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How to take Shemrock Franchise ?

Invest in a Shemrock Franchise: Cost, Benefits, Requirements, and More

Are you an entrepreneur looking to start a play school ? If yes then you can choose Shamrock Franchise to open play school in India. As we know that play schools provide a unique opportunity to shape the next generation by inculcating a love of learning in young children. As the first play school in the country and a leader in the industry, Shamrock has the expertise and resources to help you build a successful and rewarding business. So in this article you can learn more about the benefits of joining the Shamrocks franchise family.

Shemrock Franchise cost

Shemrock History and Details:  

Shemrock is the first playschool chains in India, has the sharp visions to know the future pre-school scope and era since 1989. It is established in 1989 with changing the idea of early childhood education. Shemrock started a dynamic and child friendly procedure for learning. Presently more than 4,00,000 children have taken training from its 550+ branches. Shemrock has spread its network of schools in 27 states and union territories in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Shemrock Group is the most award winning chain of school in India managed by highly qualified and experienced educationists.

Shemrock is developed by the Arora family – which comprises of two generations of India’s leading educationists with more than 100 years of total experience in the education field. It has been started by Dr. D.R Arora and his wife Dr. Mrs.Bimla Arora. They established a school that gave the kids a school system that based on their 30 years of educational experience in India and Abroad. They began a model school wanted to provide a joyous and free environment where a child can learn with fun. Likewise, they started Shemrock pre-school with an extraordinary idea that focused on enjoyable learning. Shemrock group of pre-school has won the title “Best Pre-school of the year” by worldwide achievers.

Benefits of Investing in a Shemrock Franchise

In India there is huge demand of a good play school and parents are worried at the time of admission where to send their child. There are some branded school have start franchise mode to spread their network and fulfill the educational demand. Taking franchise of any branded play school is very good opportunity to start an entrepreneurship. In this section we are going to focus the benefits of the Shemrock Franchise, they are as follows-

  • A prepared business model            

Shemrock is a prepared model which has been planned and created by the team of experts. All the school infrastucture, building, interior design, syllabus, study materials are given by Shemrock. You need not stress as their team deals with everything. Shemrock group can make your school ready in about a month from signing of the agreement to the starting of the school.

  • Cost effective and Guaranteed Quality by the Shemrock vendors

You get attractive discounts from Shemrock vendors. They will set up the school as per the Shemrock standards and provide discounts of every building material. Shemrock’s expert vendors likewise give incredible after sales service and annual maintenance and best quality as they keep their standing with us.

  • A tested franchise system

Shemrock franchise system is supported and managed by their 30 years of experience in education sector. With 550+ branches in India, Nepal and Bangladesh is the proof of our continuous success. In franchise system of Shemrock we are constantly updating our business policies to furnish our franchisees with the best experience.

  • Complete support

Shemrock provides full supportive system and gives help at each step of your entrepreneurship journey. They make plan, your complete school building with all necessary required things, training, advertising, graphic designs, sales part and admission process and so forth all are dealt with by our group of specialists. You can be confident for excellent outcomes.

  • A Great management team

A franchise can be successful if the team behind it has the experience and understand what they are doing. The administration behind Shemrock Group is extremely transparent, ethical and devoted to franchise work. This group is run and managed by educationists with total 100 years of experience in educational field. So, you can have a great management team in Shemrock.

  • A reliable and famous brand

Shemrock is one of the most award winning school chains in India. When you get connected with a popular brand, your market value will be enhanced. People start knowing your name by the brand and this expands your client base. You also get regular coverage on newspapers and channels.

How shemrock differentiates itself from its competitors ?

  • Shemrock is credited with being the first play school in India, and it continues to be a pioneer in the industry with innovative teaching methods and curricula.
  • It is a well-established and widely recognized brand in India, which can help to attract more students and build a strong reputation in local communities.
  • Shemrock focus on the all-round development of children, including their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth.
  • Shamrock’s leadership team has decades of combined experience in the education industry, helping to ensure that the brand stays ahead of its competitors in terms of quality and innovation.
  • Shemrock invests heavily in its infrastructure, like in classrooms, play areas, and other facilities that are designed to create a safe and stimulating learning environment for children.
  • They also provides training, support, and ongoing assistance, which helps you to run successful and profitable schools.

Shemrock Franchise Requirements:

If you want to take Shemrock franchise then should have the following qualities and eligibilities-

  • You should have 2500 Sq Feet area on Ground Floor in the prime location of the city.
  • If you need to open your own school you have to invest 4-8 lakh. It can vary area to area but not more than 10 lakh. It is lesser than other play school’s franchise cost.
  • You have to apply for Shemrock preschool franchise and get approval.
  • After detailed verification you must have franchise agreement to proceed.
  • You must know and understand the Shemrock Franchise Business Model. For more details you can talk to the franchise consultant.
  • At first you have to choose the location and send the map and area of the location to get approval for developing the school.

*Must be ready for training and support. The investor must be dedicated towards the school and its regular activity.

Shemrock Franchise Cost:    

Shemrock is an award winning and the most popular pre-school group in India. They have large network of schools in India and in Abroad. Many investors have got the opportunity to be a part of this reputed school. If you want to get that opportunity by taking the franchise then you may know the investment details given below-

  • You have to invest Rs.12 lakh – Rs.15 lakh for your school set up.
  • The franchise fee of Shemrock is 1 lakh- Rs. 5 lakh.
  • The royalty of Shemrock is 15% of total fee collection.
  • You can get 100 % return on investment in 1 year.

Shemrock Franchise Profits:

When you want to open a pre-school like Shemrock the Return on Investment is another great factor. The purpose of taking the franchise is to earn a good profit from your business. But it’s difficult to estimate the profit of a Shemrock franchise as it depends on many factors such as location, operational costs/monthly expenses, competition, and marketing efforts. The profit margin for franchisees can also vary significantly and is affected by a variety of costs including rent, employee salaries and inventory.

But if we consider some existing pre-school franchise earning then you can easily generate 2.5 lakh to 3 lakhs per month if the number student is more then expected then you can easily earn more. But it is variable so we always advice to contact to the Shemrock franchise team to get more accurate and updated information.


Shemrock: Curriculum & Facilities

shemrock franchise curriculam

Shemrock Curriculum:

At Shemrock, the educational program and curriculum are planned and created to fit the needs, interests, capacities and learning styles of the kid. In Shemrock children are trained and nurtured by knowing basic things to complex tasks through fun. The whole school program is designed to improve the social, moral, spiritual, physical, and mental development of every kid.

Shemrock Facilities:

  • Each Shemrock school is build to guarantee an attractive, enthusiastic, interesting and child-friendly environment for their students. In the classroom children are learning with different learning items and methods. They get practical knowledge about the things. So, the learning can be retained for a long time in the kid’s memory.
  • For every child pre-school education at school need to be joyful. The climate should be helpful for knowing things easily. A kid’s friendly environment permits the kids to communicate freely. They learn things fast in a natural environment. Shemrock school environment stimulate child’s inner voice, thoughts to express. In Shemrock kids can effectively participate, develop and learn in a natural process.
  • Shemrock has unique edition books, customized exercise books, activity books, educational DVD’s and so on only designed, created and made accessible for the Shemrock kids. These learning materials are properly implemented by their skilled teachers. The teachers use the study materials in their techniques so; the children can grasp the chapters easily. The Shemrock syllabus and education plans are designed and developed in the head office for betterment of the teachers and the kids.

Shemrock Franchise Competitor:

There are many competitors in the market. Some of the major competitors of Shemrock are:

Shemrock Franchise Training and Support:

  • Before opening the franchise, franchisees undergo intensive pre-opening training that covers various aspects of running a successful franchise, including marketing, management, operations, and finances.
  • Shemrock also provides on-site training to franchisees once the franchise is operational. This training is provided by experienced personnel who have a deep understanding of the franchise system and can provide hands-on support and guidance.
  • They provides ongoing support to their franchisees through regular site visits, phone and email support, and access to an extensive library of training materials and best practices.
  • Shemrock also provides marketing support such as creating and distributing promotional materials, and conducting joint marketing campaigns.
  • Franchisees also have access to technical support from Shemrock, which includes assistance with website development and maintenance, and support with computer systems and management.

Steps Involved in Acquiring a Shemrock Franchise:

If you want to get the franchise of Shemrock then you can follow the steps-

  • Email or courier the following details-
  • Location map of the desired location of the city.
  • Plan and layout of the building with dimension of the rooms.
  • Photographs of the rooms.
  • Shemrock team will take 2 weeks for review of the location.
  • If the location is approved, team Shemrock will send sample agreement for signing.
  • They have their own carpenter and painter team, those will set up the branch for you.
  • You have to go through the training at the Shemrock HO in Delhi. After training they will provide manuals and training materials.
  • Shemrock will assist to purchase stuffs for school during the training.
  • Shemrock team will make a marketing plan for your school launching by detailed discussion with you.
  • After launching the school you will get regular support, guidance for running the school smoothly as per their standard and curriculum.
  • You can talk to the franchise consultant for any type of query. The head office and other branches are always there to help you out.
  • Contact & WhatsApp No- +91-9810775842

Shemrock Franchise Contact Details:

If you want to know more about Shemrock Franchise then you can contact to the company via given details as I’ve mentioned below –

Head Office Address: SHEMROCK Heritage (2nd Floor) Block- F, Behind Jai Apartment, Sector 9, Rohini, Delhi 110085


Email ID-

Contact No.– 011-43433333/09

Contact & Whats App No- +91-9810775842

Shemrock Franchise Review Video:


Pre-school franchisees in India are doing an extraordinary business nowadays. Nowadyas, most of the parents are very conscious for their kid education so they want to send them in a branded school like Shemrock. Shemrock Group of School has been awarded as “Franchiser of the Year in Education” by Franchise Plus, one of the best franchise business publications in India. For deciding the top preschool franchise for you, you must talk to the Shemrock franchisee group for detailed information and know the details about various models and its benefits.


FAQ(Frequently Asked Question):

Q. What is the Shemrock and its history?

Ans: Shemrock is the first playschool chain in India established in 1989. It was founded by the Arora family, which consists of two generations of India’s leading educationists with over 100 years of combined experience in the education field. Shemrock has a network of 550+ branches in 27 states and union territories in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

Q. What are the benefits of investing in a Shemrock franchise ?

Ans: There are several benefits of investing in a Shemrock franchise, including a prepared business model, cost-effectiveness, a tested franchise system, complete support, a great management team, and a reliable and famous brand.

Q. What are the Shemrock franchise requirements ?

Ans: To get a Shemrock franchise, you should have a 2500 sq. ft. area on the ground floor in a prime location of the city, an investment of 12-15 lakh (which may vary by area), and should apply for the franchise and get approval after detailed verification.

Q. What is the Shemrock franchise Cost ?

Ans: The investment required for a Shemrock franchise is 4-8 lakh, which may vary by area, but the investment may exceed upto 12 to 15 lakh.

Q. Is Shemrock Franchise profitable ?

Ans: Before saying Shemrock franchise is profitable let me tell you one thing that pre-school franchise business is profitable or not depends on various factors such as location, marketing and promotion, operational cost, and number of enrolment of students. While the Shemrock brand recognition and reputation can help attract students. But before investing in a Shemrock franchise must conduct a market research about the competition in the pre-school in your location.

Q. What is the Shemrock Franchise Profit ?

Ans: The Shemrock franchise profits depends on many things like location, operational cost, and student enrolment. On average, a shemrock franchise can generate a profit of INR 5-10 lakhs per annum if there is enough students.

Q. How long does it take to set up a Shemrock franchise ?

Ans: Shemrock can make your school ready in about a month from the signing of the agreement to start of the school.

Q. What support does Shemrock provide to its franchisees ?

Ans: Shemrock provides full support to its franchisees and helps them at each step of the entrepreneurship journey. This includes planning, building the complete school, training, advertising, graphic designs, sales, admission process, etc.

Q. How does Shemrock maintain the quality of its franchises ?

Ans: Shemrock maintains the quality of its franchises by providing complete support, updating its business policies, and having a team of experienced educationists running and managing the franchise system.


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