How to apply for the Asian Paints Dealership?

Asian Paints Dealership- Requirements, Investment, Profit, Applying Process, Contact Details

Asian Paints is a multinational paint company headquartered in Mumbai, India. It is one of the largest paint companies in the world and is known for its wide range of products, including decorative and industrial paints. The company was founded in 1942 and has since expanded to operate in over 65 countries. Asian Paints has a strong presence in the Indian market and also has a significant market share in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa.

It offers a wide range of products including interior and exterior paints, wood finishes, waterproofing solutions, and more. Asian Paints also offers a variety of services such as home painting services, and color consultancy services. The company has several subsidiaries and joint ventures, including Berger International Limited and Taubmans, which operate in various countries.

Asian Paints Dealership

It also has a strong focus on sustainability and has implemented various initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, such as using renewable energy and reducing emissions from its manufacturing processes. Asian Paints also has a strong reputation for corporate social responsibility, with a focus on education, community development, and disaster relief. Asian Paints also operates a number of retail outlets, called Colour World, which serve as one-stop-shop for all painting needs. It has distribution network of over 55,000+ dealers. Gradually company introduces new-new products and spread his network and dealers.

So today we will discuss about the Paint dealership business, so if you are planning to start a paint dealership business, want to join with good paint company then choosing Asian Paints dealership would be a great option. In this article, we will discuss about the Asian Paints dealership, Investment, profits & margin, Documents, Space Requirements and many more. 


Asian Paints Company Details:
TypePublic Company
Industry Chemicals
Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Chemicals
  • Decorative paints
  • Industrial finishing products
  • Coatings
Asian Paint Listed Share BSE: 50082  & NSE: ASIANPAINT

Why to choose Asian Paints Dealership ?

  • Asian Paints is a well-established and reputable brand in the paint industry, with a strong presence in India.
  • Company offers a wide range of paint products for both residential and commercial use.
  • Asian Paints provides training and support to its dealers to run their businesses effectively.
  • Dealers can take benefit from the company’s marketing and advertising efforts, which can help to attract customers to their businesses.
  • Asian Paints has a strong distribution network, which can make it easier for dealers to access the products.
  • The company also has strong digital presence, this can enable to dealers to have more customer reach and more leads.

What is Asian Paints Dealership ?

A Asian Paints dealership is a business relationship between Asian Paints and the dealer. Under this agreement, the dealer is authorized to sell Asian Paint’s products in a specific area. As a dealer, you will be responsible for running your own business and managing your own sales and marketing efforts, but you will also receive support from Asian Paints in the form of training, marketing materials, and access to the company’s products.

By becoming Asian Paints dealership, you will have the opportunity to run your own business while also being part of a well-established and reputable brand in the paint industry.

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Eligibility Criteria for Asian Paints Dealership:

  • Applicant should completed the age of 21 years.
  • Applicant qualification should be 10th .
  • The applicants should free from any criminal cases.
  • Should Knowledge about the Paint Business.

Requirement for Asian Paints Dealership:

  • Financial Requirement: You will need to have access to sufficient financial resources to start and run your dealership. This can include funds for inventory, equipment, and other business expenses.
  • Business experience: Asian Paints may require that you have prior experience in running a business or managing a sales team.
  • Space: Depending on the level of dealership you apply for, you may need to have a physical location to store and display the Asian Paints products.
  • Sales and Marketing Skills: You will be responsible for promoting and selling the products, so having good sales and marketing skills can be beneficial.
  • Local Market Knowledge: Having a good understanding of the local market and customer needs can help you to identify opportunities and make informed business decisions.
  • Legal Compliance: You will have to comply with all local laws and regulations related to running a business.
  • Background Check: You may have to provide personal and professional details, and go through a background check before getting into dealership.


Asian Paints Dealership Cost:

If you want to start Asian Paints dealership then the cost of becoming a Asian paints dealership depends on many factors like location, size of the dealership and the agreement. Even it also depend on whether you are a new dealership or an existing dealership looking to add Asian Paints to your product line. It is always best to contact Asian Paints directly to inquire about the Asian Paints Dealership Cost. But Asian paint dealership cost includes a number of expenses:

  • It totally depends on you that in which scale you are going to start this dealership.
  • Security deposit: The amount that the company has to pay as security depends on many factors like location, size of the dealership.
  • Initial Stock Purchase & Fee 4 lakh to 5 lakhs (including GST). But it is a business like the more you invest in this business, the less you will feel.
  • Color mixing machine 1.5 lakh to 2 lakhs (Semi- automatic and fully automatic)
  • Shop Interior – 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh (Racks, interior, signage boards, furniture etc.)
  • Computer system, printer, Billing software = 50,000/-
  • Other Expenses = 20,000/-
  • Shop deposit and first month rent(Depends on area)
  • Marketing and Advertising: The cost of marketing and advertising the dealership is usually borne by the company.

You need approximate INR 12-15 lakhs to start Asian Paints dealership.

Space Requirement for Asian Paints Dealership:

The space requirement for Asian Paints dealership may vary depending on the size and type of dealership. However, in general, a Asian paints Dealership usually requires at least 1500 to 2000 square feet of retail space. However, if you are planning to sell other materials together with paint and other company’s paint then you may require more space. The location should be located in a high traffic area, preferably in a commercial or industrial area, where it is easily accessible to customers.

The space should have enough space to store inventory, display paint samples, and have a consultation area. Additionally, the space must have proper ventilation and lighting to ensure that paint products are stored in optimal conditions.

To get the most accurate and updated information on location requirement for Asian Paints dealership it is always recommended to contact the company directly.


Important Documents:

To become an Asian Paints dealership, you will need to submit an application and provide some documents to the company. These may includes:

  • Personal identification and address proof for all partners or directors of the company( Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Voter Card)
  • Address Proof :- Electricity Bill/Ration Card
  • Qualification Certificate
  • Photograph, Email Id, Mobile Number
  • Financial documents, such as bank statements and income tax returns
  • Business registration documents, such as a GST registration certificate, PAN card, and company incorporation certificate
  • Outlet Trade license
  • Proof of business premises, such as a lease agreement or rent receipt
  • Business plan outlining your sales and marketing strategy for the dealership
  • Rent agreement
  • NOC


Asian Paints Dealership Profits Margin:

The profit margins for dealerships can vary depending on a number of factors such as location, competition, and operating costs. It would be best to contact Asian Paints directly or consult with a financial advisor for more information on dealership profits margins.

Your profits and margin depends on the total sales you have made. If you are able to make enough sales, then you will be eligible for company bonus schemes. These schemes usually start after 6 -12 months from the date, you start your dealership. If you succeed in meeting those sales targets, then you can expect good profits. You can expect a profit margin of approximately 5% to 10% on Asian paints dealership. But Asian Paints is a publicly traded company, and as such, information on dealership profits margins would not be publicly available. So, for correct information about the profits margin plz contact to the Asian Paints sales team.


How to apply for the Asian Paints dealership?

If you want to get the Asian paints dealership then first of all you need to contact your area sales manager. You can get his number by submitting a query form.

For apply you have to visit, fill all the details and submit the query form. 

You get a call from Asian Paints executive within 24 hrs.

Or, you can directly call to customer care on 1800-209-5678.

The sales manager will get in touch with you. He may ask you about your shop location and your financial background.

Or you can get all the details about the Asian Paints Dealership cost by showing an interest through the mail to the company. You’ll get the reply by the company as possible as.

Before applying for the dealership make sure that there should not be any other Asian paints dealer in a 2-3 kilo meter radius from your planned shop. If there is any Asian paint dealer nearby, then the chances of you getting a dealership are very less.


Asian Paints Dealership Contact Number:

If you want to take Asian Paint Dealership then you may contact to the company via given details as I’ve mentioned below:

Asian Paints Dealership


Address: Asian Paints Limited, Asian Paints House 6A, Shantinagar, Santacruz (E), Mumbai – 400 055, India.

Tel: 022 – 6218 1000

Toll free: 1800 – 209 – 5678




More Paint Dealership Available:


Process To get Asian Paints Dealership

If you want to take paint dealership then process of getting a Asian Paints Dealership involves the following steps:

  • Research: Research the company, the paint industry and the local market to determine whether a Asian paints dealership is a good fit for you.
  • Contact the company: Contact Asian Paints directly and show your interest in becoming a dealership. They will provide you the necessary information and application form.
  • Submit an application: Complete and submit the application, along with any required documents, such as proof of business registration, financial statements, and a business plan.
  • Interview: The company will conduct an interview process with you. You will get the chance to talk about your qualifications, experience, and plans for the dealership during the interview.
  • Approval and Agreement: If your application is approved, you will be required to sign an agreement with the company.
  • Training: You will be provided with training and support to help you run the dealership successfully.
  • Store setup: You will be required to set up and equip the store as per the company’s guidelines and standards.
  • Grand opening: The grand opening will happen before you open the store, from that time your  Asian Paints dealership will start functioning.



In conclusion, becoming an Asian Paints dealership can be a profitable business, but the profit margins can vary depending on various factors. It is important to do a research, to determine the potential profitability of an Asian Paints dealership in your area. But, it would be best to contact Asian Paints directly to inquire about dealership opportunities and to get a better understanding of the company’s expectations and requirements for dealership partners. So, if you are watching to start for a paint dealership business then you can choose Asian Paints dealership.


FAQ(Frequently Asked Question):

Q. What are the requirements for becoming an Asian Paints dealership?

Ans: Eligible dealers must fulfil a number of requirements, such as having a good location and strong financial resources. Also, Asian Paints may define sales and marketing goals that dealers must achieve.

Q. How much does it cost to become an Asian Paints dealership?

Ans: The cost of becoming Asian Paints dealer can vary depending on the location and the scope of the dealership. The dealers may be required to make an initial investment in inventory and marketing materials.  But if you are starting your paint dealership business then you must have at least 10 lakh to 15 lakh.

Q. How can I become a Asian paints dealer ?

Ans: To become a Asian paints dealer, you can contact Asian Paints Limited directly or visit their website for more information for the application process. You may also contact your local Asian paints distributor for more information.

Q. What are the benefits of becoming an Asian Paints dealership?

Ans: Becoming an Asian Paints dealership can provide access to a reputable and well-established brand, a wide range of products and services, and training and support from the company. Also being an Asian Paints dealer can also open opportunities for growth and expansion.

Q. Are there any ongoing fees for being an Asian Paints dealer?

Ans: There may be ongoing fees for being an Asian Paints dealer such as annual renewal fees or marketing fees.

Q. Can I operate an Asian Paints dealership online?

Ans: Asian Paints allows online dealership operations. The company may have specific requirements and guidelines for online dealership operations, so it’s best to contact Asian Paints directly for more information.

Q. Asian Paint Dealership business is a good idea or not ?

Ans: Everything has a two side one is advantages and some disadvantages. So, if you are opening your shop in such place where the demand of Paint is very high then you can make more profit and also increase you earning. So, before opening paint shop do survey in your area then decide the potential of the paint market.

Q. What types of paint does Asian Paints offer ?

Ans: Asian Paints offers a wide range of paint products for both interior and exterior use. This includes emulsions, enamels, distempers, wood finishes, and textured coatings etc. They also offer a range of specialty paints like water-proofing, heat-reflective and more.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of Asian Paints dealerships in a specific area?

Ans: Asian Paints may limit the number of dealerships in a specific area to ensure fair competition and maintain their brand standards.

Q. Is Asian Paints dealership profitable or not ?

Ans: Yes, this company provide more profit on all products. By the way the margins varry in this business time to time. And if you want to make more money from Paint dealership business then every paint company has a target and some scheme. So, if you achieve your sales target then then you’ll be eligible for the schemes.

Q. Is there any Security Deposit in Asian Paints dealership or not?

Ans:  No, there is no any security deposit, only you have to Purchase Initial Stock of 3 lakh to 5 lakhs (including GST).

Q. Where can I find a Asian paints dealer near me ?

Ans: You can visit the Asian Paints website and use their dealer locator tool to find a dealer near you. You can also contact Asian Paints Limited directly or visit your local paint distributor for more information.

Q. How do I contact Asian Paints for support or additional information?

Ans: Asian Paints can be contacted through their official website, email, or phone. Also, dealers will have access to a dedicated support team.


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