How to take Burger King Franchise in India ?

Burger King Franchise in India: A Complete Guide to Opening Your Own Restaurant:

In India nowadays people go to the outlet and spend some quality time with their loved ones. Day by day the demand and craze of fast food brands are increasing and it is a very good market for fast food business too. If you are a fast-food lover and want to start your new business in this field then I must say it is a very good idea.

Do you want to invest in any multinational fast food brand in India? If yes then we have come with a fast-food franchise blog for investors. Here we are going to discuss for the fastest growing, popular and top class burger company “Burger King”. In this blog we are providing all information like history, model, advantages of investing in Burger King, requirements, Burger King Franchise cost in India, profit and applying process. Read the blog to know the details.

Burger king franchise cost

About Company History & details:

Burger King is a US based global fast food chain established in 1954 by David Edgerton and James McLamore. Burger King’s globally recognized brand name, also known as the Home of the Whopper, was founded in the United States in 1954 and is owned by Burger King Corporation, a subsidiary of Restaurant Brands International Inc. Apart from Burger King, Restaurant Brands International Inc. holds a portfolio of fast-food brands recognized worldwide, including Popeyes and Tim Hortons.

Burger King Franchise has presently more than 20,000 Outlets all over the world in 100+ Nations. Burger King has 300+ Outlets in India. The company has prepared plans to open more stores in India toward in this year-end.

The fast development of Burger King in India is because of many factors like its low operational expenses, good business environment, and high market and customer demand. The company has revealed a yearly growth rate of 25% in India alone from t four years. It shows that there is solid potential for Burger King to continue in India.

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Burger King’s Entry into India:

Burger King, the second-largest fast food burger brand in the world, entered the Indian market in 2014 under the master franchisee arrangement of Restaurant Brands Asia Limited, which was formerly known as Burger King India Limited. As the master franchisee of the Burger King brand in India, the company has exclusive rights to develop, establish, operate, and franchise Burger King-branded restaurants in India.

The company’s customer proposition focuses on value leadership, offering a wide range of innovative new food offerings catering to the local Indian palate, and a variety of vegetarian meal options. The master franchisee arrangement provides the company with the flexibility to tailor its menu, promotions, and pricing to Indian tastes and preferences, making it one of the fastest-growing international QSR chains in India based on the number of restaurants.

Since opening its first restaurant in 2014, the company has used a well-defined restaurant rollout and development process to grow quickly, consistently, and efficiently into a pan-India QSR chain. As of June 30, 2019, Burger King India had 202 restaurants, including seven sub-franchised Burger King restaurants across 16 states and union territories and 47 cities across India.

But currently the company is not providing franchise. But you can send an email regarding franchise to the company.

Indian Fast Food Market:

India has a rapidly growing fast food industry, with a wide range of domestic and international brands operating in the market. The popularity of fast food in India can be attributed to several factors, including a growing young population with changing lifestyles and increased disposable income.

However, the Indian fast food market is unique and presents its own challenges for international brands looking to expand their presence. For example, Indian consumers have different taste preferences, dietary restrictions, and cultural values that need to be considered when developing a menu.

burger king franchise menu

Advantages of Investing in Burger King Franchise:

Burger King is a leading fast food US brand and very popular in India. Let’s see its advantages to choose Burger King Franchise, they are as follows-

  • Worldwide Presence

Burger King has various outlets presence across many countries. It has a high brand value and it shows its brand presence to its customers.

  • Proper way of development

The franchise development is driven by a proper restaurant program, where the company has designated Master Franchise for different countries that provide sub franchisees. Master Franchise handles and manages franchise expansion.

  • Promotional activities

The company has been consistently and broadly working on marketing to promote its items and outlets to its customers. It helps the franchise with building a strong experience for its customers.

  • Operational support

Its operational process is designed to convey top class fast food restaurant operations to develop friendly ambiance, neatness, service speed and overall customer satisfaction.

  • Product improvement and innovation

Burger King has a solid product and culinary improvement team that permits the franchise to develop new menus regularly and convey the right product in every country. It also checks which product is suitable for that particular country. Development of new products can attract customers and enhance quality of food and client base.

  • Best in production, supply and distribution:

The company offers top class production, supply, and distribution to its franchise partners. It has a strong supply chain process. Burger King is very strict about their policies and process and always provides the best food to their customers.

  • Trusted client base:

A well known, leading brand with huge numbers of clients in every corner in India is a wonderful thing for any business. You need not bother about the client because Burger King is the serving for years in the different countries and in India too. In India the clients go and enjoy the tasty food in throughout the year.

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Burger King Franchise Model:

  • Master Franchise     

In India any company, individual or group can get Master Franchise. In this franchise model the franchise partner is directly linked through the Burger King Company. IT has the capability to join many other individuals as a sub franchise proprietor. The Master Franchise has to fulfill all required criteria to run the Burger King in India and provides sub franchise offer. In India the master franchisee arrangement of Restaurant Brands Asia Limited, which was formerly known as Burger King India Limited.

  • Sub Franchise                            

Under any Master Franchise there are Sub Franchises present in India. The Sub franchisees are controlled by the Master Franchise of Burger King. The sub franchise should fulfill all the requirements and eligibility to run an outlet. In India Sub Franchise model is very common and popular. It also generates good revenue every month.

Eligibility for a Burger King Franchise:

If you want to be a proprietor and enjoy the ownership then you must have eligibility. The criteria are as follows-

  • You must have 2 years of experience in any restaurant business.
  • You should have verbal and written communication skill with customers and others.
  • You should have capability to understand the choice of the customer and how they will satisfy.
  • Must know the Burger King India’s operations and process.
  • The outlet dine in capacity should be 100 seats.
  • Parking space should be at least 20 vehicles.
  • The outlet should be in prime location and preferable 1 km within any shopping mall or busy location.

Requirements for a Burger King Franchise:

If you want to set-up an outlet in India you required following documents along with fund and space for outlet-

  • Capable to invest 1-2.5 crore rupees for Burger King Franchise in India.
  • Business Registration – sole proprietorship/LLP/Private Limited
  • FSSAI license
  • Trade license from the local municipality
  • Shop and Establishment Registration
  • GST Registration
  • NOC from the local fire department
  • Eat House License from the city police commissioner
  • Certificate of Environmental Clearance from MOEF
  • Signage license from Municipality

Space Required for the Burger King Franchise:

To open a Burger King outlet you have any commercial space about 2000-3000sqft. area. The area must match all the Burger King’s guidelines. If you do not own the place then you can take commercial lease.  Burger King has categorized the area in three main segments-

  • Institutional area like metro station, airports, sports clubs etc.
  • Commercial areas like food courts, shopping mall, multiplex etc.
  • Non-conventional areas like petrol pumps, high footfall location.
  • Franchise Training Support by Burger King
  • In this segment you get the details of training support provided by the Burger King. Come on look at the supports those are given below-
  • You should properly complete the franchiser’s training program prior to working a Burger King Franchise.
  • The company will inform you about the training program’s schedule and duration. The training will schedule in various restaurants that have been assigned as training workshops.
  • Individual proprietors/administrators or managing directors will get required management training to manage their staffs and execute existing activities and methods to enhance development.
  • Burger King Company offers supervisors, manager’s workshops and in-service training consistently, which includes administration courses and operational, functional skills to give better food quality and service to clients.
  • Burger King Company will help the franchise in pre-outlet opening marketing and procedure. They are always ready to help for running the business successfully.

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Burger King Franchise Cost in India:

Burger King is a leading US fast food brand and in India it is equally popular. If anyone wants to be a franchise partner then he must have capability to invest a heavy amount. Here we are providing the approximate investment cost of Burger King Franchise in India. Company does not reveal the actual cost so you have to discuss with the franchise team.

The investment of an outlet is 1-2.5 crore rupees and it depends upon the location and city of the outlet. In this investment store construction, rent, maintenance, staffs salary, machines, operation cost, interiors decorations and all are included. Franchisees are also required to pay ongoing fees and royalties to Burger King India, which include a monthly royalty fee of 4.5% of total monthly sales and 4% monthly charge for advertisement and promotions.

The above information regarding Burger King Franchise cost in India may vary depending on the location and many things. So, before starting a Burger King  franchise, we always recommend to contact to the company to get accurate and detailed information about the franchise cost and the investment.

Burger King Franchise Profits & Margin:

The profit is depends upon the place, area and sales. Different locations have different sales structure. Here we are going to provide you an approximate data. If any outlet generates total amount of rupees 6 lakh/ month then after all expenses an outlet has 16-20 % profit of total sales every month. Initially the profit margin is less but after some time and good promotional activities the sales will increase.

Burger King Franchise Training & Support: 

  • Site selection: Burger King provides support in selecting the right location for the franchise based on factors such as footfall, visibility, and accessibility.
  • Supply chain management: Burger King has a well-established supply chain network, which helps ensure the availability of quality raw materials and supplies for the franchise.
  • Technical support: Burger King provides ongoing technical support to help franchise partners with the maintenance and repair of equipment and POS systems.
  • Business development support: Burger King provides regular business development support to franchise partners, including financial and operational guidance to help them grow and expand their business.

Points to keep in Mind before opening Burger King Franchise In India:

  • If you want to open a Burger King Franchise in India, then few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll be operating in a highly competitive fast food industry, with many established brands already present, such as McDonald’s, Subway, KFC and Domino’s Pizza.
  • Location is the major factor so make sure the area you are choosing that is easily assessable with high footfall.
  • There may also be challenges in sourcing quality ingredients and managing distribution due to the still-developing infrastructure for supply chain management in India.
  • In franchisee model you have to run the outlet as per the terms and conditions of the company, you cannot add anything yourself.
  • The investment required to open a Burger King franchise in India can be costly. The franchisee will need to invest in space, equipment and marketing to establish the brand in the market.

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How to apply for the Burger King Franchise ?

If you want to get Burger King Franchise in India then you have to follow some steps which is given below –

Step 1- Go to the official website of Burger King and then click on the “Apply Now ” button or click on this franchise link.

Step 2- An online application form is opened, duly fill-up the form and you need to provide some necessary documents.

Step 3- You need to provide financial stability and proven business experience. You need to provide personal and business references.

Step 4- You have to pay an application fee and have to go through a verification process and background check. During this process you have to submit all required documents scan copy.

Step 5- If your application is accepted by the team then you will be contacted by the Burger King Franchise team for an interview. They will guide you for next process.

burger king franchise form

But unfortunately, according to the official website of Burger King India, currently they do not offer any franchising opportunities. However, if you have any query related Burger King Franchise in India you can drop a mail to the company immediately.

If you are interested to take Burger King Franchise and also have proper retail space in prime location, then contact the company directly. However, if you are interested in franchising in the food and beverage industry in India, then there are many other brands that offer franchising opportunities.

Burger King Franchise Contact Details:

If you want to take Burger King Franchise in India and have any query then you may contact to the company by the given details as I’ve mentioned below:

Restaurant Brands Asia Limited (Formerly Known as Burger King India Ltd):

Office no 1003 to 1007, B Wing, 10th Floor, Mittal Commercia, Asan Pada Road, Chimatpada, Marol, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400059

Website US-

Website India:

Email ID-


If you are planning to open a Burger King Franchise in India, there are a couple of things to remember. The expense of set-up a Burger King Franchise in India is considerably higher than other countries, but the profit potential compensates for it.

Indian customers have different food habits and choices than other country’s food. You have to adjust your menu and promotional techniques to match local food choices and also understand the choices of the customers.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question):

Q. What are the eligibility criteria to take Burger King franchise in India?

Ans: Burger King has a some selection process for choosing franchisees. Applicants are evaluated based on their financial stability, experience in the restaurant industry, and overall business acumen.

Q. Which company is running Burger King Franchise in India ?

Ans: Burger King, the second-largest fast food burger brand in the world, entered the Indian market in 2014 under the master franchisee arrangement of Restaurant Brands Asia Limited, which was formerly known as Burger King India Limited.

Q. Is burger king providing franchise in India ?

Ans: According to the official website of Burger King India, currently they do not offer any franchising opportunities.

Q. What is the Burger King Franchise Cost in India?

Ans: If you want to open a Burger King Franchise in India the you need estimated investment cost ranges from 1.5 to 3 crores, depending on the location and size of the restaurant.

Q. Is Burger King Franchise profitable in India ?

Ans: Starting a Burger King franchise in India can be a challenging but potentially rewarding venture. Burger King not only offers delicious, yummy burger, it also provides strong profitable franchise opportunity to investors. It has a global brand value with specializes in Burger. So, it is a very strong point to attract the customer to Burger King outlet. So, you can say it is profitable.

Q. What kind of support and training does Burger King provide to its franchisees?

Ans: Burger King provides comprehensive training and ongoing support to its franchisees. This includes assistance with site selection, marketing and advertising, staff training, and operations management.

Q. What is the expected ROI for a Burger King franchise?

Ans: The expected return on investment for a Burger King franchise can vary depending on several factors, including the location, market demand, and operating costs. Exact figure is not disclosed in the internet or its official website. Generally, franchisees can expect a return on investment within 2 to 3 years.

Q. What is the minimum area required to open a Burger King franchise?

Ans: The minimum area required to open a Burger King franchise in India is 1200 sqft.

Q. How much royalty do I need to pay to Burger King as a franchisee?

Ans: The franchisee is required to pay a royalty fee of 4.5% of gross sales to Burger King.

Q. Can I own multiple Burger King franchises in different locations?

Ans: Yes, franchisees can own multiple Burger King franchises in different locations, subject to approval by Burger King.

Q. What is the process for taking a Burger King franchise in India?

Ans: The process for taking a Burger King franchise in India involves submitting an application to the company, attending an interview with the franchise team, and signing a franchise agreement. Once the agreement is signed, the franchisee will receive training and support from Burger King to set up and operate their restaurant.

Q. How long does it take to open a Burger King franchise?

Ans: The time it takes to open a Burger King franchise can vary depending on the location, local regulations, and construction timeline. Typically, it takes 6 to 12 months to open a new restaurant.


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