Complete details about VLCC Salon Franchise.

VLCC Salon Franchise in India: Benefits, Cost, Profit, Applying Process & Contact Details:

India’s one of the fastest growing and profitable sector is slowly becoming the beauty and wellness sector. Even though the beauty and wellness sector has always been around, it is showing a sudden increase in customers. The new generation or Gen Z as they are called is all about their beauty and wellness. This young generation has helped this sector grow beyond imagination.

From the year 2012 the world was taken over by this young generation and its new routines and that’s where all the changes started. There has been a growth of around 15-17% in the beauty and wellness sector of India. In the year 2012 there was a turnover of 70,000 crores in this sector. And that’s not all by the year 2015 this increased to a steady 1 trillion or Rs 1,00,000 crore. 40% of this market is strictly for the beauty or the wellness part of the sector.

In the wellness sector the one that shows one of the highest is the beauty section. As it is well known the saloons are something that will never go out of work. Everyone goes to the saloon, starting from small children to senior citizens of this country goes to saloon. If you are someone who wants to make their way into the business world, it is always better to choose a safe way. What is a better safe way than choosing a successful franchise? Its less risk and great output. That’s why one should choose the VLCC salon franchise as their business. It’s a highly successful company with a great turnover every year.

Are you interested to know more about this franchise and how to take up one of your own? Then read along to find your way into the business world through VLCC salon franchise.

The beauty and health care industry in India is growing and offering different types of chances for entrepreneurs. VLCC is one of the most reputed and trusted name in health care and beauty care industry. It has numerous health care centers, salons and training centers in pan India and across the world. It is giving a platform to people who want to start their career and establish their business in this industry which will never out of demand.

VLCC spreading its business network by providing franchise. You can also get the franchise and open a salon, health care center in your locality. In this blog you will know how to get VLCC franchise in India, eligibility, VLCC franchise cost, profit, contact details and all necessary information about VLCC franchise.

About the VLCC Company:

Vandana Luthra founded the company VLCC health care ltd in the year 1989. The first beauty and weight management service centre were established by Vandana Luthra in New Delhi in the year 1989. The company headquarters is also currently in New Delhi. They have franchises all over India. VLCC saloon was the first company which had multiple outlets operating in the beauty and wellness sector of India. There are more than 200 beauty clinics and wellness centers. Among the cities that these centers are located are 106 cities of India and 25 cities from other countries around the world.

The beauty salon section of the VLCC saloon company is well known all over the world. They are known for professional services. All this success was made possible by Vandana Luthra by her determination and passion for the beauty and wellness sector. She was a young women when she established this enterprise as a small 20,000 rupees worth company, but with the passing of years she has been made it possible to turn the small company into a 2,225 crore worth enterprise.

She with her passion for this sector combined the magic of ayurvedha and with a little bit help of the modern science paved a way for the new era of beauty and wellness. The best part of establishing her company was that the focus of external beautification also sparked a fire of internal beauty among people. It was in 1991 she established the institute of VLCC, which offered courses which was related to the beauty and wellness sector which was a huge turning point for the company.

And in the late 1990’s Vandana Luthra decided to make her brand available worldwide. She took her company to the global levels and retuned with success. Today the VLCC company is well known in around 11 countries from around the world, including Qatar, Singapore, UAE etc. They also have a vast range of franchises all of the world.

In the year 2017, VLCC received the award of Superbrand from the Superbrands India. The company was also recognised as India best trusted companies. Vandana Luthra has achieved so much in the past 30 years, she is now the chairwoman of the Beauty and Wellness Sector Skill and Council (B&WSSC) and an inspiration to many.

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Benefits of choosing VLCC Salon Franchise:

VLCC is a popular and respectable brand with a strong presence for beauty and health care industry. The organization has made its name in this industry for its scientific approach and therapeutic approach in its all product and services. Here are some vital reasons to choose VLCC franchise-

Brand Value: VLCC is a reliable name known for its excellent beauty care products and various services. Owning this franchise means you have additional benefits to make a trusted customer base due to its name. Clients come to your salon by its name; this is the power of a brand value.

Various services: VLCC provides a wide range of beauty and wellness products. It including skincare, hair care, spa treatment, body care, weight loss program and many more. This variety can take special care of a wide client base. When people come to this salon he/she gets a better appearance, look and health care after the service and a visible change in personality.

Training and Support: VLCC gives franchisees training, marketing support, and accesses their products. The company supports the franchise from the very beginning and during the running of the business.

Why should one choose VLCC Salon Franchise ?

A franchise is always a safe way into business, if you are someone looking for the best way to kick-off your business career and is passionate about the beauty and wellness sector then VLCC salon franchise is the best option for you.

VLCC salon has been in the market for over 30 years and is a well-established and successful enterprise. This company is currently established in more than 310 locations and have franchises all over the world. If you are still not convinced to take up the VLCC salon franchise, then here are some reasons that makes the VLCC salon franchise stand out from other franchises:

  • Brand Value: VLCC salon franchise is a franchise that comes from the most trusted and reputed brand all over India. This company holds a reputation in India as well in other countries around the world.
  • Regular footfall: one big advantage of being a good company? Everyone knows you. Trust is a huge factor when it comes to business. being a good company brings customers who trusts in you. The VLCC salon franchise gets regular footfall and a good number of customers every single month.
  • Various services: when it comes to the VLCC salon franchise, the services provided by them are various. They provide spa, haircare, skincare, weight managements etc. customers who are looking to get everything done in one go will choose the VLCC salon franchises as their go to salon.
  • Training and Support: any problem that may arise while working with the VLCC salon franchise will be solved almost immediately. They provide marketing support for your franchise; training support will also be provided along with an exclusive access to their own line of beauty care and health care products.

Requirements for VLCC Salon Franchise:

When you are planning to own the VLCC franchise then you must know what are the requirements for this franchise, the applicant must have the following things-

  • You must have enough time and passion to involve in this beauty care business.
  • The company provides training before starting the business and during the business for productive outcome, so you have to attend the training program.
  • You should have capacity to invest 30-32 lakhs for VLCC beauty salon and 65-70 lakhs for VLCC beauty and wellness center.
  • You must be passionate for your business and capable to run at least for five years.
  • You should have capability to handle the clients, staffs and look after the operational work of your business.

Eligibility for VLCC Salon Franchise:

Before applying for the VLCC franchise you have to keep in mind the following things-

  • The applicant’s age must be 21 or above.
  • It is better to have prior business experience in beauty and health care industry.
  • He/she should have graduation degree or similar academic qualifications.
  • The applicant must have all licenses to open the salon.

VLCC Salon Franchise Model:

If you want to take VLCC Salon Franchise then you need to know about the franchise model:

  • VLCC Beauty and Wellness Center: It offers a diverse range of services, including weight management, skincare, hair care, wellness therapies, beauty treatments, and more. Their expert professionals provide tailored solutions to help clients achieve their beauty and wellness goals in a welcoming environment
  • VLCC Beauty Salon: It provides a range of beauty services, including haircuts, styling, coloring, skincare treatments, manicures, pedicures, and makeup services. They are known for offering quality beauty services in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, helping clients look and feel their best.

VLCC Salon Franchise Cost:

When you are planning to take VLCC franchise then you must know few things. VLCC Salon franchise fee depends on many factors like the location, .

1. VLCC Beauty and Wellness Center Franchise Model:

  • Area Required: This model requires a spacious area of 1800 to 2200 square feet of carpet area, making it suitable for a comprehensive range of services.
  • Franchise Fee: The initial franchise fee for the VLCC Beauty and Wellness Center is INR 15,00,000.
  • Investment: The total investment typically ranges from INR 65,00,000 to INR 70,00,000, covering equipment, interiors, IT expenses, and miscellaneous costs.
  • Equipment and Interiors: Essential salon equipment is estimated to cost between INR 18,00,000 to INR 20,00,000, and interiors and fixtures are typically in the range of INR 29,00,000 to INR 32,00,000.
  • Miscellaneous and IT Expenses: Additional funds are allocated for miscellaneous expenses (INR 1,00,000) and IT expenses (INR 2,00,000) to ensure smooth operations.
  • Royalty Fees: Franchisees of the Beauty and Wellness Center pay a royalty fee of 15% on their monthly turnover, with the higher amount being the benchmark.

2. VLCC Beauty Salon Franchise Model:

  • Area Required: This model is designed for a more compact space, requiring 800 to 1000 square feet (carpet area).
  • Franchise Fee: The initial franchise fee for the VLCC Beauty Salon is INR 8,00,000.
  • Investment: The total investment typically falls in the range of INR 30,00,000 to INR 32,00,000, covering equipment, interiors, IT expenses, and miscellaneous costs.
  • Equipment and Interiors: Essential salon equipment is estimated to cost between INR 5,00,000 to INR 6,00,000, and interiors and fixtures typically range from INR 14,00,000 to INR 15,00,000.
  • Miscellaneous and IT Expenses: Additional funds are allocated for miscellaneous expenses (INR 1,00,000) and IT expenses (INR 2,00,000) to ensure smooth operations.
  • Royalty Fees: Franchisees of the Beauty Salon model also pay a royalty fee of 15% on their monthly turnover, with the higher amount being the benchmark.

But before making any decision, please contact to the company for more information.

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Space Required for VLCC Salon Franchise:

If you are planning to own a VLCC franchise then you must know how much space is required for its salon. There are two types of salon franchise offered by VLCC. If you want to own VLCC beauty and wellness center you need 1900-2000 square foot carpet area. If you are planning to open VLCC beauty salon then you need 800-1000 square feet carpet area. It is preferable to select the location in market area, shopping mall etc. A good frontage and parking area also required. Regular and good water and electricity connection is must in this area if you are planning to open the VLCC salon.

Profit and Margin of VLCC Salon Franchise:

The profit margin of a VLCC franchise is depending upon location and salon type. The profit is depending upon strong marketing, a well-trained team, excellent customer service. Initially you will earn less profit but after sometimes you will earn a good profit when people of that place know about the salon. The revenue primarily comes from the services and the sale of VLCC’s wellness beauty products. The payback period is approx. 20 -24 months. The expected return on investment is 30-40%.

How is the royalty and franchise fee of the VLCC Salon franchise calculated?

The royalty and franchise fees are calculated in a transparent manner with no hidden charges of any sort. The royalty and franchise fee of the VLCC salon franchise is calculated on the basis of the following factors:

  • The franchise fee usually is dependent on the location or the city that the franchisee is choosing to open the VLCC salon franchise.
  • The monthly royalty fees is a fixed amount of money on the monthly turnover that is made by the VLCC saloon franchise.
  • The franchise is given out for a period of 5 years by the company.

If the franchise is granted by the headquarters, then the franchisee is free to use the brand name.

Documents Required for VLCC Salon Franchise:

The VLCC franchise owner must have the following documents before opening the parlor-

  • ID Proof: Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter Card
  • Address Proof: Electricity Bill/Rent agreement/ NOC
  • Qualification certificate
  • Photograph, Email Id, Mobile Number
  • Current A/C and cancel cheque
  • Shop agreement / Sale deed
  • Rent agreement
  • NOC
  • GST number
  • Outlet trade license

Franchise support by VLCC Company:

VLCC provides various franchise model and always stay with their new franchisees. Without company support a new franchise business faces many difficulties in the beginning so before and during the business VLCC  stays beside them. A VLCC franchise gets following supports from the company-

  • The franchise will get permission to utilize the VLCC brand name an in diversified area
  • Help at the time of location and space selection.
  • Franchise can get support and guidance while designing interior and furnishing so, the franchise can maintain the standard of VLCC.
  • Before starting the business the company provides franchise training and staffs training. The company also provides in-service training during running the business.
  • The company provides legal and compliance guidance.
  • The franchisee gets marketing and branching supports from VLCC.
  • Franchise also gets purchase guidance from the company.
  • The company gives time to time training program for the staffs and also train for operational work and IT work.

How to apply for the VLCC Salon Franchise ?

If you want to apply for the VLCC Salon Franchise then you have to follow some steps which is given below-

  • It is always better for you to choose the official website for filling your application for the VLCC salon franchise, as there are many fraudulent websites providing various forms which are not the authentic ones of the company.
  • The official website of VLCC salon franchise is In this link you’ll find the franchise form.

  • Just fill up the form and apply for the franchise.
  • After that your application will be reviewed by the team of VLCC. After which a review of your financial capabilities will be conducted.
  • An interview will be conducted by the company team to get to know the franchisee better, after which they will let you know if your application has been approved or not.
  • If you are granted the VLCC salon franchise, then you can sign the paperwork and get started on the works for your franchise.
  • In the next step the hiring and training of the employees will be done, and after that is completed, you can open your VLCC salon franchise successfully.

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VLCC Salon Franchise Contact Details:

If you have any query related to VLCC Salon Franchise then you may contact to the company via given details as I’ve mentioned below:

Corporate Office

VLCC Health Care Limited, Plot no. 64, Sector 18, Maruti Industrial Development Area, Opposite SRL Diagnostics Gurugram, Haryana 122015, India

Registered Office

VLCC Health Care Limited, M-14, Greater Kailash II Commercial Complex, New Delhi – 110048, India

Email Id-  &

Website Link-

Toll Free No.- 1800-102-8522

Phone: +91 124 4719700


VLCC is one of the top health care and beauty care service provider in India and abroad. They have been serving to India and foreign people for years. With VLCC Salon franchise you can set up your business and can be a successful entrepreneur. You will run a beauty and health care business based on standards set by an international brand.

The risk of this business is minimal and the demand of this segment is growing day by day. Before starting this business it is advisable to understand its franchise type, you also need to know more about VLCC because you are pouring a heavy amount in this business. In this article we have mentioned all required information and hope you have liked this article.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question):

Q. What is VLCC ?

Ans: VLCC is a well-established healthcare and beauty service provider with a strong presence in India and abroad, offering a wide range of beauty and wellness services.

Q. Why should I consider a VLCC Salon franchise ?

Ans: Opting for a VLCC Salon franchise allows you to start a business aligned with international standards, leveraging the reputation and expertise of a well-known brand. The demand for beauty and wellness services is growing, making it a promising venture.

Q. What are the advantages of owning a VLCC Salon franchise ?

Ans: Owning a VLCC franchise offers several benefits, including a proven business model, comprehensive training and support, access to a wide range of services, and a recognized brand name. Additionally, the franchise model comes with potential for significant returns on investment.

Q. What is the initial investment required for a VLCC Salon franchise ?

Ans: The initial investment varies depending on the type of franchise (e.g., Beauty and Wellness Center or Beauty Salon), the location, and other factors. Typically, the investment can range from INR 8,00,000 for a Beauty Salon to INR 70,00,000 for a Beauty and Wellness Center. It is advisable to contact VLCC directly for specific investment details.

Q.  What are the space requirements for a VLCC Salon Franchise?

Ans: Space requirements vary based on the type of franchise. A Beauty and Wellness Center typically requires 1800-2200 square feet of carpet area, while a Beauty Salon requires 800-1000 square feet.

Q. What kind of training and support can I expect from VLCC as a franchisee?

Ans: VLCC offers comprehensive training programs, ongoing support, marketing assistance, and access to their established network to help franchisees build and grow their business. The training covers various aspects of operating a VLCC Salon franchise, from service delivery to business management.

Q. How long does it take to set up a VLCC Salon Franchise ?

Ans: The time required to set up a VLCC Salon franchise may vary, but the franchisor typically provides guidance to ensure a smooth and efficient setup process.

Q. How do I apply for a VLCC Salon Franchise ?

Ans: To apply for a VLCC Salon franchise, you can visit their official website or contact their franchise department directly to get more information and initiate the application process. The application process typically involves an initial inquiry, submission of necessary documents, and discussions with the VLCC Salon franchise team to assess suitability and formalize the partnership.

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