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Shell Petrol Pump Dealership – Eligibility, Investment, Profit, Applying Process

Shell Petrol Pump Dealership -Eligibility,Investment, Profit, Applying Process:

Hello friends, today we’ll discuss about Shell Petrol Pump Dealership in this post. So, if you are planning to start a a petrol pump then, choosing Shell Petrol Pump Dealership would be a great. In this article we discuss about getting Shell Petrol Pump Dealership, investment, profits & margin, how to apply, documents required and much more.

Shell Petrol Pump Dealership


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Shell Petrol Pump Dealership Company Details:

TypePublic Company
IndustryOil & Energy
HeadquartersNetherlands and In India: Haryana- Gurgaon
Company size10,001+ employees
Downstream, Bio-Fuels, Integrated Gas, New Energies, Chemicals, Energy, and Upstream

Basic Criteria for Shell Petrol Pump Dealership:

  1. Leadership Quality
  2. Age should be 28 years to 60 years
  3. Education should be minimum Graduate or
  4. Preferably 5+ years of working experience in retail/service/hospitality
  5. Investment capacity of Rs 18 Lakh for Retailer ship and 5 crore for Dealership.
  6. Experience in Managerial and
  7. Ability to manage financial statements, P&L and drive


Types of Business Model of Shell:

  1. Retailer ship
  2. Dealership

Both retailer ship and Dealership business opportunity are described below:


Business Opportunity

Sl.NoRetailer shipDealership
1.Land, Infrastructure & fuels provided by Shell company.Land, Infrastructure & fuel investment borne by dealers.
2.Sales TargetNo, sales Target
3.Working Manpower payroll on RetailerWorking Manpower payroll on dealers
4.World class training program (Handhold)World class training program (Handhold)
5.Retailers receives a percentage of commission on monthly salesDealer receives Rs 2- Rs 3 per liter sales of fuel, commission will be vary according to location.
6.Maintenance and Management of RO borne by Retailer.Overall Outlet is managed by Dealers.
7.NADealer have to pay royalty paid to the Shell Company Per Month
8.All Machine provided by companyDealers own cost
9.Only Inventory of Convenience store

managed by retailers.

Shell Connect (Construction & Inventory)
10Investment =18 Lac – 20 LacInvestment= 1.20 CR – 1.5 CR




Investment for Retailer ship Business Opportunity:

Total Investment: 18 Lakh

  1. Company holds security Money = 7 Lac
  2. Retailer License & Retailer KIT = 3 Lac
  3. Inventory of Convenience store (Food Mart) as per local taste & Working Capital = 8 Lakh


Commission on all sales:

For Diesel & Petrol = 35%-40%.

If you will sale 5000 liter petrol and 5000 liter diesel per day Monthly sales= per day fuels sales X 30 days

= 10,000  X  30.

= 3, 00,000 liters (fuel) Yearly fuels sales

= Monthly fuels sales X 12 (months)

= 3, 00,000 X 12

= 36, 00,000 Liters fuels


Then, Retailers revenue per year will be = Yearly fuels sale  X  Commission %age.

 = 36, 00,000 X 40% .


Total annually Gross Revenue = 14, 40,000



  1. There also exists an opportunity for additional earnings if you exceed targets and control your Please note these figures are indicative only and are subject to change.
  2. Convenience store & Shell Helix Service, Lubricants profit is not calculated here.


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1.Staff salary 8 no. (7000 per head)560006,72,000
2.Manager (Retailer OWN)
3.Electricity Bill10,0001,20,000
4.Maintenance (Retail Outlet)500060,000


Net Profit per annum from Retail outlet = Gross Profit per annum – Yearly Expenses.

             = 14, 40,000 – 9, 12,000.

Net Profit per annum from Retail outlet  = 5,28,000 /-


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Investment Bifurcate:

  1. Lease / Own Land
  2. Infrastructure(Boundary wall, Toilet, Office, Drive way, Canopy, Flooring, Brand-light & Lighting, Pipeline works) = 50 Lac.
  3. Machinery & Equipments = 20 LAC.
  4. Fuel (18KL Petrol & 18KL Diesel) = 40 LAC.
  5. License Issued= 5 LAC.
  6. Silent generator (15-20 KVA)& water Cooler= 5 LAC

Total Investment: 2 CR – 1.5 CR.

Commission for : Rs 2 – Rs 3 per liter.

V-Power fuel is higher price as normal fuel = Rs 5 – Rs 10.


License (NOC) :

  1. DM
  2. SDM
  3. SP
  4. Electricity Department
  5. Forest Department
  6. Fire Department
  8. Environment Department
  9. Explosive (PESO), DSO and Weight & Measurement

Shell Petrol Pump Dealership



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How to Apply for the Shell Petrol Pump Dealership ?

To apply for the Shell Petrol Pump Dealership, you have to follow some steps which is given below:

  • Visit
  • Fill all the details on the franchise form.
  • Submit the form successfully.
  • Within 2-3 days, you get a call from customer executive.

Contact Details:

Shell Companies in India:

Level 9A, Two Horizon Centre
Golf Course Road, DLF Phase V
Sector – 43
Gurgaon – 122002
Tel.:  +91 124 6661500

Shell India Markets Private Limited:

Campus 4A,
RMZ Millenia Business Park,
No. 143, Dr. M.G.R Road,
Perungudi, Chennai – 600 096
Tel : +91 44 4345 0000
Fax : +91 44 4345 1516


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