How to get Grill Inn Franchise in India ?

Grill Inn Franchise in India- Cost, Profit, Requirements, Reviews, Contact, Applying Process

Grill Inn is a registered brand of Maxwell Food & Beverages India a quick service restaurant company with presence in India since 2009. Maxwell Food & Beverages India has been actively involved in hospitality and fast food business, by operating many reputed units in Malls, High streets and corporates. Grill Inn concept is the latest addition to the family of American inspired casual dining outlets and is the culmination of those years of experience and the new direction in the food service activities specially developed for Indian Taste Buds.

Its philosophy is to provide customers with delicious, quality product at affordable price. Maxwell Food & Beverages India has a vision of expansion and growth by leveraging the strengths from vibrant, fast-food brands from all over the world. We are present in more than 42 Cities and successfully running more than 150+ restaurants across India.


grill inn franchise

So today we’ll discuss about Grill Inn Franchise in this post. So, if you are planning to start a Fast Food Restaurant business, choosing Grill Inn Franchise would be a great. In this article we discuss about getting Grill Inn Franchise, investment, profits & margin, how to apply, documents required and much more.

Quality of its Recipe: They never cut corners and we always deliver on our promise. Our thought is ‘Real quality taste starts with real quality ingredients’. At Grill Inn, those words affect everything we do. Our fresh vegetables are hand picked and sliced.

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Why to Choose Grill Inn Franchise ?

  • Quaint English Kitchen
  • Modern exterior Finish and warm interiors
  • Low operational expenses
  • Organized Business structure
  • Commitment to superior quality

Franchise Opportunity:

  • Grill Inn is a successful affordable, easy operation business.
  • This unique franchise opportunity is for focused, dedicated, Energetic, Goal oriented entrepreneurs who see value in a proven operating system, and to align with recognized brand.

Grill Inn Franchise Models:

  • Grill Inn as a company has many USP’s. The most attractive thing is its low capital investment. We need an investment according to the format needed by the franchisee. It is based on the idea, ‘low investment and high returns’.
  • Different formats offered by Grill Inn as given below:
    • Food Court/Express Model
    • Fast Food Model
    • Fast Food Restaurant Model

Grill Inn Franchise


Grill Inn Franchise Menu:

Here are some dishes which is served by the Grill Inn Franchise in its outlet but it may changes varying location. So, it’s best to check with a specific Grill Inn location or the franchise company directly for more information on their menu offerings.

  • Burgers
  • Pizzas
  • Pastas
  • Sandwiches
  • Footlongs
  • Snacks

Grill Inn Franchise Cost In India and Investment:

If you want to take Grill Inn Franchise, then the investment depends on the the franchise model you choose as shown in this article below:


  • Area 100 – 200 sqfts
  • Franchise Fee: 5 Lacs
  • Equipments: 2 Lacs
  • Project & Graphics: 1 Lac
  • Interiors: 1-2 Lacs
  • Royalty: 8%
  • Total Investment for this model: 10-12 lacs


  • Area 200 – 1200 sqfts
  • Franchise Fee: 6 Lacs
  • Equipments: 3-4 Lacs
  • Project & Graphics: 1 Lac
  • Interiors: 2-3 Lacs(But depends on the area of your restaurant)
  • Royalty: 8%
  • Total Investment for this model: 12-15 lacs


  • Area 1200 – 3000 sqfts
  • Franchise Fee: 8 Lacs
  • Equipments: 4 Lacs
  • Project & Graphics: 1 Lac
  • Interiors: 3-4 Lacs(But depends on the area of your restaurant)
  • Royalty: 8%
  • Total Investment for this model: 15-20 lacs

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Reason to Partner:

  • Profitable venture with less investment and high returns
  • Centralized Purchases
  • Low operational expenses
  • Organized Business structure
  • Continuous franchisee support
  • Easily manageable


  • Completely Equipment Based Kitchen
  • Training and Tech Support
  • Commitment to superior quality 
  • Easy operation business
  • More than 80 exciting variety in the menu

Growth Projections:

  • The first such outlet was launched in Delhi, where it quickly proved its viability against much longer established food eateries.
  • Currently many more outlets are in pipe line at various prestigious Malls and High street locations across India.

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Documents & Licence Required:

  • Name of Franchise Firm
  • Type of Firm
  • Name
  • Registered Address
  • 2 Blank Undated signed cheques
  • GST Number
  • Pan Number of Franchise
  • Property leased by / Owned By
  • Contact Person
  • Contact No
  • Outlet Trade license
  • Shop & Establishments Licence
  • sales tax certificates
  • ITR(If needed, the company can also ask for last 2yr ITR)


Franchise Support:

  • Location search
  • Store Set up
  • Centralized purchases
  • Training Classes 
  • Area manager will do a business review regularly
  • Quality Assurance
  • Campaign
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Sales Incentive Programs


Training & Operations :

  • In-store instructions.
  • Training topics such as labor scheduling, equipment maintenance, personal management, marketing & promotions, customer and employee relations, vendor selection, Financial management and special technique and procedures used to operate The Grill Inn outlet.
  • An effective yet simple accounting procedure and control system which gives you an accurate method of in depth analysis of your daily business.
  • The franchisor will also provide technical support on a continuing basis by email, fax, telephone and manual updates plus follow up training.
  • The franchisor will make regular visits for the purpose of business review, market development and general business coordination.

Training Period:

  • Franchise owners & franchise managers – 5 days.
  • Crew – 7 days.


How to apply for the Grill Inn Franchise in India ?

To apply for the Grill Inn Franchise in India, you have to follow some steps which is given below:

Before applying for the grill inn franchise make sure that there is no any already available outlet under 4km -5km radius in your planed location. So, if there is existing outlet then in this case you will not be eligible to take the franchise of Grill Inn.


Grill Inn Franchise Contact Details:

If you have any query related Grill Inn Franchise In India then you may contact to the company via given information as I’ve mentioned below:

Maxwell Food And Beverages India a quick service restaurant company based out of New Delhi.

Phone: +91 9870225509

Email: &



Process To get Grill Inn Franchise:

  • Firstly you have to send you store location images and details to the manager. 
  • And you have to pay a token amount of  30K, then the survey team will visit your area.
  • If they will reject your area then they will refund you 100% otherwise they manage in franchise fee.
  • After a day, they proceed you process if you’ll agree.
  • Now, the area manager will help you to setup your business and make the agreement.
  • They’ll provide you training and a sales man will work with you.
  • And the process take 15 -30 days.
  • So, after 25-30 days you can start you Grill Inn Franchise Fast Food store.


F.A.Q(Frequently asked question):

Q. What is the Grill Inn Franchise cost?

Ans: There are three Business model in this company. And all the model have different franchise fee, which is described in this article above.

Q. How many days takes to do all the process?

Ans: Approx 15-20 days. There is 7 approval process.

Q. Total Investment in this Grill Inn Franchise?

Ans: You have to invest approx 10-20 Lakh, depends on the business model.

Q. Is it profitable or not ?

Ans: Yes. this company provide net profit 30%-35% on MRP.

Q. Is there any Security Deposit or not?

Ans:  NA

Q. How can I contact to get Grill Inn Franchise ?

Ans: Mentioned above


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