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Kurkure Making Business – Cost, Profit, Machine Required

Kurkure Making Business – Cost, Profit, Machine Required

Hello Friends, today we’ll discuss about Kurkure Making Business Plan. If you want to open such business then after reading this article you get all the information about the Kurkure Making Business Plan. In this article you get the information about how to start this business, its total cost, profit, Requirements and all information about this business. If you are interested in this business then it is a good time to start.

Kurkure Making Business

Kurkure is a brand of corn puffs, the product launched in 1999 and  since then transformed the way of Indian snacks. Named after the Hindi word for “crunchy”. The snack comes in many flavours. This snacks was developed entirely in India.
This imperfect shaped snack gives the perfect taste to the consumers.

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Kurkure is a brand of corn puffs produced and developed by PepsiCo India. It is named after the Hindi word called ‘Crunchy’ or ‘Crispy.’ It is developed entirely in India. It was initiated in the year 1999 as ‘Lehar Kurkure’. 


What is Kurkure Making Business?

Kurkure Making Business usually is the manufacturing of crunchy which is very famous across worldwide. And Kurkure is also a brand of corn puffs produced and developed by PepsiCo India. There is no doubt that the Kurkure Making business is growing at very high rate % every year. There are so many company who are selling Kurkure like Haldirams, Balaji, ITC, Parle etc.

Why to start a Kurkure Making Business?

  • This business has high potential in India.
  • So, there is Less competition in this business in the local market.
  • Take small space to operate.
  • Easily manageable.
  • Less manpower required


Government Schemes

puffed rice Manufacturing

Boosting Kurkure Making Business and Other Small Businesses. MSME Ministry is increasing aid to kurkure making business and other small and medium scale businesses in India.

The government of India has also moved further in this regard to encourage various small sectors and private sectors by launching several schemes such as:

MUDRA Scheme – Under this scheme, the agency was set up to refinance and develop micro units across the country. It extends funding to the non-corporate small business sector.

Aatmnirbhar Bharat Scheme – Free collateral loans to MSMEs and other stressed sectors.

Coir Vikas Yojna – It encourages various activities like still development, up-gradation, and modernization of industries, promoting domestic as well as an export market.

National Manufacturing Competitiveness Program  It facilitates technology up-gradation by providing a 15% upfront capital subsidy.

Entrepreneurship and skill development program – Organized to nourish the expertise of youth by enlightening them on numerous aspects of industrial exercise needed for setting up small industries.

Marketing promotion schemes – to develop domestic markets and promotion of new market access initiatives.


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Ingredients for Kurkure Making Business with market Rate:

Kurkure is made from corn meal, rice meal, edible vegetable oil (palm oil), gram meal, spices, condiments, salt etc. Also, it contains flavor (natural and nature-identical flavoring substances).

Sl No.Raw MaterialMarket Rate
1.Corn and Rice GritRs 18 – Rs 20 per kg
2.Edible Vegetable OilRs 150 – Rs 180 per Kg
3.Species (Masala)Rs 150 per Kg
4.Condiments (Flavour)Avg 150 per kg
5.Salt20 per kg


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Flavour Kurkure:

Kurkure Making Business

  • Masala Munch
  • Green Chutney
  • Chilli Chatka
  • Puffcorn (Yummy Cheese)
  • Hyderabadi Hungama
  • Desi Beats
  • Naughty Tomato
  • Butter Masti
  • Yummy Cheese
  • Monster paws
  • Lemon pickles
  • ZigZag
  • Puff Corn
  • Corn Cups
  • Multigrain
  • Kurkure Traingle
  • Masala Munch
  • Green Chutney, etc.…

Besides these flavours Kurkure is also made in other varieties of flavors in various occasions like in Puja, Diwali etc


Description of Kurkure Making Machine

Kurkure Making Machines are used to produce Kurkure from the corn flour. With the help of this machine the work of Mixing, Grinding, heating and packaging completes in a very short span.An extra remote for handling the device is attached in the machine, so that one can control its speed while operating the machine.


Feature of Kurkure making machine:

  • Continues cooking food extruder.
  • The main structure is made by mild steel tube frame with feeding screw.
  • Screw and barrels are made of alloy steel.
  • All standard fitting.

Total set of 5 Machine with Compressor.


List of Machine

SLNO.Name of MachinePrice (RS)
1.Kurkure Extruder (25HP)2,50,000.00
2.Kurkure Material Mixure35,000.00
3.Kurkure Roaster (L=23 ft)1,10,000.00
4.Kurkure Masala Mixture (Handa Size= 48 inch)40,000.00
5.Kurkure Package MachineStarting from 75,000.00

Average price =1,00,000.00

GST @18%99,540.00
Total Amount6,52,540.00


Note:  In above calculation, Transportation cost is not included because Transportation charge depends on distance or state.

Process of Kurkure Making:

kurkure making Business

Total Investment for Kurkure Making Business:

SLNo.Name of ParticularsAmount (Rs)
1.Rent for Land & Building (200sqft – 300 sqft)10,000/- (If Owned then good)
2.Kurkure Machinery Sets (Production capacity 15- 25 Kg/hr)7,00,000 Appx. (Transportation incl.)
3.Obtain License  (electricity permission included)10,000.00
4Rapping material (Packaging Material)1,15,000.00
5.Raw Material (Corn/Rice Grit, Species, Oil, flavor, salt)2,20,000/- (For 25 days Raw material)
6.Advertising & Promotion10,000/- (Initially)
7.TVS Motor Cycle (2 nos)1,00,000/-
Total Investment12,00,000/- (Approximate)


Initially Working Capital Required= 2,50,000/- 

Total Financially Required: 14.5 LAC.

Now, calculate the cost of making 1 Kurkure Packet

Firstly, Calculating here costing of 1 Kg of Kurkure Raw Material

SLNo.Raw materialCost (Rs)
1.Rice, Corn Grit per KgRs 20
2.Spray Oil (100 ml required in 1 kg of Kurkure)Rs15
3.Masala (100 gm)Rs 15
4.Salt & FlavourRs 5
TotalRs 55


Note : 1kg of Kurkure making cost = Rs 55.

As we Know Kurkure price starts from Rs 5 per packet (18 gm – 20 gm) which is lowest entry price.

Total we have 1200 gm (1000 gm Grit+ 100 ml oil + 100 gm masala)

Average we are considering 1100 gm.

So, We have to make 18 gm of per kurkure packet.

Total Packet making in 1100 gm = 1100/18= 61 nos. packet


Packaging cost of One packet (18gm) Kurkure= 0.70 Paise

Then Packaging cost of 61 nos. of Kurkure packet= 61 X 0.70 = 42.70 Paise


Labour & Electricty Cost per packet = 0.30 paise

Cost for 61 nos. of kurkure packet = 0.30 X 61 = 18.30

Then Total Costing of making 61 number of Kurkure packet

= Cost of Raw material + Packaging Cost + Labour & Elctricity Cost

= RS 55 + Rs 42.70 + Rs 18.30

= Rs 116 required to make 61 nos. of kurkure packet.


Cost incurred of making 1 kurkure packet = 116/61= Rs 1.90

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Profits & Margin from Kurkure making Business:

As far as profit is concerned in Kurkure Making Business, the profit margin in this business is very high as it is a hot selling product. If a rough estimate is made in this, then the market value of a quintal of raw material is about 4 to 5 times the total cost of making it crisp, so you can calculate the profit according to your cost, just need hard work. And to work diligently.

Suppose, if you are producing 20 kg per hour from your Kurkure making machine.

Consider 8 hour is Working time i.e. 20 X 8 = 160 Kg

For 25 days working days in month = 160 X 25 = 4000 Kg (i.e. 40,00,000 gm)

Number of Packet of Kurkure prepared in Month =2,22,222 (Packet)

10% Wastage of total production i.e. Total number Packet = 2,00,000 per month

As we know per packet costing is Rs 1.90

And Selling price will be Rs 3.50 – Rs 3.60  (if you can sell directly to Wholeseller )

Then, sales Revenue will be Rs 7,20,000.00

Monthly Expenses in Kurkure Making Business:

  1. Raw material = 2,20,000.00
  2. Packaging = 1,40,000.00
  3. Manpower Salary (2 Unskilled labour, 1 Skilled labour) = 19,000/-
  4. GST Compliance= 1000
  5. Advertising = 10,000.00
  6. Petrol & Miscellaneous = 10,000.00

Monthly Expenses = Rs 4,00,000.00


Net Profit  = Monthly sales revenue – Monthly Expenses

                      = 7,20,000  –  4,00,000

 Net Profit = Rs 3,20, 000 /-


License & registration for Kurkure making Business:

For proprietor

  • Obtain the GST registration.
  • Fire/ Pollution Registration as required.
  • Choice of a Brand Name of the product and secure the name with Trademark if required.
  • FSSAI license is crucial for smooth functioning of Kurkure making business in India.


  • SHOP & Establishment (If Required)
  • Electricity permission


How to do marketing of your Kurkure Making Business?

Kurkure is a product which is available in every corner of the India. Kurkure is available everywhere, ranging from roadside tea vendors, small retail shops, and supermarkets to college canteens. So, tie-ups with local vendor, retailer or kirana stores, etc who can help in spreading and expanding the Kurkure Making business.


Where to buy Kurkure Making Machine in India ?

If you want to buy Kurkure Making Machine online then you can visit  to buy your favorite or required  Kurkure making machine. However, you can also purchse from foreign country. And let me clear you one thing that you can also buy these machine offline. So, I’ll advice you that first compare the price of online and offline then purchase the machine.


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