How to take Tata 1mg Franchise ?

Tata 1mg Franchise- Eligibility, Requirements, Cost, Profit and Applying Process:

Since no industry suffered significant losses as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic but the pharmaceutical industry, this makes the pharmacy business an evergreen one. The pharmaceutical sector has undergone a change due to digital healthcare platforms. The world has become aware of the value and advantages of e-pharmacy services in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic outbreak.

E-pharmacy is not simply a business in India, where there are more than 1.4 billion people, but also a necessity. People from both medical and non-medical backgrounds who want to launch a business with little capital can take advantage of the Tata 1mg Sehat Ke Sathi program. The Tata 1mg franchise is an excellent choice for you if you want to invest your time and money and be a part of this industry.

tata 1mg franchise sehat ke sathi

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 Through the Sehat Ke Sathi affiliate scheme, you can distribute and advertise Tata 1mg’s medications and other products in the territory that has been assigned to you. So, today we’re going to talk about the Tata 1mg franchise and what the investment, profit, documents needed, and how to apply for a franchise will be. I can thus guarantee with certainty that you can apply for the Tata 1mg Franchise after reading this post.

And recently Tata company acquire the e pharmacy company 1mg. So, I think this is the best option to connect with such a big company. So, in this article you get deep knowledge about all the information about Tata 1mg franchise.

Tata 1mg Franchise Overview:

1mg is an online pharmaceutical startup started in 2015 by Prashant Tandon, Gaurav Agarwal, and Vikas Chauhan, was renamed Tata 1mg when Tata Digital bought a major portion of the company. Tata 1mg offers teleconsultations, lab test reservations, online delivery of medications and healthcare items, among other services. 1mg’s valuation improved after partnering with Tata, and this investment helped Tata Digital increase its market share in the e-pharmacy industry. Tata 1mg thus has a promising future in the e-pharmacy industry.

Tata 1mg Franchise details:

TypePrivately Held
IndustryE pharmacy
HeadquartersGurgaon, Haryana
OwnerTata Group
Technology, Product, Analytics, Healthcare, Medical, Operations, Marketing, and ePharmacy

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What is Tata 1mg Sehat ke Sathi Program ?

The Tata 1mg organisation launched this affiliate scheme to broaden its consumer base. Tata 1mg welcomes people to join their affiliate partnership programme. These affiliate partners will be given a certain region, and it will be their job to market to and provide customers in that region with Tata 1mg medications, healthcare goods, and online doctor consultancy service.

Based on the quantity of clients, the number of medications distributed, and the number of orders placed by the consumers through them, the affiliate partners will be qualified to receive Tata 1mg franchise commission. Through this campaign, Tata 1mg hopes to raise awareness of their digital healthcare platform and grow their customer base.

If you want to join with Tata 1mg then let me clear you one thing that, it is not like any franchise actually they are running an affiliate program or you can say referral program ‘Sehat Ke Sathi‘.

Currently there are more than 100 Saathi’s (LGVs) working with Tata 1mg already and earning a good amount on a monthly basis.

How to get Tata 1mg Franchise ?

You must complete an online application form on the Tata 1mg website in order to join the ‘Sehat Ke Sathi’ programme and become an associate partner of the company. Your basic information as well as other facts, including the address of the commercial space, prior professional experience, etc., are requested on the form. Examining your application’s details and determining your eligibility requirements takes around a week or two. You will be notified through email to both your email address and cellphone number if your application is accepted. After that, additional steps must be taken and paperwork must be completed in order to receive the final status of affiliate partner for Sehat Ke Sathi.

Benefits Of Tata 1mg franchise:

tata 1mg franchise sehat ke sathi

  • A good chance to start your own business while spending less money.
  • You will receive marketing and technology assistance.
  • Earn for each order you deliver.
  • Instruction and advice to expand your business
  • Work with Tata 1mg, the top digital healthcare platform in India
  • The ability to maintain the health and happiness of your community is most vital.

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Tata 1mg Franchise eligibility criteria:

  • Any person can take this franchise, there is no any particular degree requirement.
  • Make sure you can generate sales for Tata 1mg in your area.
  • There is not any need to have a shop but if you have shop more n more people visit you shop after seeing the Tata 1mg board.
  • You have to pay onboarding fees of ₹15,000 + GST (non-refundable).


  • If Tata 1mg don’t find the orders of a minimum of Rs. 1,00,000 within 3 months then your coupon codes will be deactivated.( Good amount business should be more than Rs. 1,00,000 per month)
  • But initially not compulsory to do that much of sale if you are working properly then company will support you.
  • Company don’t open offline or physical pharmacy stores or any kind of logistic partnership.

Tata 1mg Franchise Model:

It functions much like any other online platform for healthcare. Affiliate companies for Sehat Ke Sathi reach more customers. People in some parts of India are still unaware of the availability of internet medical services. The Tata 1mg franchise model connects the client and the vendor, and Tata 1mg has partnerships with licensed medical vendors around the country.

tata 1mg franchise sehat ke sathi

As a result, this model is raising people’s awareness of and thus improving their trust in online healthcare providers. The Tata 1mg franchise’s primary source of income is the online delivery of medications, but it also makes money by selling medical products, healthcare items, online consultation services, lab testing services, etc. To identify the affiliate partners in your cities, you can search the “Tata 1mg franchise near me” search option on their mobile phone browsers.

Tata 1mg Franchise Cost:

If you want to take the Tata 1mg franchise then you have to invest minimum of 20,000 in which you have to pay franchise fee to the company and some stationary item required. And some of the expenses to run this franchise I’ve mentioned below:

  • Franchise Fee: 15,000 + gst(non-refundable).
  • Stationary Item: You will need some stationary about Rs 2000 to 3000
  • Laptop/Phone: you can use a laptop or phone to book a order for your customers which may cost Rs 15,000 – Rs 20,000.

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Documents Required:

Following are the documents required in case if the vendor is a company.

  1. Certificate of Incorporation.
  2. PAN card.
  3. GST No.
  4. Details of authorized signatory along with Board Resolution.
  5. Cancelled cheque
  6. Shop and establishment license.

In case if the vendor running its business in the form of Partnership firm:

  1. Copy of Partnership Deed
  2. Details of authorized signatory
  3. PAN card
  4. Cancelled cheque
  5. GST No.

And in case of individual:

  1. PAN
  2. Cancel Cheque
  3. Adhar card.
  4. Photograph, Email ID, Phone Number

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What does a Tata 1mg Sehat Ke Sathi do ?

  • Reach potential clients and promote the information about Tata 1mg.
  • Describe the services provided by Tata 1mg, including the prescription drugs, health items, diagnostics, and medical consultations.
  • Assist consumers with placing purchases, where necessary.
  • Keep in touch and get involved for future needs.

Tata 1mg Franchise Profits Margin:

The sales of each good or service will result in commission payments to the affiliate partners of Tata 1mg Sehat Ke Sathi. The number of consumers that the affiliate partners bring in determines the profit margin for the Tata 1mg franchise. It is highly related with the volume and cash amount of orders placed for Tata 1mg’s goods and services.

For those who wish to launch a business with a small investment and generate income quickly, this enterprise is a great option. Depending on the volume and value of purchases placed by consumers in the territory granted to them, the franchise cost of 15,000 + GST can be readily recovered in one or two months. As a partner, your sole objective is to refer patients to On each referral, you’ll earn a good amount of money as I’ve mentioned below :

1. % commission as :
Monthly Delivered Sales (INR)% of Lead fees on pharmacy services% of Lead fees on diagnostic services
Up to INR 5 lakh6% of the delivered order value10% of the delivered order value
Above INR 5 lakh – up to INR 50 Lakh8% of the delivered order value12% of the delivered order value
Above 50 Lakh10% of the delivered order value15% of the delivered order value

2. Special offers and discounts for your set of customers :

  • 15% savings on Rx meds  (Up to 15% off on the Maximum Retail Price-and minimum order value should be Rs 500 or above, delivery and other charges as per Website.)
  • 20% savings on lab tests  (20% off  on Lab tests)

3. You’ll get a unique coupon code which will give access to a dashboard to download the report of the users coming to 1mg using their coupon codes;

  1. Dedicated key account manager on a WhatsApp group who will solve your queries;
  2. They will provide marketing support.

Note: You can also check you commission earning by visiting its official website by putting some data as shown in the image below:

tata 1mg franchise sehat ke sathi

Payout Process:

  • You shall on the basis of the Completed Order reconciled each month-end shall raise an invoice for every month by 15th of next month charging the Commission payable by Company. The company will also raise the PO as per your invoice.
  • And You have to sign a hard copy of both invoice & PO & has to share a hard copy with Tata 1mg.
  • Please get your agreement and documents processes clear with 1mg so that there is no problem with your payout.

Company support to Tata 1mg franchise:

If you are approved as a Tata 1mg Sehat Ke Sathi health partner, you will get the following support from the company:

  • 500 visiting cards
  • One Tata 1mg display board or glow-shine board & standee’s for promoting Tata 1mg
  • 1 Blood Pressure (BP) checking machine
  • 1 Blood Sugar Test machines(Glucometer)
  • Training for the tasks to be performed and spread awareness about Tata 1mg online healthcare platform.
  • Health camps in the area allotted to you.

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How to apply for the Tata 1mg Franchise?

All Indians will be able to afford, understand, and access healthcare due to Tata 1mg. They encourage local business owners to collaborate with Tata 1mg to increase awareness about our services and value proposition to a wider audience and make it simple for them to use our services. In order to help millions of families maintain their health, they already collaborate with over 600 Health Partners. Start working toward improving the community in a significant way and earning respectable rewards for it. To apply for the Tata 1mg franchise, you have to follow some steps which is given below:

tata 1mg franchise sehat ke sathi

  • After landing on this page, you can click on apply here button also or you can scroll here to see this option as shown in the above image.
  • Now click on the ‘Click Here to sign up’ to become Tata 1mg Affiliate Partner.
  • Now a new window open in which you have to fill all the required details.
  • Fill the form successfully.
  • Tata 1mg team will take ~7-14 days to respond, if your application is selected for further discussions and processing.
  • There will be a one-time non-refundable sign up fee of Rs. 15,000 + GST, towards onboarding and initial marketing fees.

Important Points for Tata 1mg Program for Health Partners:

  • The Health Partners shall not at any time represent to any third party that the scope of its affiliation with Tata 1mg is greater than that mentioned here.
  • No modifications to the Tata 1mg products, services, or offerings may be made in any way by Health Partners.
  • Without their express permission, Health Partners shall not make unsolicited offers or advances to new clients.
  • Health Partner will be held directly liable for any deception made to customers as well as for any resulting fines and liabilities.
  • Health Partners shall not store, retain, share or use such information for any other purpose.

Tata 1mg Franchise Review:

If you will take Tata 1mg Sehat Ke Sathi Franchise then you have to only place order for customers. You can serve many services including the prescription drugs, health items, diagnostics, and medical consultations. You can join this affiliate program by investing less money and the company also provide good commission on every order. You can generate a good amount of money by working as a part time.

So, if you place 300 orders a month on Tata 1mg portal of average Rs 1000 then you can earn more than 15,000 per month. So, if you are eligible to place 300 + order in a month then you can expect more profit from this franchise. It is overall good franchise but according to me there should be some refundable franchise fee and the commission should high on order above 5000. Please share you view also in the comment section about this franchise.


More e-pharmacy Franchise like Tata 1mg Franchise:

There is also some e-pharmacy franchise like Tata 1mg available in India which is given below:

Tata 1mg Franchise Contact Number:

If you have any query related Tata 1mg franchise Sehat Ke Sathi then you may contact via given information as I’ve mentioned below:

Registered Address:

Level 3, Vasant Square Mall, Pocket V, Sector B, Vasant Kunj New Delhi South Delhi DL 110070.

Corporate Address:

5th Floor Tower – B of The Presidency Building, 46/4 Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, Sector 14, Gurugram, Haryana-122001, India.

Mail Id:



In the Indian economy, e-pharmacy is a rapidly growing industry. You may join this developing industry by joining the Tata 1mg franchise as a health partner. With the help of the Tata 1mg Sehat Ke Sathi programme, you have the chance to begin working in the pharmaceutical industry and earning money. You can consistently earn larger monthly commissions if you put in the effort, have the knowledge, and are ready to help others. The additional incentives offered to Tata 1mg franchise partners include the health fairs and marketing initiatives that are conducted in your area.

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F.A.Q(Frequently asked question):

Q. Is 1mg and Tata 1mg same ?

Ans: A digital healthcare startup with the moniker 1mg is now renamed as Tata 1mg as a result of Tata Digital investing in the majority of its shares.

Q. How to get Tata 1mg Franchise ?

Ans: To get the Tata 1mg Franchise you have to apply online by visiting its official website. Click Here.

Q. Is Tata 1mg franchise profitable ?

Ans: If you have a good base of customer then it is profitable.

Q. What is the Tata 1mg franchise price ?

Ans: If you want to join with Tata 1mg Sehat ke Sathi program then you have to pay a onboarding fees of ₹15,000 + GST (non-refundable)

Q. Franchise fee is refundable or not?

Ans: No

Q. Is Drug License is required to take Tata 1mg franchise ?

Ans: Currently not required, but further it may be.

Q. What is the Tata 1mg franchise cost ?

Ans: Franchise Fee: 15,000 + gst(non-refundable).

Q. What is Tata 1mg franchise profits margin ?

Ans: The sales of each good or service will result in commission payments to the affiliate partners of Tata 1mg Sehat Ke Sathi. The number of consumers that the affiliate partners bring in determines the profit margin for the Tata 1mg franchise. The profits margin varies from 6% to 10% depending on the product.

Q. What are the service provided by the Tata 1mg Franchise ?

Ans: The services provided by Tata 1mg, including the prescription drugs, health items, diagnostics, and medical consultations.

Q. What is the Tata 1mg franchise contact number ?

Ans: If you have any query related Tata 1mg franchise Sehat Ke Sathi then you may contact via given information as I’ve mentioned below:

  • Registered Address: Level 3, Vasant Square Mall, Pocket V, Sector B, Vasant Kunj New Delhi South Delhi DL 110070.
  • Mail Id:
  • Website: 


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