How to Get Biryani By Kilo Franchise ?

Biryani By Kilo Franchise: Benefits, Cost, Requirement, Applying Process & Contact Details

Almost every Indian loves biryani. When you are eating biryani, it is general to lose count of the number of plates you are having. When we smell this delicious dish, our mouth starts watering. Would you like to taste authentic biryani? Try biryany from ‘Biryani By Kilo’. Biryani By Kilo is a home delivery based food chain started with the concept of cloud kitchen. The organization endeavors to offer tasty food at the doorstep of the customer.

Biryani By Kilo serves popular dishes like biryani, kebabs, phirni, and different Mughalai dishes. If you are searching for a food franchise that has specializes in Biryani? Does the development possibility of the Indian food attract you to start your career in this path? Have you been searching about Biryani by Kilo franchise and couldn’t conclude?

Here, we are providing almost all information about this Biryani franchise, and will be helped to understand about the BBK. We will cover company details, eligibility, cost, profit, frequently asked questions and applying process of how to get Biryani By Kilo franchise if it offers franchise opportunities later on.

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Overview of Biryani By Kilo Franchise:

Biryani by Kilo (BBK) was established in 2015 by Kaushik Roy and Vishal Jindal. Ritesh Sinha is the ongoing Chief Operating Officer of Biryani by Kilo. The main motto of this company for which it was established was to serve the best quality’s authentic food along with the modern technologies to the clients.

Biryani by Kilo is a company that offers Biryani with 3 varieties like Hyderabadi, Lucknowi and Kolkata along with its mouth-watering kebabs, korma, desserts and breads. BBK utilizes the best ingredients and the most good quality rice in their preparations. All spices are picked from Kerala and serves clients as Biryani.

Presently the chain has 120 + outlets across 48+ cities of India including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Dehradun, Goa, and Kolkata. The chain has come a long path and it is gained to develop its income to Rs.300 Crores in FY 22-23, and the company is ready to be Rs 1000 Cr. in next 2-3 years with pan India presence, as told by its founder Vishal Jindal.

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Biryani By Kilo Franchise Business Model:

Biryani by Kilo serves biryani in clay pots (handis) where Biryani by Kilo engraved nicely. It provides authentic biryani to clients. The company initially started the business as cloud kitchen model. They provide dine in facility to selected locations and as per the demand. They provide home delivery to the client. You can place order through website or by mobile app.

Biryani By Kilo Menu:

biryani by kilo franchise cost

Biryani by kilo offers all types of authentic dishes some of the main menus are given below-

  • Hyderabadi Biryani
  • Lucknowi Biryani
  • Kolkata Biryani
  • Everyday Biryani Combos
  • Curries
  • Kebabs
  • Beverages & Breads
  • Meetha

Benefits of choosing Biryani By Kilo Franchise:

You can choose Biryani by Kilo for many reasons some are given below-

  • It is one of the biggest biryani delivery chains of India, also provides dine –in in some location. There are 100+ outlets established in 45+ cities.
  • BBK makes fresh dum handi biryani for every order. Use fresh raw materials and ingredients to make the authentic biryani.
  • Biryani by kilo is being loved by everyone. The flavor and taste is awesome and the other dishes also very tasty.
  • Approx 50 lakh+ customer base and it is continuously growing day by day.
  • The company supports in all types of brand promotion and marketing in their targeted locations.
  • The company itself looks after every outlet and provides necessary training to the staffs.

Biryani By Kilo Franchise Support:

Biryani by Kilo provides following supports-

  • The company supervises for site selection, interior designing and shop establishment.
  • The company provides all necessary training to the staffs, managers before opening the shop. It often provides training to maintain the standard of BBK and run the shop properly.
  • BBK helps in supply vendor development and chain management.
  • The company provides customer experience audits periodically.
  • It provides raw materials and packaging materials.
  • The company decides the new menu development, design and procurement.
  • All types of promotional and marketing work done by the company itself.

Biryani By Kilo Franchise Requirements:

Biryani By Kilo doesn’t offer its franchise but if in future the company offers franchise opportunity then the requirements might be as follows-

  • The candidate must be capable to invest at least 20-30 lakhs.
  • The candidate should have interest on working in F&B industry.
  • He/she should have enough skill and leadership quality to run the business. If there is any experience in this industry then will be preferable for franchise.
  • Must be required 500-1000 square foot area to open the outlet.
  • The candidate must be dedicated towards the business. The applicant must follow the standards and legacy of Biryani By Kilo.
  • The company provides detailed training program to the franchise and that need to complete by the franchise.
  • It is advised to do deep market research by the applicant to know the clients need and market potential for business growth.

Space Required for Biryani By Kilo Franchise:

If you want to open an outlet of BBK then you need area at least 500 to 1000 sq feet. It is preferable to choose the high street, city center, and near schools or universities, a high footfall area.

Biryani By Kilo Franchise Cost:

Biryani By Kilo doesn’t offer its franchise. All the outlets run by Biryani By Kilo itself. This is just an assumption that the franchise cost will be 16 Lakh Rupees. The franchise charge will be 6 Lakh Rupees. The company can charge a royalty of 4%. If anyone wants to own its franchise then he needs to invest 20-30 lakh rupees for this business.

Profit Margin of Biryani By Kilo Franchise:

Here an approx profit margin has given. The expense of materials will be 35%. The overall profit margin will be 65%. After deduction of all expenses, the net profit will be approx 30% for a medium sized outlet.

How to apply for Biryani By Kilo Franchise ?

As we told earlier, Biryani By Kilo doesn’t offer franchise opportunities to anybody. However, In the future, if they open the doors for this, the interested candidate can always visit their official website and navigate to its Franchisee application page, and fill in the required details such as Name, Email ID, Phone number, City, and other necessary information.

Biryani By Kilo Franchise Contact Details:

If you have any query related Biryani By Kilo Franchise then you may contact to the company via given details as I’ve mentioned below:

Sky Gate Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. 

Head Office: Unit 205&206, 2nd floor, Vatika Professional Point, Golf Course Ext Rd, Sector 66, Gurugram, Haryana: 122002

Phone: +91 9555-212-212            


Email ID:


Biryani by Kilo is planning for further extension of its outlets in next 2-3 years in Indian and global market and it might create new opportunities for candidates to join in this developing industry as a franchise partner. Presently the company does not provide any franchise.

Considering the strong presence, reasonable price, average startup cost, high profit margin, top class advertising techniques and developing client base adds an additional benefit for the new franchisee unit holder in the future.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Question):

Q. Who are the competitors of Biryani By Kilo ?

Ans- Some strong competitors of Biryani By Kilo are- Bright Cellars, Paradise, Charcoal Eats, Biryani Blues, and Behrouz.

Q. Can I start Biryani By Kilo franchise ?

Ans- No, you cannot start a Biryani By Kilo franchise.  The company does not provide franchise opportunity. All the outlets are owned and operated by the company. At present, they have 100+ outlets those include cloud kitchens and dine in.

Q. What is the franchise cost of Biryani By Kilo ?

Ans- Biryani By Kilo presently not providing franchise but if in future the company provides franchise then the cost will be 20-30 lakhs rupees.

Q. When Biryani by Kilo was established and who is the founder of it ?

Ans- Biryani by Kilo was established in 2015. Kaushik Roy and Vishal Jindal are the founders of BBK.

Q. What is the future plan of Biryani by Kilo ?

Ans- Biryani by Kilo targets to grow to 150+ outlets all over India in the next four years and expand to international destinations.

Q. How many orders deliver by BBK ?

Ans- Biryani by Kilo processes approx 1000 orders per day with an average order size of 900 rupees per order.

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