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How to start Fly Ash Brick Making Business ?

Fly Ash Brick Making Business- Requirements, Cost, Earning, Machine Required

Fly ash is a fine, glass‐like powder recuperated from gases made by coal‐fired electric power generator. Fly ash is a helpful by‐product from thermal power stations using crushed coal as a fuel and has considerable pozzolanic movement.

This public asset can be gainfully utilized for production of fly ash‐lime blocks as a supplement to common burnt earth building blocks prompting protection of normal resources and improvement in ecological quality. Fly ash‐lime bricks are gotten from materials consisting of fly ash in major quantity, lime and an accelerator acting as an impetus.

Fly ash Brick making business/ Fly ash Brick manufacturing business

Fly ash‐lime blocks are the most part produced by inter‐grinding or mixing different unrefined substances which are then shaped into blocks and exposed to relieving cycles at various temperatures and tensions. On events, as and when required, squashed base debris or sand is additionally utilized in the structure of the unrefined substance. Squashed base debris or sand is utilized in the piece as a coarser material to control water retention in the last item. Fly debris responds with lime in presence of dampness to frame a calcium silicate hydrate which is the fastener material. Subsequently fly ash‐lime block is a chemically bonded block.

These blocks are reasonable for use in brick work development very much like normal consumed earth
blocks. Creation of fly ash‐lime building blocks has proactively begun in the country and it is expected that this standard would support its creation and use on mass scale. This standard sets out the fundamental prerequisites of fly ash‐lime blocks to accomplish consistency in the assembling of such blocks.

Fly Ash Bricks Properties:

  • The bricks look good: the cement color is uniform and smooth, and they don’t need to be plastered for building work.
  • Thermal Conductivity: They don’t let heat in and reflect much light.
  • Sound Insulation: It does an excellent job of blocking out sound.
  • Resistance to Fire and Pests: They can handle fire well, and pest attacks don’t bother them.
  • Durability and Moisture Content: These blocks last a long time, and they only absorb 6–12% of the water they come in contact with. This makes the walls less humid.

Environmental Effect:

  • Fly ash utilization reduces the requirements of clay, sand, lime stone in cement manufacturing and hence conserve natural resources.
  • Its utilization reduces the cement requirement and hence carbon‐dioxide liberation during cement manufacturing is reduced.
  • Its utilization reduces the top soil requirement for land filling / brick manufacturing and saves agricultural land.
  • Fly ash utilization achieves increased strength of the finished concrete product without increasing the cement content.

Advantages of using Fly Ash Brick:

  • Improved work-ability
  • Reduced permeability
  • Reduced heat of hydration
  • High sulphate resistance
  • Increased long term strength
  • High chloride corrosion resistance
  • Grater resistance to alkali reactivity
  • Better concrete finish Reduced shrinkage
  • Improved work-ability

Uses Of Fly Ash Bricks:

  • Fly ash bricks are usually used to make load-bearing exterior walls for small and medium-sized buildings.
  • On internal walls of structures that hold weight.
  • Bricks made from fly ash can be used in buildings.
  • Brick is used for the outside or inside walls of high-rise buildings that have to hold a lot of weight.
  • Fly ash bricks can be used instead of burnt clay bricks, one of the essential building materials for making homes and other buildings. Fly ash building bricks aren’t suitable for any brick masonry work, and they can almost always be replaced by bricks made from burned clay.
  • Bricks made from fly ash are used in factories, high-rise buildings, power plants, warehouses, and structures with more than one floor.

Scope Of Making Fly Ash Bricks As A Business

If you want to make a lot of money by starting a business then making bricks from fly ash would be a great idea. Fly ash bricks are in high demand in the construction industry.

Even fly ash bricks started in a small town or village and have now become famous all over the country. Also, fly ash bricks are a great alternative to red bricks and bricks made of cement. And now the government is also banning red bricks because it is not Eco-friendly, its making process harms the environment so they are promoting fly ash bricks which are completely Eco-friendly.

This means that this business is very stable. You can make more bricks with less work if you have an automatic machine for making fly ash bricks.

Raw Material for fly ash brick manufacturing business:

Fly ash Brick making business/ Fly ash Brick manufacturing business

Fly Ash:
Fly ash forms the major component of the raw min for Fly ash bricks. In this manner it controls generally the properties of the completed item. As the debris is non‐plastic, a cover should be added either plastic earth or Portland concrete. Fly debris content reaches from 60% to 80%.

It is generally desirable to use a high calcium lime of sensible virtue as it is the main constituent which responds with silica and alumina and so forth present in the fly debris to frame the fastener under aqueous circumstances other consumed lime isn’t alluring as it stakes promptly. The particles of lime ought to be sufficiently fine to be completely disseminated and coat the grains of the blend.

This too is an industrial waste. This is available at Fertilizer Plant as in industrial wastes.

Sand / Crusher Dust.
Sand is utilized as an economizer and to build the strength of blocks somewhat. Sand is secured locally. Smasher residue can likewise be effectively utilized instead of sand.


Fly Ash Brick Manufacturing Process:

The Process of manufacture is simple and suitable to start. A mix of Fly Ash, Cement, Gypsum and Sand/Crusher Dust are automatically weigh batched in a batching plant.

Fly ash Brick making business

  • Loading of Raw materials‐ Mini Loader Loads materials into Batching plant.
  • Automatic Batching- The Raw materials are automatically weighed as per the preset weights by means of Load cells and its control circuit. Cement, if it is available in Bulk, thensilo and screw controller is used to auto weight. Otherwise, the batching is programmed as per 1 bag of cement.
  • Mixing ‐ From the batching plant the mixture hopper pulls the materials and then the mix is blended homogeneously and intimately in a semi wet form in a Twin shaft mixture. The Water is automatically added as per time set. The Twin Shaft mixture ensures that a perfect mix is done in shortest possible time.
  • Carrying to Brick machine‐ The mix is carried to the casting machine by means of conveyer belt.
  • Automatic Brick Making‐ there is a series of operations which is achieved by automatic PLC system. Pallet is pulled into the Machine. The mix is then collected fed into the machine moulds. There is a T boggy which uniformly spreads the materials in the moulds. Automatic PLC controlled Vibration and hydraulic pressure is given for a while and bricks are cast on the pallets. The dual application of Pressure and vibration ( in a patent pending micro‐sequence application ) ensures perfect compaction with best quality of bricks.
  • Automatic Stacking‐ The pallets along with the freshly cast bricks are rolled on a roller platform to the pallet stacker. The Pallet stacker stacks the pallets along with the bricks automatically and the
  • Fork lift shifting- The Final stack of 5 to 10 pallets and bricks are lifted with a Fork Lifter and carried to the drying bay/room for 24 Hours for initial setting.
  • Curing‐ Soon after the initial setting, the Blocks/ Bricks are stacked for curing in layers. The layers are stacked in a way to enable water and air to go all around, to ensure proper curing and drying. The curing process is continued for 7 days. The blocks are allowed to normally dry for a day. Now they are ready for dispatch. Alternatively, the blocks/bricks can be steam cured for 8 hours or mist cured for 24 hours immediately after production, and made ready for dispatch immediately.
  • Dispatch‐ the cured bricks can be dispatched to market.

Space Required for Fly Ash Brick Making Business:

The amount of land needed for a business to make bricks from fly ash depends on how many bricks the machine can make per hour. The size will be between 10,000 and 12,000 square feet. The business of making bricks from fly ash needs 15 to 20 workers to make 7,000 to 20,000 bricks in 8 hours.

The machine for making bricks from fly ash comes in different models and can take anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 bricks per hour. The price of a device that makes bricks from fly ash starts at 17 lakh. This business of making bricks from fly ash is a green project that doesn’t pollute. The state government will give you a subsidy to start this business of making bricks out of fly ash. The amount varies from state to state.


To start fly ash brick manufacturing business you have to select such place where the raw material, machine, labor are easily available. The electricity connection will be proper in that place. So, it doesn’t matter from where you are starting this business, but all the facilities as mentioned above should be available.


Fly Ash Bricks manufacturing business License Required:

To start this business it is very necessary to take the some license, because in this industry complete machinery set up is required. An application form can be made to your local authority for a license. From here you will get the license very soon. And there are some documents which is required for the Fly ash bricks making business is given below:

  1. Adhar card, Pan card & address Proof
  2. MSME License
  3. GST Registration
  4. Shop & establishment License
  5. Trade Mark (If Required)
  6. NOC (State Pollution Control Board)


To run the fly ash brick business you have to keep at least 15 to 20 labor to maintain the machine operation and loading & unloading raw materials and to keep the brick carefully to dry after shaping the block

Fly ash Brick making business Cost:

A production cost will be 25-35 lakh is the amount of money the company spends on making bricks.

Raw material Cost

Fly ash is often used instead of cement, and the bricks made from it are lighter and stronger than clay bricks. How the materials are mixed affects both the cost of the raw materials and the strength of the brick.

Labor Cost

A business that makes bricks can be run with contract workers or workers who are paid a fixed monthly amount. To cut it down, you can automatically use machines that make fly ash bricks.

Land Cost

A business that makes bricks needs about a half-acre of land that isn’t close to any homes: some people think that one acre of land is enough to make bricks, store them, and let them dry out. This is because machinery and other tools can be put there.

Machinery Cost

The main cost of making bricks is the cost of the machinery. This cost can be cut if the machine is well taken care of. The Machinery Cost is between 13-25 Lakh.

Fly Ash Brick Manufacturing Business Profit:

Profit in any business depends on supply or more you sell more you earn. There is not a constant profit in any business because the cost of raw material vary time to time. So, we cannot set a exact profit for the Fly ash brick making business. The price of fly ash brick is vary from Rs 5-10/ piece which depends on the location. If your supply of brick is in high amount in a month then you can expect a good profit in your business about 3 lakh to 5 lakh and more.

Monthly expense in Fly ash Brick manufacturing business :

In the fly ash brick making business you have to hire minimum of 10 worker to manage your manufacturing plant. Some expenses are given below:

SlNo.Particulars of expenseAmount (Rs)
1.Salary of worker

a.      Skilled worker
b.      Unskilled labor
c.      Marketing Executive

2.Electricity Bill25,000
3.Advertising + promotion20,000

So, total monthly expenses may be 1,70,000 but it may vary according to plant size and production time.


Marketing is the key to the success of any business. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that the marketing for your business should be good at your location. So, you need to tie up with truck/tractor driver, mason man, builders and some local cement shops. They can increase your sales and you have to stick some posters about your business in their place. And you can use more marketing strategy to grow you business.

Where to buy machine ?

You can buy all the machine which is required to start Fly ash brick manufacturing business from your local manufacturer or from  Manufacturers & Suppliers ( or you can contact on +91 7004114280 (Mahavir Industry) to buy.


If you are new to the business, you must be aware of the business risk which is given below:

  • Must have a proper plan for you business.
  • Know your business, staffs, customers requirement.
  • Making loss because of less demand in your area.
  • Producing stops because of some issue in the machine.
  • Always keep more staff to maintain the manufacturing in case of their absence.
  • Don’t loss hope at bad situation.

Video Related Fly Ash Manufacturing Business:


The best way to make money is to start a brick-making business since bricks are the most-used building material. If you have a sustainable business plan for making bricks, you don’t have to worry about the competition in the market.

All you have to do is make high-quality, durable, and strong bricks. You should already know the primary goal of the business, such as how much money it makes, how much it costs to make, and how big it is.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ):

Q. What is fly ash ?

Ans: Fly ash is a fine, glass‐like powder recuperated from gases made by coal‐fired electric power generator. Fly ash is a helpful by‐product from thermal power stations using crushed coal as a fuel and has considerable pozzolanic movement.

Q. Which machine is required for Fly ash brick making business ?

Ans: For fly ash brick business there is two type machine like fully automatic machine and second is semi automatic(which contain 3 machine like loader, mixture machine and pressing machine).

Q. Fly Ash Brick manufacturing business process ?

Ans: Fly Ash Bricks mainly manufacture in three steps which is given below:

  • Mixing Process:- First, the raw materials are put into the hopper box, which is moved to the pan by a conveyor belt. Cement and water are placed in the pan, and the ingredients are mixed for about five minutes. The pan has a skipper and a roller to mix the raw materials well.
  • Pressing:- After mixing, the raw materials were moved by a conveyor belt to a hopper. The PLC tells the press machine how much raw material to take in. The raw materials are put into molds made of high-quality EN31 material, and the fly ash brick-making machine presses them together. This machine can make bricks from fly ash both automatically and by hand.
  • Curing:- The brick is kept in the chamber for 24 hours after it is pounded. The bricks are then stored for 15 to 18 days, during which they are irrigated twice daily.

Q. Fly Ash Brick making Machine Setup Cost ?

Ans: If you want to setup this business, then you will actually need around 35 lakhs to 50 lakhs. Anyway, it also depends on what area and on what scale you will open.

Q. Is fly ash brick business profitable ?

Ans: Nowadays the government is banning red brick because its manufacturing process is not eco-friendly. It harms our environment and creates more pollution. But fly ash brick is eco-friendly and is made from a by-product of coal. Therefore, the government is promoting the use of fly ash bricks. In future there will be high demand of this business. So, you can consider it as profitable business.

Q. How do I start a fly ash bricks business ?

Ans: If you want to start fly ash brick making business then you have to follow some sequence which is given below:

  • Survey: Prior to beginning this business, most significant you should study about the utilization of fly ash brick in your area and spot of supply. Additionally visit to a fly debris block vender to get some information about this business potential.
  • Consult to the supplier:After review, contact to a fly debris block fabricating business machine provider to arrangement the plant.
  • Select the proper place: After that select a legitimate region where you need to arrangement this business. Be that as it may, area should be out from city, can without much of a stretch accessible unrefined substance and every single essential thing.
  • Infrastructure:after choosing the appropriate space you need to assemble the framework of your production line.
  • Loan Apply: If you need any financial help for this business then you can apply for the loan.
  • Business Setup: After these all arrangement your machine and every one of the expected things in your area. And furthermore recruit a work to do this business.
  • Training: Take a preparation for how to make the fly ash brick and their sorts. Also, the provider will give you preparing and show you every one of the subtleties of this business and the machine.
  • Manufacturing: Start you manufacturing
  • Marketing:You can do your advertising by the assistance of seller and worker for hire visit. Offer some more plan and benefit and power them to sell your item.
  • Selling: Start selling in your location.

Q. How much area is required for Fly ash brick business ?

Ans: The area will be in between 10,000 and 12,000 square feet. The business of making bricks from fly ash needs 15 to 20 workers to make 7,000 to 20,000 bricks in 8 hours.

Q. What is the raw material required for Fly ash brick business ?

Ans: The raw material for fly ash brick making business are given below:

  • Fly ash
  • Lime
  • Gypsum
  • Sand / Crusher Dust

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