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How to take Kidzee Franchise ?

Kidzee Franchise: Requirement, Benefits, Investment, Profit, Applying process

Are you interested in starting your own pre-school business ? If so, Kidzee franchise may be the right opportunity for you. Kidzee is India’s largest chain of pre-schools and offers a franchise model for entrepreneurs who want to invest in the growing pre-school franchise industry. In this article, we will discuss about the kidzee franchise cost, its requirements, and profits involved in taking a Kidzee franchise in India.

Kidzee History and Details:

Kidzee is one of Asia’s top play school chains offering creative, progressive and fruitful environment for toddlers. Kidzee is a foundation of early childhood education and standardized pre-schooling in India under its restrictive teaching method – Interactive ILLUME. Kidzee is established in 2003 and has been provided preparatory training to kids before taking admission in school.

The aim is to make the emerging future leaders by building their strong present. Kidzee is focused on providing a collaboration of abilities, knowledge, and values in our kids to make them a fighter and voice for the 21st century. Kidzee is a part of Zee Learn under the umbrella company of Essel group. It is one of the best preschool in India are and most popular to guardians of the kids.

Kidzee began as an organization that can give early childhood education to the kids in different stages- playgroup, nursery and kindergarten. It provides all necessary knowledge and instruction those required in primary school. Aside from academic education a kid’s personality can improve in a dramatic manner while taking training in Kidzee.

Presently, Kidzee has many branches all over India and it has transformed into one of the main names of the pre-school sector in India. Presently Kidzee has 2000+ learning centers in 750 cities and provided training to 10, 00000 + students till date.

Benefits of Investing in a Kidzee Franchise

  • Excellent returns on investment up to 100%.
  • All teachers get training by Kidzee organization to provide top class education.
  • It is India’s top well known and reputed preschool brand name.
  • You can get benefit from a six-year franchise agreement that can be renewed after that.
  • Kidzee School has its unique build-in strategy, known as iLLUME.
  • No royalty charge should be paid to the organization in return for getting a Kidzee franchise.
  • Set up a playschool like Kidzee is beneficial because no one can skip education and there is always demand of a reputed school.
  • Kidzee supports you in every step while running a school. So, you are safe from different challenges of market.
  • All promotional and other activity performed by the Kidzee group so, no need to worry about marketing work.

Understanding the Kidzee Franchise Model:

Kidzee is one of the largest chain of pre-schools in India, offering quality education to children from the age of 1.5 to 5.5 years. The franchise model of Kidzee is based on a profit-sharing model, where the franchisee is responsible for running the day-to-day operations of the pre-school while the franchisor provides support in terms of curriculum, teacher training, marketing and other key areas.

As a Kidzee franchisee, you will have access to the brand’s extensive network of resources and support, including training and development programs, marketing materials and ongoing support. The franchisor will also provide regular assessments to ensure that the franchisee is meeting the standards set by Kidzee and making necessary improvements.

Kidzee Programs:

kidzee franchise model

  • Playgroup

It is the initial program of Kidzee where the kids start knowing things. They explore the world so; it is the main step and beginning of a kid. In this program toddler of 1.5-2.5 years can take admission and the duration of the training is 2 and ½ hrs per day.

  • Nursery

In nursery program a kid is familiar with different things. In this stage the foundation build-up to prepare a child for primary school. Children of 2.5-3.5 years are taking training and the training duration is 2 and ½ hrs per day.

  • Kindergarten

3.5-5.5 year’s children are taking Kindergarten program. The duration is 3 and ½ hrs per day. In this time Kidzee fully prepare a kid for primary school. They train the child to adapt the school environment, time table, rules, education etc. It is very important time for children and their parents.

How Kidzee differentiates itself from its competitors ?

  • Kidzee has its own unique teaching method called Interactive iLLUME that sets it apart from other preschools. This method focuses on child-centered and interactive learning which helps in overall development of children.
  • It has been established in 2003 and has been providing preparatory education to kids before they take admission in school. It has a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the industry.
  • Kidzee has a wide network across India, with over 2000+ learning centers in 750+ cities.
  • They provides 60-80 hours of training to its teachers to equip them with the skills needed to provide top-class education to children.
  • They also provides support to its franchisees in every step of running a school.
  • All promotional and marketing activities are performed by the Kidzee group.
  • Kidzee creates a unique learning environment for children that focuses on building their abilities, knowledge, and values, preparing them for the future.

Kidzee Franchise Requirements:

If you want to take Kidzee franchise then should have the following qualities and eligibilities-

  • You should love to work with educational sector and passionate to do something for kid’s development
  • Willing to start the business not only for money, you want to build the strong foundation of the kids also.
  • Kidzee provides 60-80 hrs training to teachers. They make all teachers well equipped to provide top class skill based education to meet child’s requirements and fulfill Kidzee standard.
  • The duration of training program is three months theory and one month field training to the teachers and other training for investors how to run the school smoothly.
  • Only female candidates are eligible who have completed their high school diploma and age are not less than 18 years.
  • Kidzee provides teacher training for effective teaching. The capacity of each batch is 15 candidates and one instructor.
  • To take the franchise the investor should have 12-15 lakhs INR to invest.
  • To take the franchise you must have 2000-3000 sqft land area for school.
  • Total 40-45 number of staff required to run a Kidzee school.

Kidzee Franchise Cost and Investment:      

The cost of taking Kidzee franchise pre-school is not so much high. If you are looking for franchise businesses in education field with low investments, this is a great opportunity to open Kidzee. Kidzee Franchise is a leading Play School Franchise. You can get all relevant information in this part & know more about franchise investment.

The total investment varies between 12-15 lakh INR. It includes franchise fees, layout fees, advertisement fees, legal documentation fees, 60-80 hrs teachers training fees. At first you feel little heavy while investing but within one year you will get 200 percent profit and it continues every year.


  • Land rent- 8,40,000
  • Staffs salary- 5,40,000
  • Worker’s salary-60,000
  • Miscellaneous- 1,60,000

Kidzee Franchise Profits:

When you want to open a pre-school like Kidzee the Return on Investment is another great factor. The purpose of taking the franchise is to earn a good profit from your business. But it’s difficult to estimate the profit of a Kidzee franchise as it depends on many factors such as location, operational costs/monthly expenses, competition, and marketing efforts. The profit margin for franchisees can also vary significantly and is affected by a variety of costs including rent, employee salaries and inventory. The profit, rent, and every other expense are given below:-

  • Admission fee per student- 20,000
  • Tuition fee with learning materials-30,000
  • Security Fees-10,000
  • Exam Fees-2000
  • Development Fees-8000

The above fee is paying by one child for one year and the total fee is 70,000 for one program. There are three programs with two sections in each program. The total numbers of children are 450 and the total income generated will be 3,15,00,000. It means you will get a profit of 2,45,00,000 per year from Kidzee franchise.

But we always recommend contacting Kidzee directly for a more accurate estimate of the potential profit of the Kidzee Franchise.

Kidzee Franchise Competitor:

There are many competitors in the market. Some of the major competitors of Kidzee are:

  • EuroKids
  • Shemrock
  • Little Elly
  • Apple Kids
  • Bachpan Play
  • Kidz Planet and etc..

Kidzee Franchise Support:

Some of the support services Kidzee can provide to its franchisees include:

  • Site selection and development assistance.
  • Training and support for teachers and other staff.
  • Marketing and advertising support.
  • Ongoing operational support.
  • Access to proprietary course materials and educational resources.

How to apply for the Kidzee Franchise in India ?

If you don’t know how to apply for Kidzee Franchise then follow the below steps-

  • You have to visit the official site of Kidzee that is-
  • Then click on the “Partner with us” button in the header of home page.

kidzee franchise model

  • After that a franchise application form will be opened and you have to fill up the form.
  • During the form fill up process your mobile number will be verified, so keep your mobile with you.
  • After fill-up the online form, click on “Submit” button to complete the process.
  • You can get a notification from Kidzee via Email or call after submit the form.
  • Here we are providing easy reach link-

  • You can directly call to +91-93200 63100 and ask the details about the franchise. The concern team will answer you and guide you.

 Steps Involved in Acquiring a Kidzee Franchise

  • Day 1

At first visit the Kidzee official website and fill up the franchise application form provided in the home page header part. Before applying for the franchise you must know the eligibility criteria of Kidzee. The requirements details are given in the above section in this blog. After properly fill-up the form submit the application form. The Kidzee team will contact you within 24 hrs and fix the meeting with you for document verification and other necessary details for the franchise. The verification process must need sometimes. The process will take 4 days for initialization.

  • Day 5

In the day 5 you will show the school site location to the Kidzee team and if the location is good then you can finalize the plot for school. If you want to set up a branded pre-school like Kidzee then you have to select the prime location of the city. The numbers of students depend upon the location of your school. You must have 2000-3000 sqft area for the school in the city.

  • Day 22

After passing the above steps and detailed verification the Kidzee team makes a legal agreement where all terms and conditions, details are mentioned. You must read the paper carefully the sign the agreement. You can talk to the Kidzee team if you have any doubt.

In 22nd day after signing the agreement papers you become a loyal partner of Kidzee group. They provide all training, support and resources regarding marketing and advertisement. The team always support to the franchisees while required.

  • Day 45

Within 45 days it’s time to start you Kidzee School. If the planning is perfect then you can easily open a Kidzee school within 45 days. Kidzee team always there for you to run the school successfully.


Kidzee Franchise Contact Details:

If you want to know more about Kidzee Franchise then you can contact to the company via given details as I’ve mentioned below –

Corporate Office Address-

Zee Learn Limited, 135, Continental Building, B wing, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018.

Contact No.:- +91-93200 63100 (Sunday to Friday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM)


Email ID-



Taking a Kidzee franchise can be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to invest in the growing childcare industry in India. With its established brand, supportive franchise model, and potential for returns on investment, Kidzee is a strong option for anyone looking to start their own childcare business. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can be on your way to taking a Kidzee franchise and making a positive impact on families in your community.


FAQ(Frequently Asked Question):

Q. What is Kidzee and what does it offer ?

Ans: Kidzee is India’s largest chain of pre-schools and a part of the Zee Learn Limited group. It offers a play-way method of education for young children, promoting all-round development through its unique curriculum and teaching methodologies.

Q. What are the Kidzee franchise requirements ?

Ans: The requirements to become a Kidzee franchisee include having a passion for education, a minimum space requirement of 1000 sq. ft., and an investment of approximately Rs 12-20 lakhs.

Q. What is the process to apply for Kidzee franchise ?

Ans: The process to apply for a Kidzee franchise involves submitting a franchise application form, followed by a personal interview, and if selected, the signing of a franchise agreement and payment of the franchise fee.

Q. How much investment is required to start a Kidzee franchise ?

Ans: The investment required to start a Kidzee franchise is approximately Rs 12-20 lakhs, which includes the franchise fee, training and support, and initial set-up costs.

Q. What is the Kidzee Franchise Cost ?

Ans: The exact information about the Kidzee Franchise Cost is not disclosed by the company but as per the given information in the internet and its official website it may cost Rs. 1.5 Lakhs – Rs. 2.5 Lakhs + Gst. But it may vary so for accurate information always contact to the Kidzee.

Q. What is the Kidzee Franchise Profit ?

Ans: The Kidzee franchise profits depends on many things like location, operational cost, and student enrolment. On average, a Kidzee franchise can generate a profit of INR 5-10 lakhs per annum if there is enough students.

Q. Is Kidzee Franchise profitable ?

Ans: Before saying Kidzee franchise is profitable let me tell you one thing that pre-school franchise business is profitable or not depends on various factors such as location, marketing and promotion, operational cost, and number of enrolment of students. While the Kidzee brand recognition and reputation can help attract students. But before investing in a Kidzee franchise must conduct a market research about the competition in the pre-school in your location.

Q. What support does Kidzee provide ?

Ans: Kidzee provides its franchisees with ongoing support, including marketing and advertising support, training for teachers, and regular visits from the Kidzee support team to ensure the franchise is running smoothly.

Q. What is the expected ROI for a Kidzee franchise ?

Ans: The expected return on investment for a Kidzee franchise can vary, but on average, franchisees can expect to break even within 3-5 years and achieve profitability in the long-term.

Q. What are the advantages of owning a Kidzee franchise ?

Ans: The advan0tages of owning a Kidzee franchise include being part of a well-established brand, having access to a proven curriculum and teaching methodology, and receiving ongoing support and training from the Kidzee support team.


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