How to take Burger Singh Franchise ?

Burger Singh Franchise: Benefits, Cost, Requirement, Applying Process & Contact Details

Many people dreams for having their own business and that should run effectively. People can start their own business or go for a brand by taking its franchise. Taking franchise is one of the simple, secured and good idea to start a business because people already know the brand. If you are interested in a food business or fast food retail business, opening a franchise outlet is a good option. To know how to get Burger Singh franchise then you are at the right place.

Know all necessary information of Burger Singh franchise business opportunity in this blog. You can get the details like its requirement, training and support, investment, profit, FAQ, applying process & contact details. You can check all necessary information and then take your franchise investment decision.

About Company History & details:

Burger Singh was established by Kabirjeet Singh and Nitin Rana in 2014. They started passionately for adding an Indian taste and twist to the burgers to fulfill the huge demand for Indian flavors. The chain offers big burgers with different flavors, fries, momos, chicken dishes, desserts, and various drinks. This quickly hit the pallet of the food lovers and the Burger Singh chain became one of the most innovative and famous Indian burger chain. It has created its presence with 100+ outlets in 50+ cities with a presence in Asia and UK.

The brand offers different types of business models from the minimal expense food court and finishing with a drive-thru, take away and dine-in concept. Burger Singh offers their franchisees various advantages than other burger franchises. It provides strong promotional activities, comprehensive training programs and consistent help at all phases of maintaining the business.

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Advantages of Investing in Burger Singh Franchise:

There are a few advantages to start a Burger Singh franchise in India:

  • Brand Value:

Burger Singh is a popular and reputed brand in the Indian fast food industry. It is a made-in-India fast food chain which can help with attracting the customers and make your business stable more rapidly.

  • Training and support:

Burger Singh gives extensive franchise training and continuous help to its franchisees. The company helps in marketing activities and provides promotional materials and the organization’s supply chain management system.

  • Flexible business model:

Burger Singh’s business model permits franchisees to pick their own place and customize their business to meet their requirements and objectives. So there are options for business as per the convenience of the investors.

  • Good return on investment:

Burger Singh expects that franchisees can get high ROI through its different models within one year.

  • Good customer base and regular income:

Everyone loves burger or fast food nowadays in India. If you are involved into this business and open an India’s own innovative burger outlet then you will earn a regular income. Burger Singh has a loyal customer base in pan India and you can get its benefit.

Burger Singh Franchise Model:

Burger Singh offers food court, drive-thru and dine-in models. Take Away model is presently not available. Let’s see the models in details-

burger singh franchise model

  • Food Court

The Food Court model is intended for street side areas with space of 200-300 sq ft or more. This franchise model takes care of delivery and Food Court only. This is great deal for somebody that needs to start a business with low investment and with good opportunity. It is suitable in metro stations and railway stations. The set-up cost of food court is 21 lakhs and franchise fee is 5 lakhs. The ROI period is 16 months.

  • Dine-IN

You can open a dine-in outlet with 800 square foot floor area. This area should be in a high footfall region. This outlet will hold at least 30 persons. Dine-in model is little expensive investment but with the good profit.  Dine-in outlets really do very well in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. This is the most productive long term venture for somebody who is interested in making an effective long term business. The cost to set up this model is 36 lakhs and franchise fee is 8 lakhs. The ROI period is 23 months.

  • Drive-Thru

Drive-thru is the highest investment model of Burger Singh. It generates the highest revenue and most profitable model of Burger Singh. The minimum area required to open a drive-thru outlet is 1000 square foot. The motive of opening this model is to touch and provide tasty fast food to highway route people. The outlet set up cost is 49 lakhs and the franchise fee is 10 lakhs. It is profitable for franchise owners with ROI period of 12 months.

Eligibility Criteria for a Burger Singh Franchise:

  • The applicant should be at least 21 years old.
  • He/ she must have prior business experience.
  • He must have capability to handle the business and staffs.
  • He must be passionate to involve in a fast food business.
  • The franchise owner and the staffs must go through the detailed training by the company.
  • The applicant must follow all the guidelines by the company.

Requirements for a Burger Singh Franchise:

If you are planning to get Burger Singh franchise then you must know its franchise requirements. The vital requirements are given below-

  • You must have capacity to invest at least 27-30 lakhs.
  • You need an area of 300 square feet at least for a small outlet.
  • You need at least 5 staffs to run a small outlet.
  • You have to select the outlet location with ground floor and customer facing signage space. It should be well visible and approach.

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Burger Singh Products:

Burger Singh Menu

Burger Singh offers wide range of following products-

  • Burger
  • Fries
  • Beverages
  • Desserts

Space required for the Burger Singh Franchise:

If you want to open a Burger Singh outlet then the area should be commercial and in prime location of the city. The size of the area required as per the business models. For Food Court you need at least 300 square foot and storage space extra. For Take Away model you need at least 500 square foot and a storage space. The area required for Dine-In model is 800 square foot. For Drive-Thru model 1000- 1500 square foot space and storage space is required.

Burger Singh Franchise Cost:

Burger Singh does not reveal the investment in their official site. So here we are providing an approximate amount of investment. The Burger Singh franchise cost is between 27 lakhs to 30 lakhs rupees. The franchise charge is 5 Lakh Rupees. Royalty fee is 6%, and the management charge is 2%.

The franchise cost for Burger Singh varies depending on the outlet type. Here are the details:

  1. Dine-In Model:
    • Franchise Fee: 8 lacs + GST
    • Minimum space required: 800 sq ft
    • Minimum covers: 30
    • Total setup cost: Approximately 44 lacs
  2. Food Court Model:
    • Franchise Fee: 5 lacs + GST
    • Minimum space required: 200-300 sq ft (carpet area)
    • Total setup cost: Approximately 26 lacs
  3. Drive Thru Model:
    • Franchise Fee: 10 lacs + GST
    • Minimum space required: 1000-1500 sq ft
    • Minimum covers: 32
    • Total setup cost: Approximately 59 lacs

Burger Singh deals with the takeout franchise model (less sitting area). The objective is to make this fast food chain “The King of Street Food”.

But the above information may vary so to get the updated information visit the company’s official website.

Documents Required:

  • Business Registration – sole proprietorship/LLP/Private Limited
  • FSSAI license
  • Trade license from the local municipality
  • Shop and Establishment Registration
  • GST Registration
  • NOC from the local fire department
  • Eat House License from the city police commissioner
  • Certificate of Environmental Clearance from MOEF
  • Signage license from Municipality

Profit and Margin of a Burger Singh Franchise:

The profit and margin depends upon the size, location and types of business models. Burger Singh is a popular fast food chain in India. We are providing an approximate profit amount here. If the sale is Rupees 4 Lakh per month, after deductions of all necessary expenses we can calculate the profit margin of 10% in Burger King Franchise.

Initially the profit is less but after some times the franchise owner a good profit. If the franchise owner doing a strong marketing and promotion then the profit margin can increase to 20% on sales. The return on investment period is 12-18 months.

Qualities of a Successful Burger Singh Franchise:

To become a successful Burger Singh franchisee, it is essential to possess the following qualities:

  • Strong business acumen and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Commitment to delivering excellent customer service
  • Ability to follow Burger Singh’s operational standards and guidelines
  • Passion for the food industry
  • Leadership and team management skills

Franchise Training & Support by Burger Singh:

If you are willing to apply for the franchise you should know what training and supports provided by Burger Singh. Burger Singh offers following supports to their franchise partners-

  • The company offers details operating manuals to the franchisees.
  • The company provides required franchise training in the Head Office and also in the outlet location.
  • Burger Singh provides a field assistant to the franchise for all types of help.
  • The company helps to the franchise from site selection to opening of the outlet.
  • There is expert guidance from the Head Office in establishment and running the business.
  • The current IT, software support installed by the company for the franchise.
  • The company supplies the raw materials of the food to the franchisees.

How to apply for the Burger Singh Franchise in India ?

If you want to a Burger Singh franchise in your city then you have to go through below process-

  • If you want to open a Burger Singh outlet with dine-in facilities then you must have capacity to invest 27 lakhs Rupees at least. You have to consider real estate costs, license and permit cost, staffs uniform and insurance cost and so on.
  • You should evaluate your knowledge and prior experience about the business before applying the Burger Singh franchise.
  • You need to go through deep market research about fast food. You have to check the market availability of Burger Singh in your location. If there is suitable market for Burger Singh and people’s interest on it then you can think of taking the Burger Singh franchise.
  • For applying the Burger Singh franchise you need to go to the official site and fill up the online application form and submit that. You will get a confirmation receipt by the company. After that the team of Burger Singh will contact the applicant and guide for the further process.

Burger Singh Franchise Form

  • After checking the financial and background and all documentation process you will get the approval of franchising. The company gives approval to those applicants who fulfill all the criteria of Burger Singh.

Before applying for the Burger Singh Franchise, it is important to ensure that there is no existing Burger Singh Franchise in your desired location. The company will not respond to your application if there is already a franchise operating in that area. You can expect to receive a response from the company within a week via email.

Once you are in contact with the zonal manager, they will assist you in establishing and managing the courier franchise. Burger Singh provides support and training to franchisees before the commencement of operations. The zonal manager will guide you through the setup process and provide necessary training to ensure the successful operation of your Burger Singh Franchise.

Burger Singh Franchise Contact Details:

To learn more about the Burger Singh Franchise Cost in India or to get in touch with their team, you can use the following contact information as mentioned below:

Address: G10/11, Silver Oaks Ave,G Block ,DLF Phase 1, Sector 26, Gurugram, India.


E-Mail ID-

Contact No. +91-9029020888

Facebook Link:


Investing in a Burger Singh franchise in India can be a lucrative opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter the fast food industry. With its strong brand value, flexible business models, comprehensive support, and loyal customer base, Burger Singh offers a promising platform for success. Make sure to carefully consider the investment costs, requirements, and potential returns before making a decision.

Take the first step towards owning a successful fast food business by contacting Burger Singh through their website, email, or phone number provided above. The Burger Singh franchise model is great for those people who want to attain high return on investment. It is a safe and secure way of starting your career as an entrepreneur. Hope you have got all necessary information of Burger Singh.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question):

Q. Who is the founder of Burger Singh Franchise ?

Ans- The founders of Burger Singh are Kabirjeet Singh and Nitin Rana. They established Burger Singh in 2014 with the aim of adding an Indian twist to burgers and fulfilling the demand for Indian flavors in the fast food industry.

Q. When Burger Singh was founded ?

Ans- Burger Singh was founded in November 2014.

Q. What is Burger Singh Franchise Cost ?

Ans- The initial investment and franchise fee vary depending on the chosen business model. However, the approximate investment cost for a Burger Singh franchise is between 27 lakhs to 30 lakhs rupees. The franchise fee is 5 lakhs rupees.

Q. What is the profit margin of a Burger Singh franchise ?

Ans- The profit margin of a Burger Singh franchise can vary based on factors such as location, sales volume, and operational efficiency. On average, a profit margin of around 10% to 20% on sales can be expected. The return on investment period is typically around 12 to 18 months.

Q. How many staffs are required for a small outlet ?

Ans- To run an outlet properly you should have at least 5 staffs.

Q. How to apply for the Burger Singh Franchise ?

Ans- At first you need to properly understand the models, company business policies and terms conditions of Burger Singh. If you are capable of investing as per the model and fulfill all criteria of franchise then you can be eligible to apply for the franchise. You can call directly for more information then apply online through its website.

Q. What is the term of Burger Singh franchise ?

Ans- The term of franchise is for 5 years. After that the agreement will be renewed.

Q. Where does the franchise training take place ?

Ans- In most of the time the training take place in the outlet location. The franchise owner’s training take place either online or in the head office- Gurgaon.

Q. How to contact to the Burger Singh Company for Franchise ?

Ans- You can contact to the company via given details:  Email- and  Contact: +91-9029020888

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