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BattRE Electric Scooter Dealership- Eligibility, Requirements, Cost, Profits, Applying Process, Contact Details

BattRE Electric Scooter Dealership- Eligibility, Requirements, Cost, Profits, Applying Process, Contact Details

Do you want to become a dealers or a franchise of a popular brand in India? Are you planning to start a e-vehicle dealership in your location? Want to take up a business with a World-class brand in the two wheeler industry? So, choosing BattRE Electric Scooter Dealership would be a great option. In this article we’ll discuss about getting BattRE Electric Scooters dealership, investment, commission, applying process, documents required and much more.

BattRE Electric Scooter Dealership

The top Indian leading players in Electric Two Wheelers by providing customers best of the electric mobility experiences through continuous research and development. Batt:RE Electric Mobility, is a startup that has been ideated and incubated with the purpose of achieving all inclusive and sustainable modes of transportation using renewable energy sources.

To provide Indian societies with Zero Emission vehicles, Batt:RE Electric Mobility continuously works on innovation and technology in association with its technology partner to provide our customers with best of the technology experience and our customers can reach their destinations without harming the environment .

Electric Vehicles are not going to take the market by storm, but it’s going to be a gradual improvement. No doubt, the demand for vehicles in India has increased numerously during the last decade adding to the rapidly increasing pollution levels in the country. Considering Increasing Pollution in India, many companies adopted the technology of producing electric scooters which will surely overcome the challenges of environmental pollution and it will be eco-friendly as well as economical.

Since 2017, they’ve been revolutionizing our commute experience by enabling integration between technology and mobility solutions to make life experiences seamless.

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BattRE Electric Scooter Company Details: 

TypePrivately Held
IndustryElectric Vehicle, Electronics goods
HeadquartersJaipur, Rajasthan
FounderMr. Nishchal Choudhary
SpecialtiesE-vehicles, lithium ion battery, e-bikes, e-rickshaws, and solar solutions

Indian Ev 2 Wheeler Industry:

  • EV is Excellent economical alternative to fuel vehicles.
  • FDI inflows in the automobile sector stood at US$ 85 billion (Rs.156000000000) (1.56 Lakh Cr).
  • India also has a significant cost advantage that attract investment in the sector.
  • India is expected to become a leader in shared mobility by 2030, providing opportunities for electric.
  • 20000000 (2cr) TW sold every year in India. Approx. 18900000 (189 lakh) E2W to be sold annually by 2025, Business opportunity worth 1,228,500,000,000.
  • Government is pushing EV in a manner never seen before, large use of EV will not only help a better climate but also save huge amount of fuel.

Indian EV 2 wheeler Market: 

2 Wheelers are expected to be one of the early adopters of electrification. High vehicle utilization and easy home or work place charging would drive the uptake in the commercial 2W segment.

Ola Electric Scooter Dealership


Projected Explosive Growth in Electric 2W (Based on government roadmap)

  • 1.26 Lacs :Electric 2W sales on Road (2019)
  • 189 Lacs: Electric 2W Sales in Year (2025)


Current Two Wheeler Sales in India – 20 Million

  • All new 2W sales of less than 150cc to be Electric 2W by 2025.
  • 35% of all vehicles to be electric by 2030.
  • All new vehicles sales to be 100% pure Electric by 2047.


Indian Govt Promoting EVS:

  • Centre plans one EV station at each of 69,000 petrol pumps.
  • India plans $4.6 billion in incentives for battery makers in EV push.
  • GST rate reduction from 12% to 5%.
  • Additional income tax deduction of Rs 1.5 lakh On the interest paid on loans taken to purchase EVs.
  • Many State Govt grants 100% vehicle tax waiver to EV’s.
  • Big companies like Amazon going the EV


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Why to choose BattRE Electric Scooter ?

Basic Criteria for the BattRE Electric Scooter Dealership:

  1. Age should be minimum 21 years.
  2. Should be 12th / Graduate.
  3. Should have capacity to 20 Lakh to 25 Lakh.
  4. Experience in relevant products.
  5. Should have space for Godown 500 sqft.
  6. You should have 1500 sqft area(1000 sqft for showroom and 500 for service Center).
  7. Ability of Management/Supervision.

NoteArea should be at Ground Floor and Frontage for showroom (Minimum) 20 – 30 ft.


BattRE Electric Scooter Dealership Cost:

If you want to take BattRE Electric Scooters in your area then, you need approximate INR 27 lakh to start. Depends on your location that any other dealer is already available or not. If available then you can start with low investment as sub- dealers.

  1. Refundable Security Money: 2 Lac
  2. Sales & Service Spare Parts: 1 Lac
  3. Initial Stock (40 Bikes) = 16 Lac
  4. Battery(15 nos.): 2 Lac
  5. Working Capital = 5 Lac
  6. Computer System, Printer, Internet Connectivity, Phones & Staff Dress = 1
  7. License fee: 10,000
  8. BattRE Recharge Station: 3500

Total Investment 27 Lakh (Approximate)


Space Required for the BattRE Electric Scooter Dealership Showroom:

If you want to open BattRE Electric Scooter Dealership then you need Total Area of 1,500 Sq. Ft. In which  for Showroom 700 Sq. Ft., Workshop 300 Sq. Ft, warehouse 500 Sq. Ft. But if you want to open your showroom then you may need more space.


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Product Details Of BattRE Electric Scooter:

The company offers a range of electric scooter variants through its brand portfolio which is given below:

BattRE ONE Technical Specifications:

Range85 km/charge
Motor TypeBLDC
Battery TypeLithium Ferro Phosphate
Battery Capacity48 V, 30 Ah
Brakes Front/RearDisk
Wheels TypeAlloy
Tyre TypeTubeless

BattRE Electric Scooter Dealership


BattRE LO:EV Technical Specifications:

Range60 km/charge
Motor TypeBLDC
Battery TypeLithium Ion
Battery Capacity48 V, 24 Ah
Brakes Front/RearDisc
Kerb Weight60 Kg
StartingPush Button Start
Wheels TypeSheet Metal
Tyre TypeTubeless

BattRE Electric IOT price start at Rs. 59,900(Ex-Showroom). 

BattRE Electric Scooter Dealership

BattRE IOT Technical Specifications:

Range85 km/charge
Motor Type250-watt BLDC motor
Battery TypeLithium ion
Battery Capacity48 V, 30 Ah
Brakes Front/RearDisk
Kerb Weight65 Kg
Wheels TypeAlloy
Tyre TypeTubeless
BattRE Electric IOT price start at Rs. 79,999 (Ex-Showroom). 

BattRE Electric Scooter Dealership

BattRE gps:ie Technical Specifications:

65 km/charge
Motor TypeBLDC
Battery Type
Lithium Ferro Phosphate
Battery Capacity48 V, 24 Ah
Brakes Front/RearDisc
Kerb Weight65 Kg
StartingRemote Start,Push Button Start
Wheels TypeAlloy
Tyre TypeTubeless

BattRE Electric IOT price start at Rs. 64,990(Ex-Showroom). 


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Documents & License Required:

  1. Personal Documents like Aadhar card, Pan Card, Voter ID
  2. Email, Contact no., Passport size pic
  3. Address Proof (Electricity Bill)
  4. Showroom space paper (1000 sqft)
  5. Experience of Business (If applicable)
  6. Business Registration
  7. Udhyam registration
  8. EPF & ESIC (If required)
  9. Establishment License
  10. GST Registration


BattRE Electric Scooter Dealership Profit:

There is 12% (Gross commission) or Rs 8000 per electric Scotty.

Commission on accessories: 30% -40% on MRP (Net Profit).

If you may sell 30 number e-bike in a month, then

Average profit will be = 6000 per e-scooter.

Then total gross profit will be = 6000X 30 = Rs 1,80,000/-


BattRE Electric Scooter Dealership Showroom Expenses:

All the possible expenses in operating electric scooter dealership are given below: 

SlNo.Showroom ExpensesAmount (Rs)
1.Salary of onboard Staff 




2.Electricity bill5000
3.Miscellaneous Expense5,000
Total Expenses53,000

Net Profit= Gross Profit- Expenses = 1,80,000 – 53,000

Total Net Profit from showroom will be = 1,27,000/-


Service Work profit:

Service work profit depend on the number of e bike visit per day in the service center. So, we can’t predict.


Profits of BattRE Electric Scooter Dealers:

  1. Bikes Commission
  2. Instant Discount by company whenever Bike Orders by cash
  3. Extra Accessories
  4. Finance (4%)
  5. Extra Bonus for Sales target Achieve in sales & Service
  6. Insurance Agent Commission

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How to Apply for the BattRE Electric Scooters Dealership ?

To apply for the BattRE Electric Scooters , you have to follow some steps which is given below:

  • For the dealership you have to visit its official website: Click Here
  • Click on the above link.
  • After landing on the new BattRE Dealers enquiry page, they ask some details.
  • Fill all the required details.
  • Finally submit the form successfully.
  • After submitting all the details you will get thank you message.
  • So this is the final step, and you are successfully registered for BattRE Electric Scooter Dealership. In case you have any questions or queries, then you can ask us in the comment section below at any time.
  • Within a week the company’s executive will contact you and share you the all details. If they not reply then you can call on number: +91-8306793900 & & +91-7383366666.

BattRE Electric Scooters Contact Number:

If you have any query related to the Dealership or you want to reach out to the Company, you can contact them via the available contact options that I’ve mentioned below!

Batt:RE Electric Mobility Pvt. Ltd.

Address: 351, 80 feet Rd, Guru marg, Vinayak City, Neemera, Sirsi Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302012

Phone: +91-8306793900 & +91-7383366666

Email: hello@battre.in


F.A.Q(Frequently asked question):

Q. What is the investment cost for the BattRE Electric Scooters ?
Ans: If you want to open BattRE Electric Scooters showroom then you need approximately Rs 27 Lac – 30 lac rupees.

Q. Is electric bike dealership profitable?

Ans: Yes. its Profits & Margin is really high and it is one of the best investment opportunities for the new entrepreneurs and for individuals who want to start up a 2- wheeler electric dealership business. And In coming era there will be high demand of electric vehicle.

Q. What is the difference between electric scooter and electric bike?

Ans: Electric scooters are non-geared two-wheelers that work like a regular scooter but run on electricity. The components and other electrical parts all covered that give the rider an extra layer of safety, on every route.

Q. Total Investment for BattRE Electric Scooter Dealership in India ?

Ans: If you want to take BattRE Electric Scooters in your area then, you need approximate INR 27 lakh to start. Depends on your location that any other dealer is already available or not. If available then you can start with low investment as sub- dealers.

  1. Refundable Security Money: 2 Lac
  2. Interior works: 5 Lac
  3. Sales & Service Spare Parts: 5 Lac
  4. Initial Stock (20 Bikes) = 13 Lac – 15 Lac.
  5. Working Capital = 5 Lac
  6. Computer System, Printer, Internet Connectivity, Phones & Staff Dress = 1 Lac
  7. License fee: 10,000

Q. Do I need a driving license, Insurance or Registration ?

Ans: No, you don’t. For all intents and purposes, it’s simply a scooter that travels at 25 KmPH, saving you time and hassle. The law does require the use of a helmet and riders to be at least 16 years old. Check your local state laws for requirements.

Q. What are the running cost for riding BattRE Electric Scooter ?

Ans: You will have no worries about rising fuel prices at the pumps. All the electrically powered vehicles use household electricity. The average cost per kilometre is about 10 paisa per kilometre. E.g., Riding your bike for 100 kilometres would cost you 10 Rupees.

Q. How much time BattRE Electric Scooter takes to fully charge the battery ?

Ans: It depends on the state of discharge, but it take around 2.5 – 3 hours if completely discharged.

Q. How can I apply for BattRE Electric Scooters Dealership?

Ans: All the information is given above. You can call on number: +91-8306793900 & +91-7383366666  . Or you can mail on hello@battre.in


Disclaimer: This is not the official website of Battre Electric Scooter. So, the information given in this article may vary from place to place.

If you need any help from our team then please fill the contact form our team will contact you soon. And if you like this post then please share this post.

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