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H&M franchise Cost- Requirements, Profits & Margin and Franchise details

Are you are searching for a Global fashion outfit franchise? Do you have a retail clothing store and not happy with benefit and client footfall? If given the chance, will you be prepared to take up a style retail franchise in your city? Did your deep research on fashion retail business have landed you on this page?

If yes then this article is perfectly for you. If you want to enter the fashion retail business, then taking H&M franchise can be a good choice. In this article we shall try to cover all required information about H&M and its franchise. Beginning with a short introduction on H&M, the process and how to get H&M franchise, the cost and profit margin, eligibility and answer a few normal questions regarding H&M.

H&M franchise cost

Overview of H&M:

H&M is stands for Hennes and Mauritz, established in 1947 by Erling Persson (A Swedish Business owner). H&M is one of the leading, well established, and rapidly developing Swedish multinational clothing retail company that offer an extensive variety of outfit, accessories, and beauty care products for men, women, youngsters, and kids.

Since its commencement, H&M has expanded its areas to more than 4900 stores in 74 countries that made them one of the world’s biggest fashion retailers. The company has helped the chain to occupy a significant place of market in the clothing business all over the world.

{H&M is planning to grow its business across India, various regions of South America, Albania. H&M maintains its general expansion strategy all over the world. The company does not provide franchise except few regions where the company is working with franchise partner due to some regulatory norms. The company managed directly in most of the regions.

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Benefits of choosing H&M franchise

H&M generally does not offer any franchise directly, it is completely a company operated chain. There are some important reasons to choose this company for collaboration. The benefits of choosing H&M franchise are given below-

  • A global brand:

H&M is one of the world’s leading and quickly growing clothing chain that exhibit a range of fashion and beauty care products. H&M is known for its designs, styles and quality of the products in the world.

  • Powerful extension plan:

H&M has proposed a great plan to open and work numbers of outlets by 2023 that will without a doubt permit new franchisee proprietors to grab the opportunity near their city.

  • Successful business model:

H&M is a popular company has been constantly conveying higher achievement rates for its retail stores, because of its store location and marketing techniques. Peoples love to choose H&M for looks trendy and stylish.

  • Extensive variety of products for all-age group:

H&M offers variety of products for all age group that helps the chain that can fulfill the demand of everyone, hence growing the popularity of the company.

  • Powerful supply chain:

The company has powerful supply chain network across the globe. Behind every successful company there is a strong supply chain networks that help the company always. It assists the H&M to offer new products immediately.

It empowers the company to have the best quality control, proper pricing, better stock management and other things.

Eligibility for H&M franchise

Before applying for the franchise you have to keep in mind the following things-

  • The franchisor’s age must be 21 or above.
  • Should have prior business experience.
  • He/She should have graduation degree or similar academic qualifications.

*Must have the following documents-

  • Franchise agreement
  • Proprietor’s Aadhar card copy
  • Proprietor’s photo
  • Proprietor/Business PAN card copy
  • Business TAN copy
  • GST registration certificate
  • Proprietor/ Business Aadhar proof.
  • Shop address proof
  • NOC of shop

Requirements for H&M franchise

To open H&M store the proprietor should have the following requirements-

  • The most important thing is that the proprietor should be capable of investing 1-2 crore to open H&M store.
  • The proprietor must be passionate in fashion garment industry and should have experience in this business.
  • The proprietor should have leadership, managerial quality and financial skills to run a fashion retail store.
  • Must have 1000-1500 square feet area for the store.
  • The franchisor should be dedicated toward the company and must follow the guidelines and maintain the brand’s standard.
  • The proprietor must go through the required training program conducted by the H&M.

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Space Required for H&M Franchise:

Space and area of any store is very important to develop a business. If you want to start H&M outlet in your city then you must have 1000-1500 square feet area where you have to make products display area, trial room, billing counter. The area should be in the prime location of your city.

H&M franchise cost

How much does H&M Franchise cost ?

H&M managed its outlet itself; there is no franchise model or system offered by the company except few regions. It is actually difficult to tell you exact investment and how much does H&M franchise cost? The cost depends upon the size of the store, area, location. A store in shopping mall can cost approx. $1 million or more than that. If you want to start is in India then you have to invest 50 Lakh -1 crore INR for 1000 square feet for the store. In this investment the store setup, furniture, IT support and online platforms, AC, CCTV surveillance, initial stocks are included.

Profits & margin of H&M Franchise

The profit margin of H&M store or some other franchise might depend upon few factors like-city, normal customer’s engagement at the store, and area and location. In present time there is huge growth in the fashion and garment industry.

In H&M the cost of the products are in premium range, the investment is moderate, varieties of options, Global presence, best promotion and marketing technique and excellent customer service gain a good profit margin.

The franchise system is based on the profit sharing and commission with 96% going to the franchise and 4% going to the company on total sale. The return on investment is 1 year from the opening of the store.

Franchise Support by H&M

H&M is an International brand known for its quality products and fashion sense. H&M is very supportive for its business associates and partners. Following are some vital support provided by H&M to its franchise-

  • The company helps in selection of the location and analyses the site for new outlet.
  • It helps to make a standard layout for the store.
  • The company provides centralize billing system and helps in install the required software in the PC of the store and provides other IT supports.
  • The company always brings innovations in their products and sends those products to their stores as soon as possible.
  • H&M helps in quality checking and inventory management of its stores.
  • The company provides management and staffs training often to run the business smoothly and maintain the company standard.
  • The company takes care of its entire marketing and promotional work globally.
  • The concern team will schedule online and offline meetings with its business partners and associates to know the update of the business.
  • The company helps in all types of promotional activities on pre and during the new launch of the store as per the location.

How to apply for the H&M Franchise ?

H&M does not focus on franchise so; it is quite difficult to take franchise in India. There are some regions where they collaborate with some investors and run the business with them as franchise partner. If you visit the official site of H&M you can see there is no specific option to apply for the franchise.

But you can contact to the concern team to give your business proposal. You can draft a mail where you have to mention your business idea, and explain the business opportunity and market survey report in the mail. After completion of the main you have to attach some required documents then send the mail to following mail ID’s. If your proposal is accepted by the company then the H&M team will contact you.

Corporate Governance

Henrik Lundin

+46 8 796 55 00

Investor Relations

Nils Vinge

+46 8 796 55 00

Product Regulatory Compliance

Contact for authorities

[NOTE- Here you are applying for some business opportunity as a business partner or other form of collaboration. It is not a complete franchise model that you are applying for]

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H&M Franchise Contact Details:

If you want to know about H&M Franchise cost in India or you have any query related this franchise then you may contact to the company via given details as I’ve mentioned below:


H&M Group

Head Office
H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB
Mäster Samuelsgatan 46A
SE -106 38 Stockholm

Switchboard: +46 8 796 55 00
Fax: +46 8 20 99 19

Communications Director
Andreas Eriksson
+46 8 796 55 00

Corporate Governance
Henrik Lundin
+46 8 796 55 00

Investor Relations
Nils Vinge
+46 8 796 55 00

Product Regulatory Compliance
Contact for authorities


H&M is a well-established and successful company with a global presence. The company has a strong brand image and has managed to stay relevant in the ever-changing fashion industry. Despite facing challenges such as declining sales and criticism of labor practices, H&M has shown resilience and taken steps to address these issues.

Overall, H&M remains a popular and trusted fashion brand, and you can search business opportunities by becoming business partner.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question):

Q. Is H&M provides franchise ?

Ans: No, H&M does not provide franchise. All H&M stores are owned and operated by the company itself, but in certain region it provides franchise. The company expands its business normally in country level and has full control on the outlets. H&M can give an opportunity to any investor if he has an outstanding business proposal.

Q. Can I open a H&M store as a franchisee ?

Ans: No, H&M does not offer franchise opportunities. The company owns and operates all H&M stores.

Q. How much investment is required to open H&M outlet in India ?

Ans: The initial investment is required to start H&M franchise is 50 lakh -2 crore.

Q. Is H&M franchise profitable ?

Ans: Of course it is a leading brand and has global recognition. It is growing its business every year and the franchisee gain a handsome profit.

Q. How can I become a supplier for H&M ?

Ans: You can visit the H&M Group website and fill out the supplier registration form. The company will then review your application and contact you if there are any opportunities for collaboration.

Q. Is there any career opportunity in H&M except franchising ?

Ans: Except franchise option for a career the company often hire fashion designer, sales people, sales consultant, assistants, visual display person and store managers. These positions are very good for the career.

Q. What are the 8 type brands of H&M ?

Ans: There are 8 brands are included in H&M groups, they are- H&M, COS, Monki, Weekday, & Other stories, Cheap Monday, H&M Home and ARKET.

Q. Can I sell H&M products in my own store ?

Ans: No, you cannot sell H&M products in your own store unless you are an authorized H&M retailer. H&M only sells its products through its own stores and website.

Q. How can I contact H&M about franchise opportunities ?

Ans: Since H&M does not offer franchise opportunities, there is no contact information specifically for franchising inquiries. However, you can contact H&M’s customer service team for general inquiries or visit their website for more information.

Q. Does H&M provide training and support for its suppliers ?

Ans: Yes, H&M provides training and support for its suppliers to help them meet the company’s standards for ethical and sustainable production.

Q. Does H&M offer any other opportunities for collaboration ?

Ans: Yes, H&M works with various partners and organizations on sustainability initiatives, social responsibility programs, and other projects. You can visit the H&M Group website for more information on their collaborations and partnerships.

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