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How to take Bachpan Playschool Franchise ?

Bachpan Playschool Franchise: Requirement, Benefits, Investment, Profit, Applying process

Education is the first right to every child. Without a proper early childhood education it’s really hard for a kid to adjust in the primary school environment. When it comes to preprimary education we all know during this period the foundation of the kid is build up. This time is very crucial for all guardians too. In India there are many reputed play schools are present and they are providing early childhood education for many years. Bachpan Playschool Franchise is one of the top playschool chains in India.

Bachpan playschool franchise

Bachpan playschool imparts satisfaction and interest in kids for learning new things through activities and practical demonstration. Being one of the most trusted preprimary schools, Bachpan has all that a developing baby requires completing his initial training. Bachpan group of preschool gives one of the most beneficial choices for franchise in India. This group offers an extensive educational plan that focuses on the complete development of kids including mental, physical, moral and social development. Bachpan has a vast network in India and gives the profitable opportunity to the investors to be a part of Bachpan Group. In this blog we are going to provide all necessary information for franchise. Read the blog completely to know more about Bachpan franchise.

History and details of Bachpan Playschool:

Bachpan Playschool is one of the most leading play school groups in India. It has been started in 2004 completed around 19 successful years. Bachpan has more than 1200 play schools in 400 + cities in pan India. Bachpan is an award winning play school has trained more than 2 lakh children in all over India. It has branches in Nepal and Bangladesh also.

Bachpan is very well known for the training techniques of the toddlers. Learn with fun is enjoyed by kids and their parents. It makes a strong foundation in early chilhood education through various teaching methods those attract the child. In Bachpan the teachers focus on emotional, mental, social, spiritual and logical development of the kid. There are different levels of learning as per the age group those prepare the child for new school environment.

Benefits of Investing in Bachpan Franchise:

With the course of time, the idea of franchise has made progress particularly in the education field. Bachpan play school group offers attractive franchise opportunity to start own business under their support. Quality and sustainability are the key elements of any education field. Running a branded school is a great idea and a preferred choice for any investor. There are many benefits of selecting Bachpan preschool franchise those are as follows:-

  • Brand Name

The prime and clear benefit of choosing Bachpan franchisee is its brand name that comes with it. Bachpan is a leading school brand in India and Abroad. It has 1200+ preschools and in 400+ cities and the numbers are increasing in every year. In the school establishment matter the trusted franchiser like Bachpan group makes the things easier to start with.

  • Maintain standards in teaching quality

The quality and expert teaching staff is another important factor for setting up a school. In Bachpan the organization are very strict and serious in selection of their teachers. Apart from that Bachpan also provide their special training to the teachers to maintain their standards. All teachers are very qualified and capable to provide training to the kids. The best teachers of the city attract by the leading brand name and want to join this school.

  • No tension for sale

Another benefit is that the proprietor need not worry about the sale. As they are associated with the Bachpan group, it has their own brand value to take numbers of admission every year. In this market competition, every school management puts their efforts to establish their business. It takes long time to make the name in the educational sector, but it is totally different from them. If you have a leading brand like Bachpan then you need not bother for sale. This brand name makes the things simpler and guaranteeing.

  • Get easy financial support

Funding and contacts are another benefit that a franchisee can get. Any new business needs bank’s help for investment. With a very much set educational brand like Bachpan your financial requirement can be fulfilled easily and smoothly.

  • Get different discounts

Franchise business also offers many discounts while buying different stuffs for school. The necessary items like books, uniforms, accessories, activity materials and so on are given either by Bachpan or by trusted suppliers. At the time of school set up you can also get different discounts from vendors. Every franchise can get bulk discounts from suppliers and vendors.

Bachpan Playschool Franchise Requirements & Qualifications:

  • Bachpan is one of the India’s best preschool groups. Investors like to get associated with Bachpan playschool franchise. If you want to take franchise of Bachpan you must have some basic requirements, those are as follows-
  • You must have 2000 sqft carpet area in the ground floor. It must be in the prime location in the town.
  • You have at least 12lakh+ to invest in the Bachpan franchise. This amount varies from city to city and area of the school and location of the school you have decided to open.
  • Within the school campus there must be safe play ground for children. There is no compromise in the security and safety within the school campus.
  • All the teaching and non teaching staffs should be experienced and trained enough to provide proper education as per the Bachpan standard. All teaching staff must be NTT trained from any recognized college.
  • The investor must be enthusiastic to attain all management programs, school activities and other required programs related to school.
  • The investor should go for a long run. He/she must be associated with Bachpan for long term.
  • He / she should have good management quality to run a preschool and handle all necessary work.

Assistance by Bachpan while set up your school

  • Bachpan group will design the inner space and interior of your school.
  • A comprehensive curriculum to development kids for all levels provided by the Bachpan Group.
  • They provides various training to the teachers. No matter how experienced the teachers but Bachpan wants to make them fit for their organization.
  • Their team properly reviews and checks the assessment of teachers. How they teach the kids and short out the issues regarding teaching.
  • Bachpan has many KG program levels for different age group and has all syllabus and activities planned by Bachpan.
  • If you want to set up own school through Bachpan franchise then all promotional and marketing requirement dome by head office of Bachpan.
  • Bachpan playschool has its own IT team to look after everything regarding web, software and set up all required software at the time of school set-up.
  • They provides everything regarding teaching to their all branch like teaching aids, activity aids, learning materials etc.
  • Bachpan group of preschool provides rewards for creativity and performance.
  • Bachpan gives recognition for the best franchisee and provides all types of franchise support.

Bachpan Franchise Cost:

If you want to take Bachpan Playschool franchise you have to invest 8-12 lakhs. The investment can vary from city to city and the area of the school premises. In this investment rent of the area, staff’s salary, advertisement charge, study materials and other necessary expenses included. This is an approximate figure and if you want to know more about Bachpan playschool franchise then you can contact to Bachpan’s franchise team.

Bachpan Franchise Profit Potential:

Bachpan Preschool Franchise is a 100 percent profitable business. If you go with a proper planning and implement then preschool franchise emerged as the most successful business in India. Let’s see how you can earn from the Bachpan franchise.

  • Admission & monthly fees

If you have 100 students and the school fee is 3000/student approx then you can earn 3,00,000/ Month. It is a rough idea. The monthly fees vary from level to level. It is apart from the admission fee and exam fee. Now you can get an idea how much you can earn.

  • Bachpan academy

In Bachpan School you can run Nursery Teacher Training course to candidates who are willing to take training and join any school. In Bachpan building you can provide training to aspirants and earn from them.

  • Saturday club

Every Saturday there is a creativity class for children age from 3- 10 years will gather and learn different activities. The investor also can earn from them by using the school building. There are different activities courses go on with fun and children also love to join this class.

  • Noon shift

After the morning shift the same teachers can engage in other classes in the same building. Here some tuitions and coaching classes can be run by the school group. It is also a good option to utilize the noon shift to earn more from Bachpan Franchise.

Steps Involved in Acquiring a Bachpan Playschool Franchise:

bachpan playschool franchise apply

  • Inquiry and Initial Contact

At first you have to a visit the site of Bachpan and click on the “Franchise” button to open the page. Now in the franchise page you can see the franchise application form, fill up the form properly and then click on “Send Message” button. Within a short period the Bachpan franchise team will contact you for further process.

  • Review of Franchise Application

After getting the franchise application form the team Bachpan will ask the investor to send all required details for franchise and verify those. The investor need to fulfill all criteria for franchise.

  • Franchise Agreement and Training

After the documentation process the school group sends a franchise agreement to the investor. In this agreement all necessary legal terms and conditions are mentioned. The investor must read those properly then sign the agreement. If anything unable to understand then ask the concern team. After the agreement the Bachpan preschool group provides various training to the teachers and counselors. Any candidate who wants to join Bachpan School can also enroll in the Bachpan’s teacher training course. The training time and location are given by Bachpan group.

  • Site Selection and Set-up

At the time of site selection Bachpan group also go to visit the site for the school. Bachpan team analyzes the site and guide for the proposed location. They make customized school interior designs manual for the best look. Bachpan will set up your school by their experienced civil and interior designing team. So, you need not worry about that.

  • Launch and Operations

Bachpan Group provides all kind of support regarding school set up, launching, training for your school. All the branding and promotion related works are performed by the Head Office. Bachpan group will manage all marketing campaigns so; you are free from these responsibilities.

Bachpan Franchise Competitor:

There are many competitors in the market. Some of the major competitors of Bachpan Franchise are:

Bachpan playschool Franchise Training and Support:

  • Before opening the franchise, franchisees undergo intensive pre-opening training that covers various aspects of running a successful franchise, including marketing, management, operations, and finances.
  • Bachpan also provides on-site training to franchisees once the franchise is operational. This training is provided by experienced personnel who have a deep understanding of the franchise system and can provide hands-on support and guidance.
  • They provides ongoing support to their franchisees through regular site visits, phone and email support, and access to an extensive library of training materials and best practices.
  • Bachpan also provides marketing support such as creating and distributing promotional materials, and conducting joint marketing campaigns.
  • Franchisees also have access to technical support from Bachpan, which includes assistance with website development and maintenance, and support with computer systems and management.

How to apply for the Bachpan Playschool Franchise ?

If you want to be a part of Bachpan Group and take playschool franchise then you can follow the below steps-

  • You have to visit the official site of Bachpan
  • Then click on the “Franchise” button in the header of home page.
  • After that a click on “Apply for Franchise “option then franchise application form will be opened.

bachpan playschool franchise apply

  • Duly fill-up the franchise application form.
  • After fill-up the online form, click on “Send Message” button to complete the process.
  • Within short period the concerned team will contact you.
  • You can directly contact them and ask the details about the franchise. The concern team will answer you and guide you. All the contact numbers are given in contact section.

Bachpan Playschool Franchise Contact Details:

If you want to know more about Bachpan Franchise then you can contact to the company via given details as I’ve mentioned below –

Address- S.K. Educations Pvt. Ltd. 9988/B-1, S.K Tower, Sarai Rohilla New Rohtak Rd, Delhi-110005


Email ID-

Contact No-9811437000

Bachpan Playschool Franchise Review:


Bachpan pre-school in India has all that a developing little child needs in their early childhood education with innovation and technology. Bachpan tries to give a strong and reliable place for early childhood education. It aimed toward encouraging and creating children’s personality through their training. It offers an attractive franchise model to spread their network in India.


FAQ(Frequently Asked Question):

Q. What is Bachpan Playschool franchise ?

Ans: Bachpan Playschool is a well-known preschool chain in India that offers quality education to young children. Bachpan Playschool also provides a franchise opportunity to individuals who are interested in starting their own preschool with the support of a well established brand. And they also provide proper training, support and access to their proven curriculum to help you start and run your own successful preschool.

Q. Why to choose Bachpan Playschool Franchise ?

Ans: There are several benefits of investing in a Bachpan franchise, including a prepared business model, cost-effectiveness, a tested franchise system, complete support, a great management team, and a reliable and famous brand. For more information you can see a video: Click Here.

Q. What are the Bachpan Playschool franchise requirements ?

Ans: The Bachpan franchise requirements must have a passion for education and a willingness to invest in your business. Additionally, you will need to have the necessary financial resources to start and run a preschool, and possess strong interpersonal and communication skills to work with children and their parents.

Q. What is the Bachpan franchise Cost ?

Ans: The initial investment required for a Bachpan Playschool franchise is 12 lakh onward, which may vary by area, but the investment may exceed upto 12 to 15 lakh.

Q. Is Bachpan playschool Franchise profitable ?

Ans: Before saying Bachpan franchise is profitable let me tell you one thing that pre-school franchise business is profitable or not depends on various factors such as location, marketing and promotion, operational cost, and number of enrolment of students. While the Bachpan brand recognition and reputation can help attract students. But before investing in a Bachpan franchise must conduct a market research about the competition in the pre-school in your location.

Q. What is the Bachpan Franchise Profit ?

Ans: The Bachpan franchise profits depends on many things like location, operational cost, and student enrolment. On average, a Bachpan franchise can generate a profit of INR 5-10 lakhs per annum if there is enough students.

Q. What kind of training and support Bachpan Playschool franchisee receive?

Ans: Bachpan Playschool provides extensive training and support to its franchisees. This includes initial training in areas such as curriculum development, classroom management, and marketing, as well as ongoing support in the form of on-site visits, regular communication, and access to the latest educational tools and technologies.

Q. What is the steps to take Bachpan franchise, and how long does it take?

Ans: The process for opening a Bachpan Playschool franchise includes some steps, such as submitting an application, conducting site visits and proper survey, signing a franchise agreement, and attending training sessions. The time required to complete these steps may vary, but it typically takes around 2-4 months to open a Bachpan Playschool franchise.

Q. What kind of support Bachpan Playschool franchisees receive?

Ans: Bachpan Playschool franchisees receive marketing and advertising support from the company. This includes brand building, advertising, and promotional activities such as local media and print ads, brochures, flyers, and social media campaigns. They also help in organizing events, seminars, and workshops to create brand awareness in the community.

Q. Is the company charge royalty fee ?

Ans: Yes, Bachpan Playschool also charge some royalty fee from the franchise to use their brand and get the marketing and ongoing support.

Q. How to apply for the Bachpan Franchise ?

Ans: To apply for the Bachpan franchise you can visit its official website to fill franchise form and to contact to the company.


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