Complete Details about Mr. Tea Franchise Cost.

Mr. Tea Franchise Cost, its requirements, Profit, Applying Process:

Tea is the first preferable beverage for any purpose almost all countries in the world. It does not need any occasion to take.  Tea has turned into the best option of individuals and all-time favorite beverages. Whether guests come at home or you go out some place, at first people need tea. Whether eating snacks, cookies, everything is incomplete without tea. In such a circumstance, starting a business connected with tea can be a great idea for a start-up. India is the second largest tea producer all over the world, now you can guess how much Indians are fond of tea.

If you are interested in tea business and passionate to start your own business in this segment then this blog is for you. In this blog, we have brought all required information of a tea company Mr. Tea. By taking its franchise you can begin your tea business and for this you won’t require huge investment. Here we will cover many topics like benefits to take Mr. Tea Franchise, cost, profit and margin, eligibility, applying process and contact details.

Mr. Tea Franchise Cost

About the company:

Mr Tea was established on 26 January 2021 by Kodudula Naveen Reddy. Within two years it has turned into a well known brand of tea in present times. Mr. Tea has established of 100+ franchise outlets and 359 warehouses all over India. Mr. Tea is spreading its network by providing franchise and soon they have planned to set up 246 franchise outlets in different parts of India as franchise. They are searching for new franchise to open their outlets in different areas.

The main thing about this organization is that their point is to save and keep the legacy of tea. Simultaneously, they need to give it another look and attempt to coordinate it with modern innovation. It’s a tea outlet with a pleasant ambiance. By doing this they are dreaming about another tea culture in India.

In Mr. Tea outlet they offer some extra things like lassi, mocktails, milkshakes, various kinds of teas, different types of mouth watering snacks and sandwiches. It is very pocket friendly in terms of cost of the franchise and investment. You don’t need to put much fund to start Mr. Tea franchise and in return it will give you a good profit.

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Benefits of choosing Mr. Tea franchise:

There are so many tea and coffee brands are available in the market and they offer franchise then why choose Mr. Tea franchise?

It depends on many factors. Choosing coffee or tea brand’s franchise is own choice but you cannot deny tea is our first choice. Coffee chains are rising day by day but our traditional and authentic beverage tea has secured a special position in India and in the heart of Indian people. Here few main benefits of choosing Mr. Tea are as follows-

  • Group of experts- Mr. Tea chain has many experts which given their time and effort over a decade in this segment. The team’s collective expertise and knowledge help the new entrepreneurs to understand the market demand and consumer’s choice. The experts select the food menu and customized those foods.
  • A range of food items- Mr. Tea not only offers tea but also offers many sides items which are always on demand. Mr. Tea offers a range of products which draw the attention of every customer in that region. It is a profit earning tea franchise in the market.
  • Turning a tea lover into business owner- Beginning a Tea franchise requires an enthusiastic applicant who is a tea lover itself. Such a person can enhance the business with his passion and works for a long run. There is a large scope to do well in this field. It is a never ending segment so anyone can go with this tea brand.
  • In-house processing unit- Mr. has franchise has an In-house processing unit that helps the chain to focus on its production process in each level, as a result customers get the ultimate quality of products. The company provides all the primary ingredients to the franchise.
  • Less investment- As said prior the rate of taking franchise and opening its outlet is within the budget. You can start your own business with a small investment. It is more affordable than other tea franchise.
  • Competitive price of products- The chain has full control over the end product. The company decides the prices and knows their competition in the local area and set an attractive product’s price for its consumers.
  • Helps in marking and promotion- The Company helps their franchise in marketing and promotion in local level to increase customers and help in making new customers. It is a big support from the company, so the franchise can concentrate on other works.

Eligibility Criteria for Mr. Tea franchise:

In the above you can get an idea for the requirement for a unit franchise. While you are planning to own Mr. Tea franchise then you should be eligible for fulfilling their criteria which are as follows-

  • The age of the applicant should be 21 years or above.
  • Must have all required licenses and documents which are mentioned below section.
  • The applicant must meet all the standards of company.
  • The applicant should be passionate and energetic about your business.
  • The applicant must have basic graduation or equivalent degree.
  • The applicant should know the basics of the teas and coffees especially those are present in the menu.

Requirements for Mr. Tea Franchise:

If you are interested in food and beverage business and want to start your own outlet/cafe with Mr. Tea then you must know its requirement. Without fulfill it you will not be able to start your Mr. Tea franchise business. Let’s see the requirement-

  • The applicant should have capacity to invest 9 lakhs – 9.5 lakhs.
  • To open an outlet at least 150-200 square foot area required.
  • The applicant must have capability to handle staffs, customers and understand the local market demand.
  • The applicant must be a tea lover and very passionate for setting up his own cafe business.
  • After the franchise agreement the franchise and his staffs must go through a training program which is mandatory for them.

Mr. Tea Franchise Food Menu:

Mr. Tea offers varieties of delicious food menus. The main food items are given below-

Mr. Tea Franchise Cost

  • Hot Tea & Coffee
  • Bubble tea
  • Milkshakes
  • Sandwiches
  • Lassi
  • Snacks
  • Mocktails
  • Waffles

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How much does Mr. Tea franchise cost ?

When you are planning to go with Mr. Tea then you need to know its franchise fee and its royalty. You also know your budget and how much initial investment you need to open an outlet. As per the official website of Mr. Tea, we are providing you the following data.

The franchise fee of Mr. Tea is Rs. 5, 00,000 + 18% GST= Rs.5, 90,000. This franchise fee is paid by the franchise to the franchiser when signing the franchise agreement. It is onetime payment paid before starting the business. It includes franchise fee, marketing and promotion fee and the cost of all equipment’s such as- milkshake blender, soda maker, hot flask, oil fryer, 190 Ltrs. fridge, deep freezer, tea kettle, steel utensils 20 pieces, induction oven, display counter,3 burner stove, outside board, inside menu, painting, menu prints, lolli pop, 90 ML branding. The company will paint up to 200 square feet area of the outlet.

The royalty charge is paid monthly by the franchise of Rs. 2,000. There is no additional-hidden charge. The company does not take any percentage on sale or on profit the franchise makes.

The franchise need to invest for shop rent, interior designing, civil work, furniture, IT and hardware networking work, advance raw materials and other expenses is approx. Rs. 3,00,000- Rs.3,20,000. That means the total initial investment is required to open a Mr. Tea franchise is approx. 9 – 9.5 lakh rupees.

Space required for Mr. Tea franchise:

While planning to open a Mr. Tea outlet you need to start searching for an ideal place. The business of the franchise also depending on the location; even location is one of the major factors of any business. Mr. Tea shop does not need too much space but that must be high footfall area. The nearby area of the outlet must be clean and proper while set up a food outlet.

If your outlet is in a good and center area of the town then definitely people will come and enjoy your food. For the Mr. Tea unit franchise the minimum size of shop is 100 square foot but 150 -200 square foot area is ideal for the shop where people can sit and spend quality time. It is preferable to choose the space in market area, college airport area, shopping mall, near a park etc.

Documents Required for Mr. Tea franchise:

The Mr. Tea franchisee applicant must have the following documents before opening the store-

  • Franchise agreement
  • FSSAI license
  • Proprietor’s Aadhar card copy
  • Proprietor’s photo
  • Proprietor/Business PAN card copy
  • Business TAN copy
  • GST registration certificate
  • Proprietor/ Business Aadhar proof.
  • Shop address proof
  • NOC of shop

Mr. Tea Franchise Profits and Margin:

The profit of a business is depending on various factors like location of the store, its marketing and promotion, service offered, food quality etc. With the help of past few records the average daily sells of any Mr. Tea outlet is Rs. 10,000. Here we are providing you an approximate data, so you can get an idea about the monthly profit of the franchise.

Raw MaterialsRs. 1,20,000 / Month
Store RentRs. 30,000 / Month
Electricity and Water SupplyRs. 10,000 / Month
Staff’s SalaryRs. 45000 / Month
Royalty ChargeRs. 2000 / Month
Other Expenses like marketing, aggregator and miscellaneousRs. 9000 / Month
Total ExpensesRs. 2,16,000 / Month
Total SellsRs. 300,000 / Month
Sells – Expenses= Net profitRs. 84,000 / Month

The profit margin is approx 28 -30 % on the monthly sells. The return on investment (franchise fee excluded) is approx 15 months. Initially the profit is less but after a strong marketing and promotion the profit margin will increase.

Support provided by Company to Mr. Tea Franchise:

Mr. Tea is expanding its network all over India by providing franchise. Mr. Tea supports their franchise from the very beginning and during the business process. The main supports which provided by the company are as follows-

  • Mr. Tea helps in site selection, interior designing to match their standard.
  • The company paints 200 square feet area of the store.
  • The company provides all required equipment and utensils to the franchise while setting up the outlet.
  • The company helps in selecting menu and prices.
  • The company sends their own chefs to the franchise store who will teach the food and beverages preparation, its presentation and serving techniques.
  • The franchise owner and staffs can come to the selected place decided by the company to take training.
  • The company charge royalty fee of 2000 per month only and no any extra charge on profit or sells.

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How to Apply for the Mr. Tea franchise in India ?

If you are planning to start your own business by taking Mr. Tea franchise and thinking how to apply for this franchise then read the below steps of applying process-

  • To apply for Mr. Tea franchise you have to visit Mr. Tea’s website
  • After visiting this website you can see many options on the header area of its home page.
  • Then click on “contact” option.

Mr. Tea Franchise Form

  • After this a form will open in front of you. In this form you have to put all required basic details like name, phone number, email id etc.
  • After that you can submit the form. After submitting the form, the company franchise concern person will contact you.

Mr. Tea Franchise Contact Details:

To inquire about opening a Mr. Tea franchise, you can reach out to the company using the contact details provided below:

Office Address: 38 & 39, Nagarjuna Sagar Rd, Keshavapuram Colony, Laxmi Narashima Puram Colony, Hastinapuram, Hyderabad, Telangana 500079.

Mail ID-

Contact No.- +91 9874563210



Tea holds a special place in Indian culture, and traditional tea stalls have evolved into modern, stylish outlets without losing the essence of tea. Entrepreneurs are seizing opportunities in this segment, with many tea and coffee brands offering franchise options for business expansion. Mr. Tea is one such brand. This blog provides essential information for individuals looking to venture into the Mr. Tea franchise business. The tea industry has a promising future, and Mr. Tea can be an excellent choice for those starting a new journey in this field.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question):

Q. Why Mr. Tea ?

Ans: Mr. Tea is a unique franchise offering the goodness of tea with natural antioxidants and exceptional hospitality that sets it apart.

Q. What is the shop size required to start a Mr. Tea Unit Franchise ?

Ans: The minimum size needed is 100 square feet, but an ideal space is 150 square feet or more.

Q. What is the Franchise Fee ?

Ans: The unit franchise fee is Rs. 5,00,000 plus GST, covering franchise, marketing fee, and equipment costs.

Q. Is the franchise fee refundable ?

Ans: No, the franchise fee is non-refundable, but all equipment provided by the brand belongs to the franchise.

Q. Will the brand provide stock when the initial stock is exhausted ?

Ans: The brand supplies primary ingredients but not snacks. The franchisee can source snacks locally with brand approval.

Q. Can the franchise add extra drinks to the menu ?

Ans: Mr. Tea’s menu should not be altered, but regional drinks can be added with written brand approval.

Q. Will the brand provide staff ?

Ans: No, but the brand offers training for your selected staff. A minimum of 2-3 workers is needed, even without prior hotel experience.

Q. What is the monthly royalty amount payable to the Brand ?

Ans: A fixed monthly royalty of Rs. 2,000 is payable, with no additional charges.

Q. How long is the franchise agreement, and is it renewable ?

Ans: The franchise agreement is valid for 5 years, with the option to renew by paying 10% of the franchise fee.

Q. What is the total investment require for opening a Mr. Tea outlet ?

Ans: Total initial investment is required to open a Mr. Tea franchise is approx. 9 – 9.5 lakh rupees. It includes franchise fee, raw materials and complete outlet set up cost.

Q. What is the training support provided by Mr. Tea ?

Ans: There is a training program provided by the company and it is mandatory to attain. The company sends their own chefs to the franchise store who will teach the food and beverages preparation, its presentation and serving techniques. The franchise owner and staffs can come to the selected place decided by the company to take training.

Q. What is the payback period of Mr. Tea franchise to cover the cost?

Ans: The payback period of Mr. Tea franchise is approx. 15 months to cover the cost.

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