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How to take Ampere Electric Scooter Dealership ?

Ampere Electric Scooter Dealership – Investment, Earning, Requirements, Applying Process:

Ampere Vehicle was established in 2008 to supply clients with high-quality electric autos built in India that are priced at a reasonable level. Ampere is committed to supporting projects that aim to boost the number of women working in the automotive sector, where women now make up 30 percent of the skilled workforce.

Ampere Electric Scooters had already seen the potential of electric vehicles as a form of the next generation of mobility by the time electric vehicles were first made available for purchase in India. Driving an electric car benefits the environment, saves money on petrol, decreases pollutants, and is financially beneficial.


Ampere Electric Scooter Company Details:

TypePrivately Held
IndustryMotor Vehicle Manufacturing
HeadquartersBengaluru, Karnataka
Hemalatha Annamalai
Electric Vehicle Manufacturer and Electric 2 Wheeler


Ampere Electric Scooter Features:

  • The battery may be removed, making this a genuinely portable battery. Because of this, you may charge the battery wherever you happen to be, whether at home or work. The battery must be charged from dead to complete for about a day. The charger is micro controller-based; thus, the battery is safe.
  • The speedometer, odometer reading, and remaining battery life are all shown as digital readouts on the dashboard. Regarding the buttons, they work just great.
  • The electric motor is relatively quiet if it produces any noise. As a result, the functioning of the electric scooter does not result in any audible noise.
  • This scooter has a headlight, and a taillight made entirely of LEDs. The ability to see well in the dark is restored. The shape of an arrow is incorporated into its headlights.
  • Fork indications are indicators that are mounted on the handlebars of the bicycle.
  • The scooter is highly recommended to be equipped with a security alarm to prevent it from being stolen.
  • Its engines may function in any of two unique modes, depending on the situation. These two items will help you save both money and time. When you switch to Economy mode, your travel distance will rise.
  • There are two shock absorber included in the system. Even on rough terrain, it makes for a more comfortable ride. The front shock’s length may change, which is not possible with standard shocks. Several springs have been wound into coils at the rear of the shock absorber.
  • One of the most notable features of this scooter is its innovative synchronized braking system. When you apply pressure to the rear brake, the front brake will also be engaged. Drums with a capacity of 130 MM have been made available by HBS.
  • Regenerative braking is a function that is available on the Ampere Zeal electric vehicle. When you apply the brakes, a small amount of charge is transferred to the battery.
  • Tubeless tyres are mounted to the scooter. When driving around town, it’s a big help having something like this.
  • Capability on sloping terrain Inclines of up to 13 degrees is manageable for a single rider on the scooter, and up to 8 degrees are manageable for two riders.
  • Warranty on the battery The manufacturer offers a guarantee on the battery for three years.
  • Weight: The weight of the scooter is 78 kilograms.
  • Seat: The amount of available space in the center has been diminished. Pillion passengers don’t have

Ampere Electric Scooter- Price, Images, Mileage, Specifications, and More:

The cheap pricing at which Ampere electric scooters can be bought has garnered a lot of acclaim from customers, in addition to the fact that these scooters come jam-packed with exciting accessories.

Ampere Reo Plus:

ampere electric scooter reo

On our shortlist, the Ampere Reo plus electric scooter emerges in the top place. It was one of the first models in the Ampere series of electric scooters to reach the market, and it is the model that people start with when they buy a product from the Reo brand.

Its slick and ingenious design, which rapidly wins over its customers and contributes to the product’s broad adoption, is one possible explanation for this phenomenon. The passengers will have a pleasant and stress-free trip due to the ample sitting space and legroom provided by the vehicle.

The Ampere Reo Plus is equipped with many useful additional features, such as an ignition switch, digital gauges, a USB charging outlet, telescopic suspensions, a footrest for the passenger, tubeless tyres, aluminum wheels, and many more.

Specifications: –

Customers love the Ampere Reo Plus because of its incredible mobility, high-caliber performance, ample load capacity, and robust construction.

Top Speed (kmph)25
Battery TypeLithium-ion (advanced)
Motor250 W – BLDC
WarrantyBattery – 2 years

Other Equipment – 1 year

Range55 to 60 km per charge
Charging Time (hours)5 – 6
Battery48 V / 24 Ah – Lithium-ion (advanced)
Kerb Weight70 kilograms
Loading Weight120 kilograms

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Ampere Magnus:

ampere electric scooter magnus

The Ampere Magnus Scooter is the one that comes next on our list of possible purchases to consider making. The Magnus is one of the Ampere Electric Scooters models that has proven to be quite popular with customers. The opulent furniture and the elegant interior layout play a significant role in this phenomenon for several reasons.

Driving on Indian roads is made much easier because the Ampere Magnus has many features that enhance its overall performance, comfort level, and protection level. Thanks to its robust hub motor and sturdy construction, it is an excellent choice for dealing with challenging road conditions and heavy traffic.

In addition to having sufficient legroom and sturdy shock absorbers, the Ampere Magnus also has telescopic suspensions in both the front and back of the vehicle. These suspensions allow the front and rear axles to move independently.

It has a keyless entry system, an anti-theft alarm, and a sophisticated brake system, all of which work together to keep you secure. Additionally, it has an anti-lock braking system.

Specifications: –

Ampere Magnus’s unparalleled velocity, efficiency, and lightning-fast charging time have made it a household name throughout the nation.

Top Speed (kmph)47 – 53
Mileage80 km per charge
Motor1200 W – BLDC
Battery TypeLithium-ion (advanced)
SuspensionTelescopic (front)

Coil Spring (rear)

Standard Warranty3 years
Range80 km
Charging Time (hours)5 – 6
Battery RatingLithium-ion (advanced)
Brake TypeMechanical – Drum type

Harmonic braking system

Loading Capacity150 kilograms (max)

Ampere Zeal Ex

ampere electric scooter zeal

The Ampere Zeal Ex is the product that best exemplifies the company’s motto, “mobility made with passion,” since it perfectly combines a stylish exterior and a wealth of valuable functions in everyday life. At the very least, this is the promise being made about an electric scooter that runs on “new-age energy” and gives its rider “zeal” while they commute to and from work each day.

The Zeal Ex is a good solution for families with children because of the large cabin and the high degree of standard safety measures.

The Zeal Ex’s many safety features, including its anti-theft alarm, sturdy body construction, and revolutionary Harmonic braking system, are just a few of the things that set it apart from the competition and make it superior to other goods that are pretty similar to it in nature.

Specifications: –

The Zeal Ex has garnered worldwide appreciation because of its unrivaled power and range and its streamlined design.

Top Speed (kmph)47 – 53
Battery TypeLithium-ion (advanced)
SuspensionTelescopic (front)

Coil Spring (rear)

Standard Warranty3 years
Range75 km (max)
Charging Time (hours)5 – 6
Battery Rating60V / 28Ah
Brake TypeMechanical – Drum type

Harmonic braking system

Loading Capacity150 kilograms

To see all the electric scooter launched by the Ampere Company, you can visit the company’s official website. Click Here


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Now we will discuss about Ampere Electric Scooter Dealership that if someone opens this electric scooter dealership then it will be beneficial or not. So, we’ll discuss about the investment, earning, applying process and review.

Basic Requirements for Ampere Electric Scooter Dealership:

  • Should have an ability to invest 20 Lakh to 25 Lakh.
  • Experience in important items.
  • Should have space for Godown 800 sqft.
  • You should have 1800 sqft area.
  • Ability of Management/Supervision.

Note: Area should be at Ground Floor and Frontage for showroom (Minimum) 20 – 30 ft.

Ampere Electric Scooter Dealership Cost:

  • Godown/ Space for showroom/service center= 10 Lac
  • Interior Infrastructure: 5 Lac to 10 lac
  • Initial Stock (30 scooter – 40 scooter)
  • Spare Parts for Service Bike = 5 Lac
  • Working Capital = 20 Lac
  • Computer System, Printer, Internet Connectivity, Phones & Staff Dress = 1 Lac.
  • License fee: 20,000

Total Investment 50 Lakh  to 60 lakh (Approximate)


Monthly Expenses for Electric Scooter Showroom:

Salary: You have to pay salary to all the staff (Sales person, Technician, Accountant, Back office staff) = approx 60000 .

Electricity & Internet Bill: 5000

Marketing: 5000

Rent(If rented): 15,000 to 20,000

Total Expenses: Approx 80,000 to 1,00,000.


Space Requirements for the Ampere Electric Scooter Dealership:

If you want to open a electric scooter showroom then for the main dealers must have minimum of 2000 sqft.

Frontage35 sq. ft.
Showroom1200 sq. ft.
Workshop800 sq. ft.
Minimum area2000 sq. ft.


Documents & License:

  • Personal Documents like Aadhar card, Pan Card, Voter ID
  • Email, Contact no., Passport size pic
  • Address Proff (Electricity Bill)
  • ITR for Last 2 years
  • Commercial space paper (1000 sqft)
  • Experience of Business (If applicable)
  • Business Registration
  • Udhyam registration
  • EPF & ESIC
  • Establishment License
  • GST Registration
  • Electricity Permission (for transformer)


Commission on per scooter & other incomes:

All the commission of Ampere Electric Scooter Dealership on per e-bike is given below:

There is 10% – 12% (Net commission)

Commission on accessories: 30% on MRP.


Profits of Ampere Electric Scooter Dealers:

  1. Bikes Commission
  2. Instant Discount by company whenever Bike Orders by cash
  3. Extra Accessories
  4. Finance (4%)
  5. Extra Bonus for Sales target Achieve in sales & Service
  6. Insurance Agent Commission

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How to apply for the Ampere Electric Scooter Dealership ?

To apply for the Ampere Electric Scooter Dealership, you have to follow some steps which is given below:

  • Visit :
  • Click on the above link.

ampere electric scooter dealership apply

  • After landing on this page you can see apply now button to become dealership.
  • Click on the button apply Now.

ampere electric scooter dealership apply

  • You get new page, where you have to fill your details.
  • Fill all the details properly and submit the form successfully.
  • Within 1 week the company will contact you.

Before applying make sure there are no any already dealers in your location of ampere electric scooter. In this case the company will not approve your dealership.


Ampere Electric Scooter Contact Details:

If you have any query related Ampere electric scooter dealership then you can contact them via the available contact details I’ve mentioned below:

Registered Office

Greaves Electric Mobility Pvt Ltd, 150/ 1B, Nanthavana Thottam, Kannampalayam, Sulur, Coimbatore – 641 402, Tamil Nadu.

Email: customersupport@amperevehicles.com

Toll Free: 1800 123 9262


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