How to get Delhivery Courier Franchise ?

Delhivery Courier Franchise- Requirements, Investment, Earnings, Applying Process

Now a days courier and logistics business are in high demand because of most of the people are switching to online shopping to buy any product. So, today we’ll discuss about Delhivery courier Franchise, it is one of the prominent fields which has a good demand in the market with individuals, businesses, corporate world, warehousing, and so on.

Delhivery has been praised for providing comprehensive services among several logistics providers. Express parcel facilities, full truckload, half truckload, and supply chain services all fall under this category. Starting in 2011, this Gurgaon, India-based delivery company now services 135 locations throughout India, delivering between 40 and 50 thousand items per day.

Delhivery Courier Franchise/ Delhivery Franchise

For long-distance shipments, this logistics and supply chain firm needs between four and nine days to transport packages weighing up to ten kilos. This organisation has partnerships with all the leading online marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, Jabong, Healthkart, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. Due to its reliable delivery services, it has gained widespread popularity. Several people have shown profound curiosity in opening their Delhivery franchise.

Have you heard? Delhivery is renowned for its speedy logistical operations and serves 17,000 pin codes throughout India.

Many people strongly urge to launch a logistics supply chain and delivery firm in response to the booming e-commerce industry. Many people have indicated an interest in joining the Delhivery team. How to launch a Delhivery franchise in 2022 is a topic of much discussion.


Delhivery Courier Franchise Company:
TypePrivately Held
IndustryTransportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and Storage
HeadquartersGurgaon, Haryana
  • Sahil Barua
  • Mohit Tandon
  • Bhavesh Manglani
  • Suraj Saharan
  • Kapil Bharat
Omni-channel solutions, Order fulfillment solutions, Reverse Logistics, Payment collection, Express shipping, Logistics Technology, Online Channel Integration, Catalogue Management, Inventory Management, Multi- city fulfillment, Freight, Cross Border Shipping, E commerce Shipping, and End to End Logistics

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Delhivery Courier Franchise Model:

Delhivery Courier Franchise/ Delhivery Franchise

There are four ways to join with the Delhivery Courier company which are given below:

Constellation: Partners capitalize on their local knowledge and autonomously offer express parcel, part-truckload freight and cross-border express and freight services to SME and retail customers in their catchment areas, backed by our full nationwide network, service precision and cost efficiency.

Last Mile Agent: An individual can earn a sustainable income through this program with zero additional investment. All a partner needs is a two-wheeler, valid driving license, and android mobile phone to enroll.

Drop at Store: Our Drop at Store (DAS) program enables small businesses and local retailers to provide pick-up and delivery capacity to the Delhivery network in cities serviced by our express network.

Franchisee: As a courier partner, you will get access to Delhivery’s shipping solutions for consumers. You will be Delhivery’s booking point to cater to the consumers courier needs.

Eligibility Criteria for Delhivery Courier Franchise:

  • Minimum qualification 10th & 12th pass.
  • Should complete the age of 21 years.
  • The applicants should free from any criminal cases.
  • They should have experience of Courier service Business.
  • Must have a proper space for this franchise.

Office Equipment Requirement:

  1. Computer, Printer, scanner, Bar Code Reader.
  2. High Speed Internet connectivity.
  3. Packaging Tape or Shipping label
  4. Electricity or Inverter Facility for continuous electricity.
  5. Interiors as per guideline by Delhivery company.
  6. CCTV camera for security purpose.
  7. Parcel Vehicle

Requirements for setting up the Delhivery Franchise

●      Commercial Space – Area and Dimensions

Delhivery allows for some wiggle room here if the location sees high foot traffic; if it’s a bustling commercial district, the space may be smaller. The retail location must have sufficient storage capacity to hold the shipments. All packages should be kept in a secure place. There can be no theft or rodent damage risk, and it has to be equipped with a scale.

●      Exclusive Training

Franchise partners may get training from Delhivery both online and in-person. Also included will be instructions on how to pack products properly and calculate different expenses. They have undergone rigorous training to address any service-related question adequately.

●      Experience of the Workmen

The only required ability is a comprehensive familiarity with the area where the worker will be employed since they will be required to move about while collecting and delivering products. Making it seem as if the individual in question is well-versed in the surrounding territory is a strategic move since it is usually always to one’s benefit to be familiar with the surrounding location. Aside from that, there is no need for specialized knowledge or experience.

●      Prerequisites for Minimum Personnel

To fulfill the basic minimum standards, you need to hire two employees. Both groups are responsible for ensuring that the process of packaging and delivering the commodities goes smoothly and without any interruptions. The organisation will keep its employees updated on the delivery status of their individual items at regular intervals.

Space Requirement for the Delhivery Courier Franchise:

  • Office: 300 to 500 sq ft.
  • Vehicle parking space : 200 to 500 sq ft
  • Total space : 500 to 1000 sq ft
  • It also depend on you that in which level you are going to open the courier franchise.

Required Documents

  • ID Proof:- Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Voter Card, Driving License
  • Address Proof:- Electricity Bill
  • Photograph, Email ID, Phone No.
  • Bank Account details of firm name
  • Cancel Cheque
  • Shop & Property Documents like sale deed
  • Rent Agreements
  • GST Number(Initially not required)
  • Registration Number
  • Financial Documents

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Delhivery Courier Franchise Cost:

While the year 2011 was significant since it was when Delhivery first opened its doors for business, 2015 was important because it was the year that the company’s Franchise program started. Since then, the bulk of the specifics of the Investment Offers that the company presents to companies contemplating the acquisition of a Franchise have remained the same. The company makes these offers to businesses.

To become a franchisee of Delhivery, an initial investment of between 50,000 and 200,000 Indian rupees is required. The initial monetary investment necessary to create a single Delhivery franchise might vary anywhere from 50,000 to 2,000,000 Indian rupees, around $100 to $2,000 US Dollars. And for the full setup your Delhivery Courier Franchise you have to invest minimum of 6 lakh to 8 lakh.

Delhivery Courier Franchise Earnings:

Investing in this tech-enabled logistics company’s franchising model will provide a healthy return on investment. If you invest in a Delhivery franchise, the potential return on that investment is around 15% per year. Initially the company provide 20 to 30 parcel per day to the new franchisee. And a commission of Rs 21 is given on one parcel.

So, initially your earning will be low but after every month the company increase the parcel load in your pin code according to your performance(parcel delivered percentage). i.e The company observes whether you have delivered 80% of the parcels given to you in a month or not. If you are able to delivered 80% of the given parcel per month then company give extra Rs 5 on per parcels. So, total commission is Rs 26 per parcel given by company to the franchise.

Most franchisees see a profit after around six months of successfully operating their company. This often takes more than a year to complete. You may anticipate paying a royalty fee of ten per cent for a single site of a franchise or a minimal number of outlets. Most industry professionals agree that purchasing a franchise with Delhivery rather than any of its rivals is the most financially prudent choice.

How to Start a Franchise for Delhivery Courier Franchise ?

At Delhivery, we were provided with an exhaustive overview of the firm and the franchise opportunities it presents. Let’s go through the many steps that need to be taken to start a Delhivery franchise.

Step 1: Make a choice of Partner Program

At the moment, Delhivery offers businesses a choice between two Partner program, which are the Cosmos program and the Constellations program. You have the option of launching a less ambitious business via the Cosmos Partner program or a full-fledged Franchise through the Constellation Partner program.

Step 2: Methods of Making Contact with and Applying to Franchises

When you’re ready to apply for a franchise and have decided on a Partner Program type, you may do so by visiting and selecting the ‘PARTNER’ button. If you want to join either Cosmos or Constellation, you may do so here. After selecting one, you’ll be prompted to fill in your personal information, such as your PIN and phone number.

Step 3: Acquiring Licenses

Obtaining the required Logistics-related licences in India is a mandatory precondition to launching a new company there. You should begin getting the required permissions associated with your Logistics or Franchise company (such as GST Registration, VAT Registration, Fire License, etc.) as soon as you receive a virtual confirmation confirming your Franchise with Delhivery. Obtaining these permits is crucial to keeping your firm on the right side of the law.

Step 4: Marketing

Getting a Franchise for a well-known brand probably won’t instantly boost your company’s popularity or consumer base. In the logistics industry, local exposure in the form of social media applications, WhatsApp messaging on local groups, and so on may provide excellent marketing results and conversion rates. Since you need to reach people in your immediate vicinity, advertising shouldn’t be challenging.

How much does it take to start a Delhivery franchise?

The whole sum due is between INR 50,000 to INR 2,00,000/-; however, this may vary by city. The cost may be higher if the location is a bigger city, but it should still fall within the range of the quotation above.

The franchisee is also responsible for providing the office with a computer and printing capabilities. In addition, you’ll need access to a scale and bar-code scanner. Franchise opportunities with Delhivery come in two models.

  • Cosmos
  • Constellation

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How to apply for the Delhivery Courier Franchise ?

If you want to apply for the Delhivery Courier Franchise then you have to follow some steps which is given below:

  • Visit Delhivery official Website: Click Here.
  • Click on the link above, you get a new window.
  • After landing on this page, you will see a PARTNER PROGRAM menu. Click on that.

Delhivery Courier Franchise/ Delhivery Franchise

  • Click on that button.
  • A new window open, which contain google form.

Delhivery Courier Franchise/ Delhivery Franchise

  • Fill the form properly then submit the form.
  • Within a week the company executive will contact you.

Before applying for the Delhivery Courier Franchise, make sure that there is no other Delhivery Courier Franchise available in your location. Otherwise the company didn’t revert you via call or mail. By the way within a week you’ll receive a mail from the company.

Once you get in touch with the zonal manager. They will guide you in setting up courier franchise and train you how to manage and run this courier franchise. They provide all support and training before starting the Delhivery Courier Franchise.


Delhivery Courier Franchise Contact Details:

If you have any query related to the Delhivery Courier Franchise, you can contact them via the available contact details that I’ve mentioned below!


Delhi NCR Plot 5, Sector 44, Gurugram, Haryana – 122002

Registered Office:

New Delhi N24-N34, S24-S34, Air Cargo Logistics Center-II, Opposite Gate 6 Cargo Terminal, IGI Airport, New Delhi – 110037


If you’re interested in opening a Delhivery Courier franchise, the information in this article will help you make an informed decision. Companies with strong financial backing from well-known names in their industry tend to be stable, successful franchises that can be relied on for years to come.

The use of technology across the board allows the organisation to meet its many obligations promptly. An application for a franchise may be submitted and granted in a short time, allowing you to get to work setting up shop quickly.

A Delhivery franchise is a good choice if you’ve ever considered working in logistics. You can get loans if needed, but the first investments are manageable.


Frequently Asked Question(FAQ):

Q. Is Delhivery Courier Franchise profitable ?

Ans: Before saying it is profitable lets understand some thing that before COVID there was not so much online order. But after the COVID many people moved to online shopping due to this the number of parcels per day increased. So, in the upcoming years you can say everything will be online. Hence, this business has high prospects in the future as well. So, it can be called a profitable business.

Q. What is the Delhivery courier franchise cost ?

Ans: To become a franchisee of Delhivery, an initial investment of between 50,000 and 200,000 Indian rupees is required.

Q. How to apply for the Delhivery Courier franchise ?

Ans: To apply for the Delhivery Franchise you have to click here to fill the franchise form. After the submission of the form, the company executive will contact you within a week if they require any franchise partner in your area.

Q. Is there is any security deposit ?

Ans: Yes, initially you have to pay a security deposit to begin from Rs 50k to 1.5 lakh depends on the number of pin code you franchise .

Q. What is the commission on per parcel ?

Ans: Mostly in the courier franchise, commission depends on how much product you are able to deliver in a day and also on the size/weight of the products. Initially the company provide 20 to 30 parcel per day to the new franchisee. And a commission of Rs 21 is given on one parcel. But if you are able to delivered 80% of the given parcel per month then company give extra Rs 5 on per parcels. So, total commission is Rs 26 per parcel given by company to the franchise.

Q. Delhivery Courier Franchise Contact details?

Ans: If you have any query related to the Delhivery Courier Franchise, you can contact them via the available contact details that I’ve mentioned below!


Delhi NCR Plot 5, Sector 44, Gurugram, Haryana – 122002

Registered Office:

New Delhi N24-N34, S24-S34, Air Cargo Logistics Center-II, Opposite Gate 6 Cargo Terminal, IGI Airport, New Delhi – 110037

Q. Did’t get any response from the company regarding franchise ?

Ans: It is seen in many cases that everyone applies for the franchise but they do not get any response from the company. So in this case you have to talk to your area manager, for which you can go to your nearest Delhivery Courier Franchise office and get their contact number. By this way you can get all details about the Delhivery Courier franchise.

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