restaurant locations. Your input helps them continually improve and innovate their offerings.

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