How to apply for the Wow Momo Franchise ?

Wow Momo Franchise Cost- Requirements, Franchise Model, Profits & Margin, Applying Process

Are you searching for good momo franchise in India ? Want to join with good company then Wow momo Franchise will be a good choice for you. So, in this article we will discuss about the wow momo franchise, its cost, earning, how to apply for the franchise, and its review.

Wow Momo is an Indian chain of fast food restaurants headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Specializing in momos, dumpling popular in Nepal, Tibet and India. It was established in 2008 by Sagar Daryani and Binod Homagai, alumni of St. Xavier’s College, in Kolkata.

WOW! Momo has expanded to Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kanpur, Lucknow, Kochi, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Puri, Pune and Hyderabad. As of October 2018, WOW! Momo has 350+ outlets across 17 cities in India.

wow momo franchise cost


Wow Momo Company’s Details:

TypePrivately Held
IndustryFood and Beverage Services
HeadquartersKolkata, West Bengal
Company size1,001-5,000 employees
Fast Food

History of Wow Momo:

Founder of Wow Momo Sagar Daryani and Binod Homagai, at the age of 21 the duo was pursuing their graduation in B.Com Honours from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. With an initial amount of 30,000, Mr Daryani and Mr Homagai started the venture in 2008.

wow momo franchise cost

While Sagar looked after brand expansion, marketing and retail operations, Binod focused more on production and quality control. They were later joined by another college friend Shah Miftaur Rahman, who took care of cost control and finance.

Sagar Jagdish Daryani and Binod Kumar Homagai started selling steamed momos from their 6 by 6 kiosk in Springdale Spencer’s. Which was their one of the initial store another one being kiosks inside hypermarkets of Big Bazaar on rent for a month at 18% revenue share. After investment by Tiger Global Management of 130 crore, valuation of the company was over 860 crores In 2019, which led to opening food outlets in commercial locations like malls and tech parks.

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Why to choose Wow Momo ?

  • Being associated with Wow! Momo is a huge deal as it is company which is handled by a well-reputed firm.
  • It has a unique brand of identity in the market.
  • The return policy for wow momo franchise is much high in compared to other fast food companies in India.
  • One of the other major benefits of a wow momo franchise owner is that they get full company support.
  • They have a menu of 12 different flavor momos including steamed, pan-fried & fried, veg, non-veg, and cheese momos.
  • The company has a strong brand name in the Indian market it will provide you with an edge to use the name and increase your franchise sales.

Advantages of Wow Momo Franchise:

  • No Experience is needed.
  • Comprehensive training and professional development is provided included a Startup kit.
  • Freelancer business module under brand Expertise.
  • Totally based on FOCO(Franchise Owned Company Operated) Model.
  • No need to invest time and money in setting strategies.
  • Home delivery and Party order business.

Requirements for Wow Momo Franchise:

  • 250-300 sq.ft. area at prime location.
  • Franchise fee (Non Refundable).
  • Man power as per requirement (minimum 2 persons)
  • 3 phase power supply & Water Supply.
  • Infrastructure which will set up by company itself.

Wow Momo Business Formats:

wow momo franchise cost

  • Distributorship: Form Charges- 39,999 (refundable)
    Profit Margin- 35-40%
    Security Money- 6-8 Lakhs (Refundable with bank interest)
  • Franchise: Form Charges- 28,999 (Refundable)
    Margin- 45-50%
    Security Money- 4-6 Lakhs (Refundable with bank interest)
  • Quick Service Restaurant: Form charges 18999 (Refundable)
    Profit Margin- 40-50%
    Security Money- 2-4 Lakhs (Refundable with bank interest)
  • Takeaway Kiosk Model: Form Charges- 15,999 (Refundable)
    Profit Margin- 30-35%
    Security Money- 1-2 Lakhs (Refundable with bank interest)


Space required for the Wow Momo Franchise:

Hence, the space of operations depends on the area in which the Franchisee is planned to be opened. All the models have seen success in a typical Indian scenario and so taking decision pertaining to which model to go depends on how much you want to invest.

  • Distributorship – Size of Distributorship should be at the least 500-800 Sq. Ft.
  • Franchise – Wow! Momo Franchise require at least 400-450 Sq. Ft.
  • Quick Service Restaurant – Wow! Momo needs 250-300 Sq. Ft.
  • KIOSK- KIOSK needs 100-200 Sq. Ft.


  • Whichever model you choose, you will have to pay 18% GST attached.
  • The franchise owner can get back their entire investment amount within 8-9 months time frame.
  • Company will charge you only 2% royalty.


Wow Momo Franchise cost:

If you want to take Wow Momo Franchise then, you need approx 8 lakh to 10 lakh to start Wow Momo Franchise which is given below in details:

The total investment neededRs. 8,00,000 – RS. 10,00000
Monthly rent for a 300 sq. Ft areaRs. 30,000 (Minimum(paid by company)
The total salary paid to 4 employeesRs. 40,000
Other expensesRs. 5000
Total monthly expense =Rs. 55,000


Wow Momo Outlet Menu:

wow momo franchise cost


Start-up Kit provided to Wow Momo Franchise:

  • Electric Oven, Fryer, Dough Maker Machine, Mixer, Griller.
  • Refrigerator, Deep freezers, Steamer, Kitchen Accessories, Spices.
  • Infrastructure, Fall ceiling, ACs, Furniture, decorating items.
  • POS Machines, Billing Machines, Cash Counters, Display contents, etc.


Documents Required:

  • Online application Form Submission.
  • PAN of the owner/owners.
  • Aadhar Card.
  • One Passport size photo
  • 3 Months account statements in PDF format.
  • Shop Picture.
  • Shop Electricity Bill/Shop Affidavit.


Wow Momo Franchise Profits Margin:

In any franchise business the profits depends on the total sales you made in your outlet per month. But if you’ll start wow momo franchise then the profit will be the owner of a wow momo franchise can expect a profit of 95,000 rupees per month. Moreover, it will take 8-9 months in total to earn back the initial investment money for the wow momo franchise.

No. of customers each day50
Average amount order for 1 customerRs. 200
The total investment needed =Rs. 8,00,000
Daily income from wow momo franchiseRs. 10,000
Total monthly income from the outlet =Rs. 3,00,000
Gross Profit Rs. 1,50,000 (50% of Rs. 3,00,000)
Total profit(Rs. 1,50,000 – Rs. 55,000) – Rs. 95,000


Skills Required:

  • The Franchisee should be able to resolve any queries the customers have with patience and confidence.
  • The Franchisee should have basic communication skills so that he/she can interact with the customers easily.
  • The Franchisee should be a team player and should also be flexible to work.
  • The Franchisee should have a basic understanding of how to run Wow Momo Outlet and ensure that there is no communication gap between the customers and the management.
  • The Franchisee should also knew how to operate and do the billing for customers at the cash/ billing counter.
  • The Franchisee applying for a franchise of Wow Momo Outlet store should at least have a high school degree.

Franchise Support:

  • SIT Selection.
  • Operational Training.
  • Management Training.
  • On job Training with Kitchen setup.
  • All infrastructure Materials.
  • 24×7 Customer Online Service.
  • Advertising and Marketing.

How to apply for the Wow Momo Franchise ?

To apply for the Wow Momo Franchise you have to follow some steps which is given below:

wow momo franchise cost

  • After lading on this page, you can see this franchise form.
  • Properly fill the franchise form.
  • Submit the form successfully.
  • If the company’s franchise team will consider your form then they’ll reply within a week.


Wow Momo Franchise Contact Details:

If you have any query related to the Wow Momo Franchise, you can contact them via the available contact details that I’ve mentioned below!

Corporate Office:

Raja Subodh Chandra Mullick Road, 24 Shyama Pally Kolkata, West Bengal – 700032 India.

Email: &

Phone: +91-9748434093 & +91-8481061840

Steps to get Wow Momo Franchise:

  • Customers have to Print the Registration form sent on their Email ID/WhatsApp no.
  • Fill the Registration Form along with required documents and revert it back to same Email ID/WhatsApp no.
  • You have to wait until your Approval for getting Wow Momo Franchise gets confirmed after survey done by company’s verification Department.
  • After getting Approval letter, franchisor need to pay the Registration fee nobody can get registered OR approval again after the current Franchisee. After doing the payment, customers have to send the receipt of the transaction ID.

[NOTE: We need the Transaction ID / Reference number to proceed further to the next procedure]

  • After doing the Registration process, you’ll have to sign–in the Agreement Form by choosing the Agreement Period.
  • After completing the Agreement process, you have to complete the process of NOC issued by Indian Government.
  • After completing the NOC process, Franchisor have to bear 40% Security Deposit to Wow Momo. And, after that their team will arrange a meeting at your location along with Training materials to provide you a 2–months training program that how to run your Wow Momo Franchise Outlet
    Store smoothly.

[NOTE: The sending of every receipt of Transaction ID is Compulsory.]
[NOTE: The Security Deposit of 40% of total investment is must to be paid after clearing Registration, Agreement & NOC process.]

Training Required:

  • New Franchisee will be given a 2-months training and induction program. They will be given information about how the company and it’s various departments works.
  • Suitable technological training will be given to Franchisee regularly to keep them updated with the current technology.
  • On-the-job, training and apprenticeship training will also be provided by the company to ensure that the Franchisee know their role well.
  • Once your Registration for the Wow Momo Franchise has been approved, you will receive an Approval Letter, all updated advertising and promotional material, training material for you, constant support from the company’s sales and logistics team.

Income Resources:

  • Walk – in.
  • Home Delivery.
  • Party Order.
  • Exhibition Order.
  • Tip – Up to.
  • Swiggy / Zomato/Ubereats.
  • Online Order Companies.



Wow! Momo franchise is an extremely great and profitable opportunity for anyone who are willing to make higher income. This particular Wow! Momo Outlet Store can be set up with a low investment cost
when compared to the other Restaurants in India along with higher returns. The advantages and perks that come along with owning a franchise with a strong brand image and brand value are also considered an added benefit for the franchise owner.


Frequently Asked Question(FAQ):

Q. Is there any registration charges ?

Ans: Yes, Wow momo registration charge is 25000 + 18% GST.

Q. Is there any franchise fee for wow momo Franchise ?

Ans: Yes, its franchise fee is about 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh depending on the location.

Q. Is Wow Momo Franchise Profitable ?

Ans: you will see there is a great earning opportunity with Wow momo. Here your invested capital, you can easily recover within a couple of months. A dealership can make around 95,000 rupees as profit in a single month can earn back the initial investment amount in a period of 8 to 9 months.

Q.  What is the total cost of Wow Momo Franchise ?

Ans: The cost of the Wow Momo Franchise varies between 5 lakh rupees to 20 lakh rupees depending upon the type of outlet. Wow Momo Dealership price comes to around 8 to 20 lakh rupees.

Q. How many staffs are needed ?

Ans: At least 2 to 3 staff required to operate your WOW Momo outlet.

Q. How much area is required for Wow Momo Franchise ?

Ans: The area required to open a Wow Momo Franchise outlet depends , which franchise model you choose but at least 200 to 250 Sq.ft. This minimum space needed for your kitchen and your counter.

Q. Is wow momo FOFO or FOCO model ?

Ans: Wow Momo is FOCO model.

Q. Is company provide raw material and equipments ?

Ans: Yes, the company provide these all as a startup kit.

Q. How to apply for the Wow! Momo Franchise ?

Ans: If you want to apply for the franchise then you have to visit this fill the form or mail or whatsapp +91-8481061840 on this number. You will get all details.


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