How to take G Fresh Mart Franchise ?

G Fresh Mart Franchise: Requirements, Cost, Profit and Applying Process

Are you planning to step into the world of retail by taking up a supermarket franchise ? Because what better business than a supermarket at this time ? G Fresh Mart is one of the biggest supermarket forms in India. They are one of the leading and also one of the best rising supermarkets that one can find in our country.

They have become this successful franchisers in just 3 years time, this franchise was found in the year 2020 and in this 3 years since they have been founded they have become the best and the most trusted supermarket franchise in India. The food and grocery sector is always a big yes for anyone who is trying to take a franchise. Since food never goes out of need, this is the best franchise one can take up as a business.

Food and grocery department is birth 560 billion all over the world. And it is the leading sector in India which makes it even better option for you to take up G fresh mart franchise. In India about 66 percentage of retail spent is on groceries. The food and groceries sector of India is estimated to go up to 60 billion by the year 2025. So what better time than now to take up a franchise that is one of the leading once in grocery and food retail right now in India.

G Fresh Mart Franchise

History of G Fresh Mart Company:

G fresh Mart is one of the most popular supermarkets of India. So many years at it is one of the most trusted as well as most used supermarkets. They have more than 12000 brands and 24000 products in their catalogue which makes them the only supermarket in India that has such a was right your products in store for the customers.

From spices, rice, wheat, seasoning, packaged foods, snacks and beverages, personal care and hygiene products, fresh fish and meat. Whatever you name they have it all.

They only started franchising their company in the year 2020 but they have grown so much within this short period of time. And to rice to a global marketing from level in these short time spent is not very easy but they have achieved it and that’s why you should choose G Fresh Mart supermarket as your business franchise.

Why to choose this franchise for your business ?

Why should you choose this franchise as your business ? Well there are plenty of reasons why you should choose G fresh Mart.

  • G fresh Mart supermarket franchise has proven to be one of the best franchise business one can take up in India this is because they are very viable for anyone who is involved in the franchising.
  • It is proven point by the firm, that they are trustable and dependable. If you start a franchise of G Fresh Mart then it is promised that they will take care of every problem that comes your way in terms of franchising, marketing, products supply etc.
  • You have all kind of support to open your store, established systems for your Store, best business model, and all the support that you need to open a franchise of G fresh Mart will be provided by the respective teams.
  • G fresh Mart has a strong customer base, it’s not just some ordinary supermarket. It is Deep supermarket in India why your customers can get everything that they need for them monthly or basic needs.
  • G fresh Mart provides the customers with the most fresh and reliable products available in the market. So customer trust them and makes there purchases for groceries or packaged foods, meat, fish extra from the store.
  • They have 45 days opening policy. Which means that within 45 days of applying for starting a franchise they will help you and guide you the necessary details. Within 45 days you will have a store open.
  • From the first day of opening your stores they will provide you with big deals on products for your customers. So that your marketing strategy is on the spot from day 1.
  • If you have to talk about the margin rate of G fresh Mart, they are absolutely mind blowing, which is why customers keep going back to them every time. They provide the best margin rate for products. Best deals and best price can only be found at G fresh Mart.
  • They have the best Subway system for accounting. All your stores data will be collected by the software so that your job is made easy. And you can check this software anytime you want and system will provide you with all the information that you need as it is updated from day to day.
  • Offers are specialty of G fresh Mart supermarket. All the best offers that you can find will be here, there are by one get one free, discount sales, festival sales etc.
  • They also have the best brands of all products. They have varieties of products of highly entitle brands of India as well as abroad. So that everyone’s needs are fulfilled.
  • Digital marketing is the best way to promote a business, And G Fresh Mart knows it. That’s why they do digital marketing on social media platform which intern helps them get new customers and audience.


Requirements for starting a G Fresh Mart franchise:

The requirements may vary depending on the many factors but some of the requirements to open G fresh mart is given below :

Area/Size600 Sqft to 10000 Sqft
Security DepositRs 1,00,000
Product Cost (Minimum Order)Rs 1500 Per Sq Ft Approx
Interior CostRs 1000-1200/- Per Sqft.
Software FeesRs 50000/- Per Login
Franchise FeesRs 2,10,000/ + 18% Gst

The requirements other than the area and the money a documents of your own for starting the franchise. Your identity proof and if you are taking any loans or doing partnership documents related to that. All the documents that are asked for you to bring during the meeting is with your assigned team are required for signing a deal with G fresh Mart.

  • Proprietor Aadhaar Copy
  • Business PAN Copy
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Business Address Proof
  • GST Certificate

G Fresh Mart Franchise Cost:

If you want to take the G fresh Franchise then the investment may vary depending on many factors like location, Space area and the Rent of that place. Investments for starting a G Fresh Mart franchise is not much as compared to other franchises of other companies. The investment starts from the franchise fees which is around 250000 rupees. This franchise free does not include the GST tax of 18%.

The investment needed comes around 12 lakh to 13 lakhs at minimum full stop and according to your space or area the cost of setting up the franchise may differ. The royalty that the company ask for from you is 3% to 4% according to your sales per month. And the ROI is 30% to 40%. The royalty is only asked after 3 months of your stores opening.

Space Requirements for G Fresh Mart Franchise:

The space requirement to open G fresh Mart Franchise may vary depending on many factors like location, nearby any grocery supermarket available or not, and the budget of the franchisee. But if you have around 500 to 600 square feet area in your location then you can easily take this franchise.

If you have a large and spacious area then it is good so that you can accommodate more products and brands in your supermarket which attracts more customers. But it isn’t a requirement to have a very large and spacious area for your business franchise.

Documents Required:

  • ID Proof: Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Voter Card
  • Address Proof: Electricity Bill/Ration Card
  • Qualification Certificate
  • Photograph, Email Id, Mobile Number
  • Current A/C and cancel Cheque
  • Shop agreement / Sale deed
  • Rent agreement
  • NOC
  • GST Number
  • Outlet Trade license
  • Food License

Profit margin of G Fresh Mart franchise:

The profit & margin of a G fresh mart franchise, may vary depending on various factors such as location, market conditions, monthly sales, operating costs, and the effectiveness of management. Successful franchises with high customer demand and efficient operations can generate substantial profits for both the franchisor and franchisee.

If you want to talk about the profit margin of this franchise then it is said that the return of investment rate is 30%to 40% for this business. It takes around 10 to 12 months to get a good turnover. But after you start getting the over it is easy to earn 10 to 15 lacs per month. And with the royalty of 3 to 4 percentage cut from this you will get a good and wealthy amount in your hands by the end of the month.

The above data sourced from the internet so before making any decision make sure to contact to the company directly or visit its official website.

G Fresh Mart Company Support:

  • Store Launch Guarantee: Ensures store opening within 45 days.
  • Advanced Billing Software: Easy and fast billing system.
  • Accounting Assistance: 3 months free accounting covering GST, reconciliation.
  • Financial Reconciliation: Bank, debtors, and creditors reports.
  • Store Manager Support: 3 months salary assistance (up to 5k).
  • Initial Royalty Exemption: No royalty for the first 6 months.
  • Digital Promotion: Instagram, Facebook marketing.
  • Online Presence: Free website for 2 years.
  • Comprehensive Branding: Hoardings, e-rickshaw, flyers, banners, YouTube.
  • G-Fresh Kit: T-shirt, cap, promotional products.
  • Purchase Entry Help: 3 months back-end purchase support.
  • Digital Marketing: Instagram, Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Lifetime Software Training: Continuous training for software proficiency.

How to Apply for the G Fresh Mart Franchise ?

If you want to take G fresh Mart Franchise then you have to follow some steps which is given below or you can follow the below video:

  • Taking up a franchise is not an easy process and we all know it. But with the right managing team from G fresh Mart you will be able to open your store in no time.
  • The first thing that you need to do is make an appointment with the team of this company and attend the meeting that is held.
  • Then they will look into your area in which you want to start the Store. This is needed because they want to know your customers and the area as it is what decides the sales from the store.
  • After the decision is made to start the store you have to produce your documents and certificate that are needed for validation of your identity.
  • After all the documentation processes you will be given an area code that is activated. Every store of this company has an area code so they will make sure that you are given a code and that it is activated.
  • The last step of taking over a franchise is getting the welcome get. Yes now you are official part of the G fresh Mart company.

Before applying for the franchise make sure there should not be any other franchise available under the radius of 4-5km in your area. If there is any already available then you will not be eligible to take the franchise.

G Fresh Mart Contact Details:

If you have any query related to the G Fresh Mart Franchise then you may contact to the company directly via given information as I’ve mentioned below:

Location of the office: G-Fresh Mart, B-31, B Block, Sector 6, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Phone: +91-8277997319

Email :



Retail business is the best one to start at this point of time. If you are someone who was dubbing into the field of business then retail is the best business that you want to start. It is yielding a height and over every year, they are reliable and money making at the same time. So why not use the best supermarket in India as your first business. Take up the franchise of G fresh mart today and start your successful business today.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question):

Q. What is G Fresh Mart ?

Ans: G Fresh Mart is a franchise opportunity in the retail sector that offers a range of fresh and quality grocery products. It provides franchisees with a proven business model and comprehensive support to establish and operate their own grocery stores.

Q. What type of products can I expect to sell in a G Fresh Mart store ?

Ans: G Fresh Mart stores primarily offer a wide range of fresh grocery products, footwear, garments and other daily essentials.

Q. What is the total G fresh mart franchise cost ?

Ans: The G fresh mart franchise cost may vary according to the location and the size of store space. But on average if the store size is about 500-600 sqft then you have to invest minimum of 12 lakh to 13 lakh to open a G fresh mart franchise.

Q. What is the G fresh mart franchise profits and margin ?

Ans: If you open G fresh mart franchise then you can earn 30% to 35% gross profit from this franchise.

Q. What is the Royalty fee charged by G fresh mart franchise ?

Ans: Initially you don’t have to pay royalty fee for 6 months after that you have to pay 1% as a royalty to the company.

Q. What is the discount rate available in the G fresh mart franchise store ?

Ans: The G fresh mart franchise provide 5% to 35% discount to the customer.

Q. Does location of the store matter ?

Ans: Yes, location of the store does matter. They will do a area checking in order to see the area the supermarket will be located in, and that if the area will produce enough customers.

Q. Can I choose my store’s location ?

Ans: G Fresh Mart offers guidance and support in selecting a suitable store location. Their expertise helps ensure that the chosen location aligns with the target audience and market trends.

Q. How can I apply for a G Fresh Mart franchise ?

Ans: You can express your interest in a G Fresh Mart franchise by visiting their official website and filling out the franchise application form. A representative from the company will get in touch to provide further details.

Q. In how many days will the store be open ?

Ans: It’ll take just 45 days to open your store once all the requirements and documentations are over.

Q. Is it possible to start this franchise on partnership ?

Ans: Yes it is possible to start this business franchise on partnership. If you are someone who does not have the item on of money to start this business you can always opt for partnership. All have to do is produce the right documents of you and your partner.

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