Complete Guide on Trackon Courier Franchise.

Trackon Courier Franchise: Delivering Success and Profitability

Trackon Courier, a leading courier and logistics company, offers a lucrative franchise opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs in India. With a rich history and a commitment to providing reliable and efficient delivery services, Trackon Courier has established itself as a trusted brand in the industry. This article will delve into the company’s history, the reasons to choose their franchise, eligibility criteria, investment details, profit margins, space requirements, document requirements, the process of taking the franchise, company contact details, and frequently asked questions.

trackon courier franchise cost

Company History/Details:

Trackon Courier has a strong foothold in the courier and logistics sector, providing express delivery services throughout India and across the globe. With a vast network and a dedicated team, the company has earned a reputation for its commitment to timely deliveries and customer satisfaction. Founded in [year], Trackon Courier has grown steadily and currently boasts a wide presence across the country.

Why Choose Trackon Courier Franchise ?

  • Established Brand: By opting for a Trackon Courier franchise, you align yourself with an established brand known for its reliability and quality service. The company has built a strong reputation and customer trust, offering a competitive edge in the market.
  • Extensive Network: Trackon Courier has a vast network of branches and business associates, enabling franchisees to tap into a wide customer base. The brand’s extensive reach ensures access to potential customers in both urban and rural areas.
  • Comprehensive Services: With a diverse range of domestic and international delivery solutions, Trackon Courier meets the varying needs of customers. The franchisees can leverage the company’s service portfolio to cater to a broad clientele and expand their revenue streams.

Eligibility Criteria for Trackon Courier Franchise:

Trackon Courier sets certain eligibility criteria for franchise applicants. While specific requirements may vary, common criteria include:

  • Minimum qualification 10th & 12th pass.
  • Should complete the age of 21 years.
  • The applicants should free from any criminal cases.
  • They should have business experience, preferably in the courier or logistics industry.
  • Must have a proper space for this franchise.
  • Financial stability and investment capability.
  • Management skills and commitment to the franchise.
  • Knowledge of the local market and customer base.

Requirements for Trackon Courier Franchise:

Commercial Space – Area and Dimensions

Trackon allows for some wiggle room here if the location sees high foot traffic; if it’s a bustling commercial district, the space may be smaller. The retail location must have sufficient storage capacity to hold the shipments. All packages should be kept in a secure place. There can be no theft or rodent damage risk, and it has to be equipped with a scale.

●      Exclusive Training

Franchise partners may get training from Trackon both online and in-person. Also included will be instructions on how to pack products properly and calculate different expenses. They have undergone rigorous training to address any service-related question adequately.

●      Experience of the Workmen

The only required ability is a comprehensive familiarity with the area where the worker will be employed since they will be required to move about while collecting and delivering products. Making it seem as if the individual in question is well-versed in the surrounding territory is a strategic move since it is usually always to one’s benefit to be familiar with the surrounding location. Aside from that, there is no need for specialized knowledge or experience.

●      Prerequisites for Minimum Personnel

To fulfill the basic minimum standards, you need to hire two employees. Both groups are responsible for ensuring that the process of packaging and delivering the commodities goes smoothly and without any interruptions. The organization will keep its employees updated on the delivery status of their individual items at regular intervals.

Office Equipment Requirement:

  • Computer, Printer, scanner, Bar Code Reader.
  • High Speed Internet connectivity.
  • Packaging Tape or Shipping label
  • Electricity or Inverter Facility for continuous electricity.
  • Interiors as per guideline by Trackon Company.
  • CCTV camera for security purpose.
  • Parcel Vehicle

Trackon Courier Franchise Model:

There are mainly three types of Franchise model in this courier Franchise which is given below:

  • Single Unit Business Associate Franchise: The Single Unit Business Associate Franchise is designed for individuals appointed as authorized representatives of Trackon Courier in specific areas under a particular pin code. These associates are responsible for inbound deliveries and increasing revenue in their location and surrounding areas. If the pin code area is vast or the volume of consignments is high, multiple single unit associates may be appointed. Trackon Courier provides necessary provisions for business development and supports their associates with training, guidance, and mentoring.
  • Master Business Associate Franchise: The Master Business Associate Franchise is a larger franchise structure available in major cities or metropolitan areas. Authorized representatives appointed under this structure cover several pin codes and operate similarly to mini hubs. To qualify for this franchise, an office space of approximately 750 to 800 sq.ft. with necessary infrastructure, systems, manpower, vehicles, and a strategic location in the city is required. The primary responsibility of a Master Business Associate is to appoint Single Unit Business Associates in potential areas to expand the network and increase revenue.
  • Super Business Associate Franchise: The Super Business Associate Franchise is available for authorized representatives appointed at district headquarters in tier II/tier III cities of a state. The primary role of a Super Business Associate is business development and network expansion. They achieve network expansion by appointing single unit franchises in potential locations within the district and talukas. To qualify for this franchise, an office space of about 1000-1200 sq. ft. with necessary infrastructure, systems, manpower, and vehicles at a strategic location in the town is required to handle all inbound and outbound shipments.

Trackon Courier Franchise Cost:

The investment required for a Trackon Courier franchise depends on various factors, including the franchise type and location. It typically includes franchise fees, setup costs, equipment, working capital, and ongoing expenses. The company provides a cost-effective business model that ensures high returns with a nominal initial investment.

Trackon Courier Franchise Profits & Margin/Earnings:

Trackon Courier franchisees have the opportunity to earn a competitive profit margin. The exact figures may vary based on factors such as the volume of business, operational efficiency, and market conditions. The company’s established brand, extensive network, and comprehensive service offerings contribute to the potential for substantial earnings.

Space Requirements for Trackon Courier Franchise:

The space requirement for a Trackon Courier Franchise varies depending on the type of franchise structure. For single unit business associate franchises, a specific area under a pin code may be assigned, and the space requirement would be suitable for inbound deliveries. For master business associate and super business associate franchises, larger office spaces with necessary infrastructure, systems, manpower, and vehicles are necessary to handle operations efficiently.

Document Requirement:

To apply for a Trackon Courier franchise, the following documents may be required (subject to company policies and updates):

  • Identity proof and address proof of the applicant(s)
  • Photograph, Email ID, Phone No.
  • Bank Account details of firm name
  • Cancel Cheque
  • Shop & Property Documents like sale deed
  • Rent Agreements
  • GST Number(Initially not required)
  • Registration Number
  • Financial Documents
  • Any other documents specified by Trackon Courier during the application process

Support and Training Provided by Trackon Courier:

Trackon Courier understands the importance of providing comprehensive support and training to its franchisees. As a franchisee, you can expect to receive the following assistance from the company:

  • Trackon Courier provides operational support to ensure the proper running of your franchise.
  • they help you to promote your franchise and attract customers, Trackon Courier provides marketing and advertising support.
  • Trackon Courier conducts training programs to equip franchisees with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate their franchises successfully.
  • As a Trackon Courier franchisee, you can rely on ongoing guidance and mentoring from the company.
  • Trackon Courier leverages advanced technology systems to streamline operations and enhance efficiency such as tracking and tracing shipments, managing online platforms, and more.
  • Trackon Courier remains committed to continuous improvement and keeps its franchisees informed about any updates or changes in the industry or company policies.

How to apply for the Trackon Courier Franchise ?

To apply for the Trackon Courier Franchise you have to follow some steps which is given below:

trackon courier franchise

  • After landing on this page, you can see a business enquiry form.
  • Fill all the details as per required.
  • Submit the form successfully.
  • Within a week the company’s franchise team will contact you.

Before applying for the Trackon Courier Franchise, it is important to ensure that there is no existing Trackon Courier Franchise in your desired location. The company will not respond to your application if there is already a franchise operating in that area. You can expect to receive a response from the company within a week via email.

Once you are in contact with the zonal manager, they will assist you in establishing and managing the courier franchise. Trackon provides support and training to franchisees before the commencement of operations. The zonal manager will guide you through the setup process and provide necessary training to ensure the successful operation of your Trackon Courier Franchise.


Becoming a Trackon Courier franchisee provides a valuable opportunity to enter the courier and logistics industry with the support of an established brand. With operational support, marketing assistance, and comprehensive training programs, Trackon Courier equips franchisees with the necessary tools for success. The company’s focus on mutual growth and attractive profit margins make it an appealing choice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

By joining the Trackon Courier franchise network, you can establish a thriving business and contribute to the growth of a trusted courier service provider in India. For more information, contact Trackon Courier directly.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ):

Q. How can I apply for a Trackon Courier Franchise ?

Ans: To apply for a Trackon Courier Franchise, you can fill out the application form provided by the company or you can email to the company on

Q. What is the eligibility criteria to become a Trackon Courier Franchisee ?

Ans: Trackon Courier may have specific eligibility criteria for franchise applicants, including factors such as location, infrastructure, and financial capability.

Q. Is Trackon Courier Franchise profitable ?

Ans: Before saying it is profitable lets understand some thing that before COVID there was not so much online order. But after the COVID many people moved to online shopping due to this the number of parcels per day increased. So, in the upcoming years you can say everything will be online. Hence, this business has high prospects in the future as well. So, it can be called a profitable business.

Q. What types of franchise does Trackon Courier offer ?

Ans: Trackon Courier offers three types of franchise structures: Single unit business associate franchise, Master business associate franchise, and Super business associate franchise. Each structure caters to different levels of investment and operational scope.

Q. What kind of support and training provided by Trackon Courier ?

Ans: Trackon Courier provides operational support, marketing assistance, and training programs to its franchisees.

Q. What is the Trackon Courier Franchise Cost ?

Ans: The Trackon Courier Franchise cost may vary depending on the type of franchise structure chosen. It is advisable to contact Trackon Courier or refer to their official documentation for specific investment details.

Q. What kind of profits can I expect as a Trackon Courier Franchisee ?

Ans: Profit margins and earnings can vary based on several factors such as location, operational efficiency, market demand, and business development efforts. Trackon Courier aims to provide a cost-effective business model that ensures high returns for its franchisees.

Q. How can I contact Trackon Courier for more information or inquiries about the franchise ?

Ans: For more information or inquiries about the Trackon Courier Franchise, you can contact the company through their official website or reach out to their designated contact details provided in their official communication.

Q. Is there is any security deposit ?

Ans: Yes, initially you have to pay a security deposit to begin from Rs 50k to 1.5 lakh depends on the number of pin code you franchise .

Q. Trackon Courier Franchise Contact details?

Ans: If you have any query related to the Trackon Courier Franchise, you can contact them via email

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