How to take Tata Copper Water Dealership ?

Tata Copper Water Dealership: Requirements, Cost, Profit, Applying Process

Are you searching for mineral water dealership business ? Want to join a world class company ? Tata Copper Water Dealership might just be the perfect venture for you. With its reputable brand name and increasing demand for high-quality drinking water, Tata Copper Water presents a lucrative business opportunity. In this blog post, we will provide you with a complete guide on how to take the Tata Copper Water Dealership, requirements its cost, profits and margin offered and applying process.

Tata Consumer was formed with a vision to synergies, simplify and scale the principal consumer products interests of the Tata Group under one umbrella. Its registered office is located in Kolkata. It is the world’s second-largest manufacturer and distributor of tea and a major producer of coffee. Today, it is one of the leading F&B companies in India. Home to some of the most well-recognised brands like Tata Tea, Tata Salt, Tetley as well as young & emerging brands like Tata Sampann & Himalayan, they are aspiring for a larger share of the FMCG sector.

Tata Copper Water Dealership
Tata Copper water with added copper brings to you ancient Indian tradition in a bottle. Tata copper plus promotion image Tata Copper+ has been specially created by experts so that it can be consumed as part of your daily lifestyle. Water stored in copper vessels is a timeless tradition from ancient knowledge that is practiced across India.

Tata Copper+ contains as much copper as water stored in a copper vessel overnight. While Tata Copper+ has the goodness of copper it still looks and tastes like regular water. So now enjoy the same Goodness of Copper, anytime and anywhere, conveniently.

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Tata Copper Company Details:

TypePrivately Held
IndustryFood & Beverages
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra
Company size10,001+ employees
Tata Tea, Tata Salt, Tetley as well as young & emerging brands like Tata Sampann & Himalayan

Why to choose Tata Copper Water Dealership ?

There are several reasons to consider choosing Tata Copper Water Dealership:

  • Tata is a trusted brand with a long-standing reputation for delivering quality products across various industries.
  • The demand for copper-infused water and its potential health benefits is on the rise. By choosing Tata Copper Water Dealership, it will be good for you.
  • Tata Copper Water Dealership provides you with exclusive territorial rights, so you can operate sales in particular area without competition from other Tata Copper Water dealers.
  • Tata offers comprehensive support to its dealership owners, including assistance from sales managers and dedicated teams.
  • They provide good profits to their dealers/distributors.

What is Tata Copper Water Dealership ?

Tata Copper Water Dealership refers to the business opportunity provided by Tata for individuals or organizations to become authorized dealers of Tata Copper Water products. As a Tata Copper Water dealer, you have the exclusive right to sell Tata Copper Water in a designated area. This dealership allows you to represent the Tata Copper Water brand, showcase and distribute their products, and cater to the growing demand for copper-infused water.

If anyone wants to take the dealership then they have to meet certain requirements, invest money, and follow the Tata’s guidelines and standards. It can be a promising venture for those interested in promoting healthy hydration and offering Tata’s quality copper water products to consumers.

Tata Liquid Beverages Product Brands:

There are several products under Tata Liquid Beverages which I’ve listed below:


Tata Copper Plus Water has been specially created for you by global experts. It can be consumed as part of an active lifestyle. Water stored in copper vessels is a timeless tradition from ancient knowledge that is practiced across India. Copper supports the normal functioning of the immune system and Tata Copper Plus Water contains more copper than water stored in a copper vessel overnight. While Tata Copper Plus Water has the goodness of copper it still looks and tastes like normal water, which is why every sip translates into healthy hydration.



Tata Gluco+ is a delightful glucose-based ready-to-serve drink with the goodness of fruit juice & iron. An affordable means for on-the-go hydration, Tata Gluco Plus comes in a highly differentiated cup format that not only makes it stand out on the shelf but also provides a unique gulp-down experience that other formats do not offer.


Himalayan, India’s first natural mineral water brand, draws its unique benefits from its source located at the foothills of the Shivalik ranges of the Himalayas. The water collects a unique natural mineral composition with a mildly alkaline pH very similar to the human body. The water we bottle as Himalayan natural mineral water is nature’s creation at its absolute finest- untouched and unprocessed.


Good Earth Kombucha for the UK market is a specially brewed kombucha tea that is packed with natural wow! Using the finest black teas, the kombucha is lovingly fermented with live cultures to create a truly authentic taste. Made with only organic ingredients. Good Earth Kombucha is available in three flavours. Feel the tongue-tingling fizz of our lively Original Kombucha, burst with a splash of our Pomegranate and Blueberry or give your day a bubbling boost with Ginger and Lemon


Tata Fruski brings to you a tongue tickling, lip-smacking street-inspired range of refreshing drinks available in three tantalising flavours Jeera Masala, Lemon Masala and Mast Mango. Experience for yourself the ‘fruit ka majja’ and ‘street ka masala’ with Tata Fruski.

Eligibility Criteria for Tata Copper Water Dealership:

  • Should be Indian Citizen.
  • Minimum age 21 yrs. old.
  • Must have knowledge of distribution work in FMCG sector.
  • The applicants must fulfill the Tata basic business criteria.

Requirements for Tata Copper Water Dealership:

  • An initial investment of Rs. 50,000 to 2 lakh is required.
  • A space of approximately 100 to 2000 square feet is needed for the store.
  • Prospective franchisees should have the necessary financial resources.
  • Franchisees should prioritize maintaining product quality and delivering excellent customer service.
  • Understanding the local market and consumer preferences is advantageous.
  • Compliance with relevant legal and regulatory requirements is mandatory.

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Tata Copper Water Dealership Cost:

The cost to obtain a Tata Copper Water Dealership typically ranges from Rs. 50,000 to 2 lakh. This investment cost covers various aspects of starting the dealership, including initial setup, inventory, and other associated expenses. The exact amount may vary based on factors such as the location, size of the store, and specific requirements set by Tata. It’s important to assess your financial capacity and consider the potential returns before making the investment.

Additionally, it is advisable to reach out to Tata directly or their authorized representatives for precise details regarding the dealership cost and any associated terms and conditions.

Space Required for Tata Copper Water Dealership:

To open a Tata Copper Water Dealership, you will need a space ranging from 100 to 200 square feet. Choose a location with good visibility and accessibility to attract customers. Make sure the space has a layout that allows for easy product display and movement, along with storage facilities for inventory management.

If you want to take more dealership another than Tata Copper then you may need more space. Meeting these space requirements will help create an ideal environment for a successful Tata Copper Water Dealership.

Documents Required: 

  • ID Proof :- Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Voter Card
  • Address Proof :- Electricity Bill/Ration Card
  • Qualification Certificate
  • Photograph, Email Id, Mobile Number
  • Current A/C and cancel Cheque.
  • GST Number
  • Outlet Trade license
  • Shop agreement / Sale deed
  • Rent agreement
  • NOC

Tata Copper Water Dealership Profits and Margin:

Profits and Margin for any business is more interesting and important part. So, everyone should know about the profits and margin provided by the company. The exact details of the profits and margin for Tata Copper Water Dealership are not provided. However, as a dealership owner, you can expect to earn a reasonable profit margin on the sale of Tata Copper Water products.

The demand for Tata Copper Water is high, and Tata is a trusted household brand known for its quality products. Also, the low prices of their beverage products are more loved by consumers. While specific figures may vary, it is generally a lucrative opportunity with a potential for a satisfactory return on investment.

For detailed information on profits and margins, we always advise to contact directly with Tata Beverages or discuss with their representatives during the dealership application process.

How Tata Supports their Distributors ?

  • Partners are serviced by our efficient Sales Team on a regular basis.
  • Training & Development programs are conducted to develop sales force’s capabilities.
  • Build necessary IT infrastructure set up to evolve with growing needs.
  • Rigorous performance measurement systems across all levels to enhance sales effectiveness. Focus on incentivization and pay for performance to motivate Equipped sales force with new tools to increase effectiveness.
  • Fixed dispatches as per the requirement of the distributor ensuring minimal loss of sales More distribution hubs to ensure better delivery.

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How to apply for the Tata Copper Water Dealership ?

To apply for the Tata Copper Water Dealership you have to contact to the Tata Beverages directly via its official website and their social media or you can follow the below steps:

tata copper water dealership form

  • After landing on this page, scroll down to see this form.
  • Fill the form as per required.
  • Submit the form successfully.
  • If the company needs any distributor network in your desired location then they will revert you within a week other wise they will not.

Before applying for the Tata Copper Water Dealership, it is important to ensure that there is no existing Tata Copper Water Dealership in your desired location. The company will not respond to your application if there is already a franchise operating in that area. You can expect to receive a response from the company within a week via email.

Once you are in contact with the zonal manager, they will assist you in establishing and managing the courier franchise. Tata Beverages provides support and training to franchisees before the commencement of operations. The zonal manager will guide you through the setup process and provide necessary training to ensure the successful operation of your Tata Copper Water Dealership.

Tata Copper Water Dealership Contact Details:

To learn more about the Tata Copper Water Dealership Cost in India or to get in touch with their team, you can use the following contact information as mentioned below:

Phone: 1800 345 1720

Process To get Tata Copper Water Dealership:

  • Firstly you have to apply for the Distributorship. Then if company consider your profile for the distributorship then you’ll get a confirmation mail form the company.
  • They will survey your area properly, make a plan and discuss with you.
  • After a day, they proceed your process if you’ll agree.
  • Now, the area manager will help you to setup your business and make the agreement.
  • They’ll provide you training and a sales man will work with you.
  • And the process take 5 days.
  • So, after 5-7 days you can start you Tata Copper Water Dealership in India.

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FAQ(Frequently Asked Question):

Q. What is Tata Copper ?

Ans: Tata Copper Water refers to water that is stored in copper containers, leveraging the potential health benefits associated with copper.

Q. Tata Copper water packaging availability ?

Ans: Tata Copper+ is available in 2 L, 1 L, 500 ml & 250 ml bottles.

Q. How much we have to pay as security fee ?

Ans: There is no any security deposit, in the beverages segment you have to work in cash to cash.

Q. Is Food License required or not ?

Ans: Required, but if you don’t have then you can get services from our team or Click Here.

Q. What is the investment required to start a Tata Copper Water Dealership ?

Ans: The investment cost for Tata Copper Water Dealership typically ranges from Rs. 50,000 to 2 lakh.

Q. What is the space requirement to open a Tata Copper Water dealership?

Ans: The recommended space requirement for a Tata Copper Water store is about 100 to 2000 square feet.

Q. Is any experience in the beverage industry required to become a Tata Copper Water Dealer ?

Ans: No prior experience in the beverage industry is required to become a Tata Copper Water Dealer. However, knowledge of the local market and consumer preferences is advantageous.

Q. What kind of support does Tata provide to its dealership owners ?

Ans: Tata offers full support to its dealership owners, including assistance from sales managers and other concerned teams. They also provide monthly follow-ups to address any issues faced by the dealership owners.

Q. Are there any exclusive territorial rights provided for Tata Copper Water Dealerships ?

Ans: Yes, exclusive territorial rights are available for Tata Copper Water Dealerships, allowing dealers to operate in designated areas without competition from other Tata Copper Water Dealers.

Q. What is the expected return on investment (ROI) for Tata Copper Water Dealership ?

Ans: The expected ROI for Tata Copper Water Dealership is around 15%.

These FAQs should provide some basic information about Tata Copper Water Dealership. For more detailed information, it is advisable to contact Tata directly or refer to their official documentation.


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