Go Gas Dealership: Requirement, Investment, Profit, Applying Process

Go Gas Dealership: Requirement, Investment, Profit, Applying Process

If you are planning to open a LPG gas dealership by getting franchise then Go Gas dealership would be a good option for you to choose. So, today we will talk about Go Gas Dealership cost, Profit, Documents and licence, requirements and many more in this article..

go gas dealership


  • GoGas is a brand of Confidence Petroleum India Limited. It deals in Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG).
  • India’s leading company.
  • It has 1400+ dealers and 209+ Auto LPG gas station network & presence in 22 states in India.


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Benefits & Features of Go Gas Dealership

  • Getting a gas connection is easy, hassle free, minimal paper works.
  • Get a New LPG connection delivered within 48 hrs.
  • On spot connection. 

Go Gas Introduces his LPG in three Segment

  1. Domestic LPG
  2. Commercial LPG
  3. Industrial LPG

Domestic LPG

For domestic category, Go Gas design two metal size LPG cylinders and three “Elite” composite cylinders.

In Metal LPG Cylinder: 12 Kg and 15 Kg

In Elite (composite cylinders): 2 Kg, 5 Kg & 10 Kg.


Commercial Cylinders:

For Commercial market, Go Gas design two metal size LPG cylinders and one “Elite” composite cylinder.

In Metal LPG Cylinder: 17 Kg and 21 Kg

In Elite (composite cylinders): 20 Kg.

Industrial Cylinder:

For industrial market, Go gas design only two metal LPG cylinders having Size 33 Kg & 49 Kg.

Advantages of Go Gas Elite (Composite LPG Cylinder):

  • Composite cylinder light in weight.
  • Blast proof in nature.
  • Liquid Gas Visibility.
  • Energy efficient Cylinder with safety measures.
  • Rust proof body.
  • Easy regulator fitting.
  • Handle for easy lift


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Documents Required:

  • ID Proof:- Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Voter Card, Driving License
  • Address Proof:- Electricity Bill/Ration Card
  • Photograph, Email ID, Phone No.
  • Cancel Cheque
  • Business Registration
  • Lease Agreement/Sale deed


  • Trade license form Respective authority.
  • PESO (Petroleum & Explosive Department) License for cylinder storage.
  • GST Certificate.


If Loan required, then Additional documents required.

  • Last 3 years ITR
  • Pan Card
  • Audit report (If Pvt ltd)
  • Land paper of Godown for Cylinder storage.
  • Bank Statement for last 1 year (Current/Saving A/C)

Investment for Go Gas Dealership:

  1. For Commercial Cylinder.
  •  Investment for construction of Godown (5000 sqft) = 4,00,000/- (In case you have take your godown then consider monthly rent approx. 1 Lac)
  • Procurement of License from PESO Department = 60,000/-
  • Office Accessories like computer, Printer, CCTV etc = 1,00,000/-

For 200 numbers of empty Commercial cylinder Deposit (21 Kg) @ Rs 2100

Total deposit for 200 cylinders = Rs 420,000/-

Gas cost of per Kg for Commercial LPG Cylinder @ Rs 55/-

Total Cost for filling 200 cylinders = Rs 2, 31,000/-

Total Investment required for Commercial LPG Dealership will be Rs 13, 11,000/-


Note: You can start minimum from 150 cylinder depends on size of market of your area.

Expenses for Go Gas dealership:

Monthly Expenses 
Particulars of ExpensesPer Month (in Rs)
Tata Ace (Delivery Van)15000
Driver cum loader/unloader12000
Petrol / Diesel5000
Sales Person for Marketing10000
Mis. Expenses5000
Total Monthly Expenses49000/-


Commission in Go Gas dealership:

Go Gas will provides Rs 8 /- on per Kg LPG

i.e. for 21 kg = 8 x 21= Rs 168 (without deduction of  GST)

Gross profit will be per cylinder (21 Kg) = Rs 168 / –

Elite Vs Metal:

Sr. NoFeaturesElite CylinderMetal Cylinder
1.SafetyBlast ProffCan act as bomb in case of fire
2.Weight50% less weightHeavy & difficult to handle
3.LookElegant & StylishRusty & Old
4.Usage of gasEasily seenDifficult to monitor
5.TechnologyLatest & NewOld
6.RustRust proofRusty due to metal body


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Investment Go Gas dealership:

For 300 numbers of empty Composite cylinder (Elite) Deposit (10 Kg) @ Rs 1800

Total deposit for 300 cylinders = Rs 5,40,000/-

Gas cost of per Kg for Elite LPG Cylinder @ Rs 38.5/-

Total Cost for filling 300 cylinders = Rs 1, 15,000/-

Total Investment required for Elite LPG Dealership will be Rs 6, 55,500/-

Commission in Go Gas Dealership:

Go Gas will provides Rs 20 /- on per Kg Elite gas

i.e. for 10 kg = 20 x 10= Rs 200 (without deduction of GST)

Gross profit will be per cylinder (10 Kg) = Rs 200 / –


Monthly Expenses
Particulars of ExpensesPer Month (in Rs)
Salary Driver6000
EMI & Petrol Expenses of TVS two wheeler2000
E rickshaw EMI5000
Primary Transportation Charges6400
Mis. Expenses5000
Total Monthly Expenses26400/-

How to apply for the Go Gas Dealership?

To apply for the Go Gas Franchise, you can directly talk to customer care no. 7666555560 / 7620250251.

Or you can directly visit to their official website  https://gogas.co/contact-us

  • Click on the above link.
  • Fill all the required details and submit the form.
  • You get a call from your local area executive within 24 hr who guide you in setting up your shop.


F.A.Q(Frequently asked question):

Q. Can we take this dealership without any advertisement?

Ans: Yes

Q. Which type of Licence is required ?

Ans: All the documents and licence are mentioned in this article.

Q. Total Investment?

Ans: Depend on which type of category you choose.

Q. Is it profitable or not?

Ans: Yes profitable but initially you have to make more n more customer.

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