How to take Vakrangee ATM Franchise ?

Vakrangee ATM Franchise in India: Benefits, Cost, Requirement, Applying Process & Contact Details

Any organization which is undertaken by any individual includes huge fund, time, planning, devotion, hard work, and so on. The essential advantage which an individual finds from a franchise brand is the brand value that is related with the brand from the establishment. Choosing the right brand for taking its franchise is very important decision.

Vakrangee franchise is one such brand that offers many services under one roof and provides franchise to expand its business. In this blog we are giving franchise related information and give an idea how to start Vakrangee ATM franchise? Please read the blog to know more about the Vakrangee ATM franchise.

About the Company:

The Organization was established in the year 1990 and works with the latest and ongoing technological facilities. The company provides multiple services under one roof and it is their USP which making things simple for the client. Apart from being a logistics company the brand also offers many services, for example, ATM, E-Commerce services, BFSI, and so on. Vakrangee also offers digital franchise which offers entrepreneurs the chance to sell multilevel products to the clients and earn good commissions.

Vakrangee is the third-largest ATM provider in rural India. RBI granted the license to establish white label ATM for real time cash withdrawal. Vakrangee covers more than 6000 Postal Codes and 30 states in India. The brand has more than 10000 + Kendra’s all over India and all are hi-tech, modern and advance. The company wants to set up more than 25000 + Kendra’s in next few years and continues to expand their business.

One of the prime advantages which are presented by Vakrangee franchisee is that the franchise holders don’t have anything to worry about the inventory part of the business. Vakrangee business model works based on the ‘No Inventory’ model and franchise holder need not bother about any extra space for storing any stock.

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Types of Kendras/Models Offered by Vakrangee Franchise:

Vakrangee offers three types of kendras or you can also say business models to the aspirants. The three types of kendras are mentioned below-

  1. Gold Kendra

Gold Kendra is the most beneficial model than other models and it requires more capital to invest. The franchise holder gains more profit and commissions through this model. Gold Kendra has 4 counters and one owner’s desk. In the four counters there are- banking related equipment, E-Governance & other services, E-Commerce & logistics kit, insurance & logistics kit, insurance & financial services. To open a Gold Kendra you have an area at least 300 square foot. 

  1. Silver Kendra

After Gold Kendra the company offered another demanding center that is silver Kendra. Silver Kendra is less beneficial then Gold Kendra and it needs lesser fund than Gold Kendra for opening a center. The Silver Kendra has two counters and one ATM. The two counters are provides banking related equipments and another provides all services those come under the wing of Silver Kendra.

The Silver Kendra franchise owner earns less profit and commissions than Gold Kendra. It has also low risk and less investment than Gold Kendra. To open a Silver Kendra you should have an area at least 150 square foot. 

  1. Bronze Kendra

Bronze Kendra is the third type of Kendra offered by Vakrangee. In Bronze franchise the business owner earns less profit and commissions than Gold and Silver Kendra. It requires less capital for investment than other Kendras and has low risk. In Bronze Kendra there is only one counter and one ATM.

All the services those come under the wing of Bronze Kendra is offered through this single counter. If you want to open a Bronze Kendra you should have an area at least 65 square foot. 

Benefits of choosing Vakrangee ATM Franchise:

vakrangee atm franchise

If you want to start a Vakrangee ATM franchise then you should gather information regarding Vakrangee. Here we are providing some vital advantages of Vakrangee franchise, those are given below-

  • It is a golden opportunity for those who want to start their career because there is no franchise charge for ATM installation. No charge for ATM Kendra franchise only.
  • There are various services provided by Vakrangee. The main responsibility of the company is to fulfill Govt. schemes so, you can get good feedback and respect from the society.
  • To start the Vakrangee franchise you need not worry about extra space for stock maintenance. Vakrangee offers zero inventory franchise model.
  • You can start your career by owning the franchise with low investment. You have to invest as per the franchise model.
  • The return on investment is good and it has short payback period.
  • In every franchise model along with various services the installation of ATM is free.
  • The franchise owner gets high commissions as per the franchise models.
  • You need not give any monthly maintenance charge for ATM.
  • The company provides cash and ATM insurance. So your business is safe and secured.
  • Along with ATM the company provides the best CCTV camera, VPN connectivity, currency counting and fake note detector and digital signage.
  • All types of promotional activities, marketing and training materials are provided by the company.

Eligibility for Vakrangee Franchise:

Before applying for the Vakrangee ATM franchise you must know the eligibility. Following are some eligibility for Vakrangee franchise-

  • The franchise holder must be serious and passionate for the business.
  • The staff member should be trained thoroughly.
  • Must fulfill all the criteria to set up the Vakrangee center.
  • Must have following updated documents- PAN Card, Aadhar card, GST registration certificate, bank account proof, Kendra location with address proof.

Vakrangee Franchise Requirements:

While you are planning to apply for Vakrangee franchise you must fulfill the following requirements-

  • The investor should have capacity to invest 4-6.5 lakhs for ATM.
  • The minimum space required for 3 types of kendras are-
  • Gold kendra – 300 sq.ft
  • Silver kendra – 150 sq.ft
  • Bronze kendra – 65 sq.ft
  • You must have internet connection with minimum 2 mbps speed.
  • Regular power connection with continue power back up.

Vakrangee ATM Franchise Cost:

Vakrangee ATM franchise offers many services under one roof for making the business model effective and productive for both, the franchise owners and the clients. The company offers three types of franchise models- Gold Kendra, Silver Kendra, and Bronze Kendra. So, the investment amount will vary as per the type of franchise model the candidate wishes to go for.

Here we are giving you an average investment amount detail, the fund required would range between 4 Lakhs INR- 6.5 Lakhs INR. The investment ranges according to the area and the type of model you pick. To know the accurate investment amount you have to talk to the franchise concern person.

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Space Required for Vakrangee Franchise:

Vakrangee offers three types of centers; each centre requires different types of space such as-

  • Gold kendra – 300 sq.ft
  • Silver kendra – 150 sq.ft
  • Bronze kendra – 65 sq.ft

Profit Margin of Vakrangee Franchise:

The Vakrangee business model is established to provide retail and financial service with attractive return on investment and short payback period. The ATM franchise is really profitable. The profit margin can vary and depends upon various factors. The average profit margin of Vakrangee ATM per month is 30,000 INR – 70,000 INR.

Vakrangee gives Rs. 10 or Rs.11 on every financial transaction and gives Rs.3 on every non-financial transaction. The payback period of Vakrangee ATM franchise is 6-9 months.

Here we are providing earning comparison chart of Vakrangee Vs. Peer below:

The above data may vary so before making any decision we always recommend to contact to the company directly.

Vakrangee ATM Franchise Training & Support:

The company provides following supports-

  • Vakrangee stays beside their franchisees from beginning to end. From the location selection to set up the Kendra the company supervises all operations.
  • All set up is performed under the supervision of the company.
  • All types of technical and technological support provided by the company.
  • Vakrangee provides all required training to the franchise holder and the staffs to run the franchise without any issue.
  • Vakrangee looks after all promotional and marketing activities for the brand.

How to apply for the Vakrangee ATM Franchise ?

If you want to open a Vakrangee franchise ATM and don’t know how to apply then you can go through steps given below-

  • At first you have to visit the official site- or click on
  • Here an application page will be opened where various services are mentioned. Then you have to click on “Apply Now” button.
  • After that a franchise application form will be opened, fill up the form properly then click on “Submit & pay button”.

vakrangee atm franchise form

  • The concern team will contact you and then guide you.
  • You can directly call to +91 22 6776 5100 and talk to the concern team for further process.

Vakrangee Franchise Contact Details:

If you have any query related Vakrangee ATM Franchise then you may contact to the company via given details as I’ve mentioned below:

Office Address: Vakrangee Limited

Vakrangee Corporate House” Plot No. 93, Road No. 16, M.I.D.C., Marol, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400093, Maharashtra

Phone : +91 22 6776 5100 or 09355133599


For franchise applicant can contact on-

Mail ID-

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Vakrangee expand its business by providing various franchise models. Applicant easily can own Vakrangee franchise by fulfill the eligibility and paying a fee to company to get a license. You can own any one franchise model out of three models. You can also start Vakrangee ATM franchisee only. In this franchise you have to invest less and get more.

In this blog we have tried to provide you information as much as possible. You can contact to the franchise concern person to know more. All contact details have given in this blog.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question):

Q. How many active Vakrangee ATM present in India ?

Ans- There is 11700+ Vakrangee ATMs present in 27 states and union territories.

Q. Is any previous experience required for getting the Vakrangee ATM franchise ?

Ans- There is no any particular experience required for Vakrangee ATM franchise?

Q. How many business models are present in Vakrangee ?

Ans- There are three types of business models provided by Vakrangee. They are Gold Kendra, Silver Kendra and Bronze Kendra.

Q. What is an average monthly profit from an ATM franchise ?

Ans- The franchise owner can earn a profit approx 30,000-70,000 INR per month.

Q. How much commission earn by the franchise holder ?

Ans- In any financial transaction the franchise holder can earn Rs.10 or Rs.11 per transaction.

Q. What is the investment of Vakrangee franchise ?

Ans- To know the accurate Vakrangee ATM franchise investment you should directly talk to the concern person. The candidate needs to invest 4 Lakhs INR- 6.5 Lakhs INR to get the franchise.

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