How to start Sreeleather Franchise ?

Sreeleather Franchise All Details like Investment, Profit & Margin and Required Documents:

In this fastest-growing economy, if you are thinking of starting over a business in the footwear industry, then it is the best time to start Sreeleather Franchise business.

India has a population of 140 crore and in addition to that footwear companies spending extensively on advertising so the footwear industry growing at a rapid pace all over India. The global footwear market was valued at $409.5 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $725.1 billion by 2032. In India, there are emerging lot more footwear companies. The growth potential is very high in the footwear industry. There aren’t many renowned footwear brands in India as such. So it’s the right time to start a Sreeleather franchise in your area

When exploring franchise opportunities, you must consider  certain  factors such as the initial investment required, legal documents required, franchise fees, minimum space required, eligibility  criteria, licenses  required ,and much more .

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About Sreeleather Company:

The humble beginning of the brand Sreeleathers dates more than 3 decades ago, when Sri Satyabrata Dey came to Calcutta and started a business of selling footwear from a little shop on Lindsay street. At a time when wearing leather footwear was seen as a Luxury, and the retail industry didn’t cater to the middle class population in India so he focused on making good quality leather footwear accessible to everyone.

This company is known for its best quality, trust and great values.

Why to choose Sreeleather Franchise ?

Choosing a franchise business with Sreeleather can be promising opportunity for several reasons:

  • Established Brand: Sreeleather is a well known brand in the footwear industry, with strong reputation for quality products and customer service. Franchising with a recognized brand can help attract customers and build trust.
  • Diverse Project Range: Sreeleather offers a diverse range of footwear products, including formal shoes, casual shoes, sandals, belts, bags and many more. This variety allows franchises to cater to wide range of customer preferences, thus increasing potential sales opportunities.
  • Training and support: Sreeleathers provide comprehensive training and support to franchises ,covering various aspects of operation a successful franchise store .This includes product knowledge, sales techniques , store management , and marketing strategies to help franchises to have maximum profit.
  • Strong market presence: Sreeleathers has a strong presence in various markets in both rural and urban areas across India. Sreeleather primarily caters to the middle class segment of the market with its range of affordability and quality footwear products. By offering products at competitive prices without compromising on quality, Sreeleather has successfully captured a significant market share among middle class consumers in India. Making it easier for Sreeleather to attract customers and has a loyal customer base.

Eligibility Criteria for the Sreeleather Franchise:

  •  You require a minimum of 2500 – 3000 square feet area of your own, to start a Sreeleather franchise.
  • Sreeleather works on a conservative approach. So getting a Sreeleather franchise is not an easy task. If you do not own the premise then the chances of getting the franchise are very less.
  • The company has 40 showrooms all over the country. Out of these 40 showrooms, 5 are company-owned and others work on the franchise model. The majority of these franchise model showroom premises are owned by franchisees.
  • Even if you own the premise in a prime location, Sreeleathers will do a thorough check on your financial background and your family background. As Sreeleather claims, only 1% of the franchise requests get approved after all levels of observations.
  • Sreeleather does not  allow  to open its fanchise  on a rented /leased space.
  • Sreeleather prefer  to open its franchise store in a ground  floor or in a 1st floor .
  • You have to show a bank solvency certificate upto 12 crore for managing business operations.

Space Required for the Sreeleather Franchise : 

To open Sreeleather franchise you need minimum of (2500-3000) sq.ft. area of your own. Sreeleather does not allow to open it’s franchise in rented/leased space. Always prefer the location should be nearest to market place, location with high foot traffic and visibility, store should be in ground or 1st floor. Place to park vehicles for the customers, proper electricity and water supply.

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Documents and License Required for the Sreeleather Franchise:

The Sreeleather franchise owner must have the following documents before opening the Sreeleather showroom-

  • ID Proof: Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter Card
  • Address Proof: Electricity Bill/Rent agreement/ NOC
  • Qualification certificate
  • Photograph, Email Id, Mobile Number
  • Current A/C and cancel cheque
  • Shop agreement / Sale deed
  • Rent agreement
  • NOC
  • GST number
  • Outlet trade license

Sreeleather Franchise Cost: 

To open sreeleather franchise you need to keep in mind certain factors ie. where are you planning to open sreeleather franchise in tier 2 city then you need a minimum 50 lakh rupees investment & own premise in a prime location to start a Sreeleather franchise. In addition to this investment, you must have a good financial background to run and maintain the franchise.

The major investments required are purchasing inventory from (50 lakhs – 1.50 crore) depend on the location and market and company also charge for  interior works which ranges from 1200 -1500 sq.ft. There will be a franchise brand fee of  5 lakh rupees, that you need to pay for Sreeleathers.

Profit Margin of Sreeleather Franchise:

Profit margin of the franchise business depends on various factors such as:

  • Location: Location very much depends on which type of city you are opening in (tier 1, tier 2, or tier 3), the amount of foot traffic, i.e., population density, and whether the showroom is nearest to a shopping mall or market place. A prime location can attract more customers and increase revenue.
  • Sales : Profit Margin also depends on sales, higher sales typically lead to higher profits.
  • Offers: Give seasonal offers to customers.

There is a profit margin of 30 -40% of the sales

Profits & margin for Sreeleather franchise typically range from 30% – 40% of sales. Sreeleather has a strong customer loyalty and also have higher margins. Sreeleather continuously optimize their operations and pricing strategies to maintain healthy profits in this competitive market.

Training And Support provided by the Sreeleather Franchisee:

  • Sreeleather provides training to staff members.
  • They helps in the marketing for your store at the initial stage.
  • They also provide training and guidance to the staff members.
  • Sreeleather assists you in keeping it up to date with the latest products, as well as inventory management.

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How To Apply For Sreeleather Franchise In India ?

To get a Sreeleather franchise, first, you need to contact Sreeleathers  ltd at their official website. On the contact-us page, you are required to fill a form by setting ‘new franchise request’ as the query. Or you can contact to company’s toll free number.

Sreeleather Franchisee

  • Now search for the contact us menu and click on that.
  • You’ll land on contact us page, where you can see all the contact information and contact form.
  • Where you can fill the form about the dealership.
  • Fill the form properly  and submit it successfully.
  • Within a week the company franchise team will contact you.

Before application for the franchise, make sure there is no any franchise outlet in your city. If there is available then you’ll not allowed to take sreeleather franchise.

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Contact Details Sreeleather Franchise:

If you have any query regarding Sreeleather Franchise then you may contact to the company via given details as I’ve mention below:

Address: 6 No Tottee Lane Kolkata-700016 West Bengal India.


e-mail :


 FAQ(Frequently Asked Question):

Q. How much area required to open sreeleather franchise ?

Ans: To open sreeleather franchise you will require minimum 2500 sq.ft. of area.

Q. How much is the profit margin in sreeleather franchise ?

Ans: The profit margin is roughly around 30% – 40% of sales.

Q. How much is the investment required to open sreeleather franchise?

Ans: The major investments required are purchasing inventory up to 1.5 crore.

Q. Sreeleather headquarter is located in which place ?

Ans: Sreeleather’ s headquarter is located in Kolkata.

Q. Any space preference in opening Sreeleather franchise?

Ans: Yes, Ground floor is most preferable to open Sreeleather franchise.


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