How to get Kwality Wall’s Franchise ?

Complete guide to start Kwality Wall’s Franchise: Investment, Profit, Benefits, Eligibility and Applying Process

We all love to eat ice cream. Ice cream is something preferred by everyone, no matter they are little ones and the older. Ice cream is considered as the most popular type of desert across the world. Ice cream industry in India is one of the fastest growing segments in the dairy business. The ice cream industry in India produced more than 2 billion dollars revenue by 2018, and the revenue is about 4 billion dollars by 2022.

Furthermore, the major contribution income was generated by Kwality Wall’s. So starting a Kwality Wall’s franchise is one of the most mind-blowing business options for a start-up. In this blog we are going to tell you about the franchise details and how to get Kwality Wall’s franchise ? Keep reading this post and know about the franchise.

Kwality Wall's ice cream Franchise

Company History & Details: 

Kwality Wall’s is India’s leading ice cream company owned by Hindustan Unilever. It deals in deserts and began in the year 1956. It is a merger of two free organizations, Kwality (India), and Wall’s (Britain), that is why Kwality Wall’s was formed. Kwality Wall’s was first import machines to produce and sell ice cream in huge quantity in India. From the year 2013, Kwality Wall’s acquired the markets of Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, etc.

In terms of dessert brands Kwality Wall’s reaches an undoubtable place of No. 1 among all the ice cream brands. According to Brand Trust Report of 2013 Kwality Wall’s was ranked 632nd and in 2014, Kwality Wall’s was ranked 382nd among India’s most trusted brands.

TypePublic Company
Industry Food
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Ice cream

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Benefits of Kwality Wall’s franchise:

There are many benefits to join a Kwality Wall’s company as a franchise partner. Here are a few reasons behind why you ought to open a Kwality Wall’s franchise outlet in your city.

  • A popular name to customers

The most important benefit of being a Kwality Wall’s franchise proprietor is that the brand is very popular among the clients, which adds reputation to your franchise business.

  • Eco-friendly refrigeration

Kwality Wall’s always provides the best products to its clients. The brand forwards the next step and modifies its process into eco-friendly. There are about 84,000 eco-friendly freezers those use HC refrigerants; it reduces green house emissions to a large extent.

  • Fast ROI

It is estimated that the Kwality Wall’s franchise business provides 200% return on investment, and the ROI period is short between 1-2 years from the establishment of the store.

  • Guarantees consumer satisfaction

It has wide ranges of products; consequently Kwality Wall’s ice cream parlour has many flavors to offer to its clients. In this way, there is the consumer satisfaction, which is very important for client sustainability for any business.

  • Provides all types of support

The franchise proprietor gets all type of support from the Kwality Wall’s company. The company provides support and guidance in shop establishment, designs, operation of the store, training etc. to Kwality Wall’s franchise. The company also helps in advancement and promotions of the franchise.

  • Offers special territorial rights

The best thing of taking a Kwality Wall’s franchise is that the company gives special territorial rights to the franchise proprietor that no other comparable company offers.

  • Simple renewal agreement

It is another best benefit of owning this franchise. The Kwality Wall’s franchise agreement can be renewed effectively every three years. The renewal process is very simple.

Kwality Wall’s Franchise Model:

If you want to start Kwality Wall’s franchise then you should know about its business models. Kwality Wall’s has two business models- Swirl’s and Kwality Wall’s parlors. The details are as follows-

  • Swirl’s

Swirl’s parlors depend on the European idea that was started in the year 1994. There are in excess of 500 Swirl’s parlors around the world, and the idea was introduced to the Indian market in 2004. These parlors have started on the idea of customers own choices and create his/hers own style’s ice cream with the goal of full satisfaction of the customers. There are more than 60 Swirl’s parlors in India, which are situated in the shopping centers, malls, and top places of the regions.

  • Kwality Wall’s Parlors

Kwality Wall’s parlors offer its clients a broad range of ice creams including different flavors of ice creams. There are more than 300 Kwality Wall’s parlors established in India. The parlors are situated in the residential areas, local markets, high traffic shopping centers, and so on.

You can start the Kwality Wall’s franchise outlet based on the above two models. You can start either a Kiosk or an Exclusive Outlet of Swirl’s and Kwality Wall’s Parlor.

Kwality Wall’s Products:

There are many product such as Family Packs, Cornetto, Feast, Kulfi Delights on a stick, Magnum, Delights in a cup, Novelties, Calories Vegan, Gluten Free, Suitable For Kids etc.

Kwality Wall's Franchise

Eligibility for a Kwality Wall’s Franchise

Before starting a Kwality Wall’s ice cream parlor there are some eligibility those must be fulfilled, they are as follows-

  • The investor must get the agreement of the franchise to open an outlet.
  • He must be passionate and serious about the business.
  • A franchise owner must have enough educational qualifications to maintain and understand business standards.
  • The franchise owner must have team leading and customer handling skills and create a friendly environment.
  • He must be capable to operate billing system and computer software.

Requirements for a Kwality Wall’s Franchise:

If you are planning to start a Kwality Wall’s Ice cream franchise then you must have the following requirements-

Area Requirements-

  • Kwality Wall’s Parlor – Kiosk

The minimum area required for a Kiosk Kwality Wall’s ice cream parlor is at least 8 by 6 Square Feet in any traditional place of the city.

  • Kwality Wall’s Parlor – Exclusive Outlet

The area required for an exclusive outlet of Kwality Wall’s ice cream parlor is at least 150 Square feet with 10 Square feet frontage. The location should be any popular place of the city.

  • Swirls Ice Cream Parlors – Kiosk

The minimum area required for a Swirl’s ice cream parlor- kiosk is at-least 8 by 8 Square feet.

  • Swirls Ice Cream Parlors – Exclusive Outlet

The area required for a Swirl’s ice cream parlor- exclusive outlet is at least 100 Square feet with 12 Square foot frontage in any prime location of the city.

  • Investment: To open a Kwality Wall’s ice cream parlor the investment is between 2-3.5 Lakhs for Kiosk and Exclusive outlet. If you want to open a Swirls Kiosk or Exclusive outlet then you have to invest 6-7 Lakhs.
  • Employees: To run an outlet properly the franchise owner should hire 3-4 staffs and I cashier.
  • Freezer: Minimum 2-3 freezer initially required
  • Training: The franchise owner should go through a detailed training for operation, management and promotion related training for smooth functioning of the outlet.

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Kwality Wall’s Franchise Cost:

Kwality Wall’s franchise cost varies as per the franchise models, area and location of the outlet. Security amount is about 2 Lakhs. There is no royalty fee for the franchise. The initial cost of the franchise as follows-

  • Kwality Wall’s Ice Cream Parlor Costing

Kiosk – Minimum INR 2 to 2.5 Lakhs approx.

Exclusive Outlet – Minimum INR 2.5- 3.5 lakhs approx.

  • Swirls Ice Cream Parlor Costing

Kiosk – Minimum INR 6 Lakhs approx.

Exclusive Outlet – Minimum INR 6.5 -7 Lakhs approx.

The above given cost may vary depending on many factors so before making any decision regarding franchise must contact to the authorized person of the company.

Space Required for Kwality Wall’s Outlet:

The space required for the franchise of Kwality Wall’s ice cream depends on many factors like location and which franchise model you choose. So I’ve listed the space required for the franchise model below:

  • Kwality Wall’s Parlor – Kiosk

The minimum area required for a Kiosk Kwality Wall’s ice cream parlor is at-least 8 by 6 Square Feet in any traditional place of the city.

  • Kwality Wall’s Parlor – Exclusive Outlet

The area required for an exclusive outlet of Kwality Wall’s ice cream parlor is at least 150 Square feet with 10 Square feet frontage. The location should be any popular place of the city.

  • Swirls Ice Cream Parlors – Kiosk

The minimum area required for a Swirl’s ice cream parlor- kiosk is at-least 8 by 8 Square feet.

  • Swirls Ice Cream Parlor– Exclusive Outlet

The area required for a Swirl’s ice cream parlor- exclusive outlet is at least 100 Square feet with 12 Square feet frontage in any prime location of the city.

Documents Required:

Kwality Wall’s ice cream Franchise is one of the most demanding franchise chains in India. Here we have listed some documents that are required to get the Kwality Wall’s Franchise. They are as follows:

  • ID Proof:- Aadhaar Card , Pan Card , Voter Card
  • Address Proof:- Ration Card , Electricity Bill ,
  • Bank Account with Passbook
  • Photograph Email ID, Phone Number,
  • Other Document
  • GST Number
  • Standard franchise agreement
  • FSSAI Licence
  • Rental agreement

Kwality Wall’s Franchise Profits & Margin:

Before starting any business it is very important to know about the profits and margin of the business. The profit margin is a significant factor that makes an investor decide to invest in any brand’s franchise. Kwality Ice Cream franchises provide investors with the opportunity to profit handsomely.

When we talk about the profit margin of any business we should keep some points in mind. There should be no fix profit amount of any business. Kwality wall’s is a popular brand and it has two business models and outlet types, so the profit depends on these factors. Here we are providing a table and all the data are approximate. If we are assuming the daily sale of INR 10,000 then the monthly sale is INR 3,00,000.

Gross Sales3,00,000 Rupees
Cost of Ice Creams @60%(1,80,000) Rupees
Rent(40,000) Rupees
Electricity and Water Supply(10,000) Rupees
Salary of Workers and their Expenses(20,000) Rupees
Other expenses (Marketing, Aggregator, Misc)(10,000) Rupees
Net Profit40,000 Rupees

If the monthly sale is INR 3, 00,000 then the profit margin is 13.33% after deduction of all expenses. This franchise has another plus point- the return on investment is fast, that is 1-2 years from the opening of the outlet.

Know the Business Model of Kwality Wall’s Franchise:

The Kwality Wall’s Ice Cream Franchise offers two business models for interested franchise partners: Swirl’s and Kwality Wall’s Parlors. Swirl’s parlors provide customers with the opportunity to create their own style of ice cream, based on their personal preferences, with over 60 locations in India. Meanwhile, Kwality Wall’s parlors offer a wide range of ice cream flavors, with over 300 locations throughout India, situated in residential areas, local markets, and high traffic shopping centers.

Becoming a franchisee partner of Quality Wall’s offers several benefits, such as brand recognition, eco-friendly refrigeration practices, faster ROI, customer satisfaction, operational support, exclusive territorial rights and simple renewal agreements.

With a 200% estimated return on investment, the Kwality Wall’s franchise business model provides an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to enter the ice cream industry with a well-known and established brand.

Franchise Training and Support by Kwality Wall’s:

Kwality Wall’s never leaves their franchisees hand. The company always ready to support from starting to ending. The company provides following supports to their franchisees-

  • When you are going to choose the site location for the outlet that time the company helps and guides in site selection.
  • Company helps in construction, interior designing, furniture, installing the machines, any software installation in the PC.
  • Company helps to develop the business; all types of promotional and marketing activities are performed by the company for the franchise.
  • The company assists in recruitment of the staffs and provides in prior and service training to run the outlet properly.
  • The company often provides the management and operational training to the business owner and the staffs to meet the company’s standard.
  • The company head office provides an expert supervisor for sometimes to guide the franchise owner. They helps in training, operations, marketing, service, customer relationships and train to work in the company’s software.

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How to apply for the Kwality Wall’s Ice cream Franchise ?

If you want to take franchise for Kwality Wall’s then contact Kwality Wall’s Franchise contact No.- 1800-102-2221. Here a franchise concern person is available; he will guide you for everything regarding franchise.

You can also go to the official site of Kwality Wall’s. Here you can get the online inquiry form. Mention your requirements and submit the form. The concern person will contact you and guide you for the procedure.

Kwality Wall's Franchise contact details

Kwality Wall’s Franchise Contact Details:

If you want to take Franchise of Kwality Wall’s ice cream and you have any query related this franchise then you may contact to the company via given details as I’ve mentioned below:

Corporate Office Address:

Hindustan Unilever Limited, Unilever House, B. D. Sawant Marg, Chakala, Andheri (E), PO Box No.- 1470, Mumbai- 400099.

Kwality Wall’s Franchise Contact Number: 1800-102-2221

Website Address-

Email ID-


Kwality Wall’s is a subsidiary company of Hindustan Unilever. By investing in the Kwality Wall’s ice cream you can fulfill your entrepreneurial passion and earn a handsome profit every year. Kwality Wall’s one of the leading brand in India so, starting the franchise is a good choice. You can take more information from many other sources before plan to invent on it.

In this blog we have discussed many points those are helpful in taking the Kwality Wall’s franchise. Hope you have liked this blog and do share this blog to someone who wants to take Kwality Wall’s franchise.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question):

Q. What is Kwality Wall’s franchise ?

Ans: Kwality Wall’s franchise is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to start their own ice cream business under the well-established Kwality Wall’s brand. Franchisees receive support and training to help them set up and run their own ice cream parlors or mobile carts.

Q. What is the Kwality Wall’s Franchise Cost ?

Ans: The Kwality Wall’s franchise cost to open a franchise may varies depending on the location, size of the store or cart, and other factors. The franchise fee ranges from 2.5 to 5 lakhs, and the total investment can be anywhere between 5 to 50 lakhs.

Q. Are ice cream franchises profitable ?

Ans: Of course ice cream franchise is profitable business. The ice cream industry in India produced more than 2 billion dollars revenue by 2018, and the revenue is about 4 billion dollars by 2022. It depends upon the size of business, area, service quality and other marketing factors.

Q. What are the various ice creams offered by Kwality Ice cream ?

Ans: There are mainly 49 types of ice cream verities and flavors are offered by Kwality Wall’s. The product ranges offered by Kwality Walls, includes Paddle Pop, Magnum, Cornetto, etc.

Q. What are the regions of starting the Kwality Wall’s franchise ?

Ans: Here are few regions for starting a Kwality Wall’s ice cream franchise outlet: New Delhi, Chandigarh, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Lucknow, Chennai, Bangalore, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu And Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan, Daman And Diu, Goa, Gujarat, Kerala, Lakshadweep, Tamil Nadu etc.

Q. What in the investment to take Kwality Wall’s franchise ?

Ans: There are two types of models available. So, the investment ranges between 2-7 Lakhs as per the type of models and size of the outlets.

Q. What is the agreement term of the Kwality Wall’s franchise ?

Ans: The agreement term is for 3 years after that the agreement will be renewed. The renewal is very simple.

Q. Who are the competitors of Kwality Wall’s ?

Ans: There are other popular brands present in the market give the strong competition, they are- Amul, Vadidal, Mother Dairy, Cream Bell, Cream and Fudge, Baskin Robbins etc.

Q. What support is provided by Kwality Wall’s to franchisees ?

Ans: Kwality Wall’s provides a comprehensive range of support to franchisees, including site selection assistance, store design and layout, product training, marketing and advertising support, and ongoing operational support. Franchisees also receive regular updates on new products and flavors.

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