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How To Start Tiffin Service In Your Area

How To Start Tiffin Service Business in India ?

In this era everyone is searching for a business ideas that can start from home, without investing too much. Today we will discuss a new business idea that can be run by your own house & the special thing is that anyone, male or female, can do this business.

Indian people are at the forefront in terms of food and drink and when it comes to their favorite food, they do not hesitate at all. A report has also found that people of India prefer to eat home food. But many people stay out of home due to which they are not able to get the food of their choice. During this time, people look for such a place where they can easily get home cooked food which is tasty and they can also remain healthy by eating it. This is the reason why tiffin service is more useful at present.

In such a situation, if you start the business of tiffin service, you will be able to earn good profits in this business in a very short time. Today we are going to tell you through this article how to start tiffin service business and how much will you earn in it.

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What is Actually Tiffin Service Business ?

First of all, let us know what is tiffin service business ? The business concept for tiffin services is really straightforward. You provide home-style food to those who are living away from home to other cities to get education while some people go out of their home to do jobs. Your clients will usually be either students or young professionals in the workforce. Therefore, serving plain, home-cooked food that is healthful is the secret to a successful tiffin service—nothing spectacular. The special thing is that anyone, male or female, can do this business.

Steps to start Tiffin Service Business:

Before starting tiffin service you should aware of certain things:

  • Market Research: To start, tiffin service find out how much demand is there in your area for tiffin services by conducting in-depth market research. Determine who your target market is—students, working adults, families, etc.—and evaluate their nutritional needs, budgetary restrictions, and preferences.
  • Marketing: For marketing your tiffin service business, you have to get some pamphlets printed in the name of your business which you can easily distribute in the market. Apart from this, you can install hoardings related to your business at good locations in the city so that people can easily know about it.
  • Location: To start tiffin service business, first of all you have to choose a place where the demand for food is high. A place where students, people associated with offices and industries live on rent outside their houses. If you want, you can start this business in the radius of 5 to 7 kilometers of this area, so that you will be successful in feeding hot and fresh food to the customer.
  • Raw Material: To start Tiffin Service in your area you prepare a menu according to which buy raw  materials in small quantities at initial stage.
  • Packaging: Invest your money in purchasing good-quality tiffin boxes, as this is your one-time investment, so buy insulated, thermos tiffin boxes, as this will keep food warm for a long. Tiffin boxes should be considered  compartmentalized containers to keep different dishes separate.
  • Staff or Manpower Required: Tiffin service can be start in your kitchen, so at early stage you will not be requiring lot many staffs.
    ParticularNo. of people
    To cook food1
    To deliver cooked food1
    To wash utensils/ buy dishwasher1/(20,000₹)

How To Scale Your Tiffin Service Business In Your Area ?

To Scale tiffin service business in your area can be achieved through strategic planning, effective marketing, and maintaining quality service. Here are steps you can take to scale your tiffin service business:

  • Hygiene: Maintain hygiene and food safety practices to build trust among your customers. Ensure that your food quality is consistent and meets high standards. Take extra care of the cleanliness and taste in food.
  • Marketing/Advertising: To effectively market your business, distribute pamphlets and install hoardings in good locations to increase visibility and awareness. You can also add your tiffin service hoardings  nearby any college or institute at your convenience.
  • Menu: Plan a menu, create a diverse menu, and stick to the menu. The menu should be different for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Apart from that, you should also take special care of the festival and try to provide food accordingly. Keep changing your menu as per the time so that your customers do not turn away from your food.
  • Customer Feedback: Encourage customers to provide feedback on your service and meal quality to improve your products and services, and promptly address any issues. Always take feedback from customers and try to improve your services. Indian consumers always prefer both affordability and quality at the best possible value.

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Documents and License required to Start Tiffin Service Business:

Depending on where the business is located in India, several permits are required for tiffin services. The six licensing categories that a tiffin service needs are as follows:

  1. FSSAI license
  2. Trade license
  3. License from police department
  4. Society’s No Objection Certificate
  5. Fire No Objection Certificate
  6. Shop & Establishment License

Investment Required To Start Tiffin Service Business:

Tiffin service business is a business for which you will have to buy aluminum boxes, some tiffins and some other cooking equipment. If you start this business on a small scale then you can start it even with 25,000₹. Also, you have to spend some money on advertising and marketing.

RAW MATERIALS 8000₹(at initial stage)
VEHICLE(for transportation)You can use your own vehicle or (80,000₹)if not available

Profits & Margin In Tiffin Service Business:

Tiffin Service Business is always a profitable business, profit margin in tiffin service business sometimes fluctuates a bit. Tiffin service business is totally depends in number of customers you have. Tiffin service business is high volume high profit business.

  • A plate can cost anywhere between 70₹-90₹, depending on how many dishes you are serving. A meal with rice, salad, roti, and two veggies would set you back about 80₹.
  • After deducting your own costs, your monthly income, if you are feeding 50 people two meals a day, will range from 70,000₹ to 80,000₹.
Cost80₹/meal—-> 80₹×2(times a day)×50(customers)×30(days a month)=2,40,000₹
Expenses(Raw materials & labor costs)1,60,000₹

Risk Factor To Consider In Tiffin Service Business:

There are certain risk factors to consider in tiffin service business:

  • Taste: Taste of you food may not get spoiled at any cost. Sometimes it may happen that the taste of your food may get spoiled, in such a situation the customer stops taking food from your place, then in such a situation you should try to give the customer delicious food of his choice. For this, first of all you should get information about the taste of the customer when you meet him for the first time.
  • Competition: There are numerous tiffin centers in the market, therefore leads to competition in the market. In such a case, if someone offers the best cuisine at a lower price than you, you could incur a significant loss. Conduct market research ahead of time and offer tasty cuisine at a reasonable price.
  • Market volatility: Sometimes prices of vegetables, oil & spices can fluctuate. In this situation, your tiffin service business will experience ups and downs. To deal with this difficult situation, you must remain in the market and do your best.

FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Where do I start tiffin service business ?

Ans: You can start this business where there are corporate offices, a large number of employees, hostellers, and educational institutes nearby.

Q. How much investment is required to start a tiffin service business ?

Ans: To start a tiffin service business, you’ll need ₹20,000–₹30,000 in utensils, burners, and other essentials needed for cooking.

Q. How much profits & margin in the tiffin service business ?

Ans: The profit margin in this business is around 35% of the total sales.

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