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How to open Yamaha Bike Dealership Showroom ?

Yamaha Bike Dealership Showroom- Requirements, Investment, Profits, Applying Process

Yamaha Motor made its debut in India in 1985 as a joint venture. In August 2001, it became a 100% subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd, Japan. In 2008, Mitsui & Company Limited entered into an agreement with YMC to become joint investors in India Yamaha Motor Private Limited.

Its manufacturing facilities include 2 state-of-the-art plants at Surajpur (Uttar Pradesh) and Kancheepuram (Tamil Nadu). The infrastructure at these plants supports the production of two-wheelers and parts for the domestic as well as overseas markets.

Yamaha bike dealership/ Yamaha dealership

Yamaha Motor India Pvt. Ltd. (YMI) is a 100% subsidiary of YMC and functions as the regional headquarters and corporate control body of India business operations for YMC. They are responsible for Corporate Planning & Strategy, Business Planning & Business Expansion and Quality & Compliance Assurance of Yamaha India Business. And Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt. Ltd. (YMIS) is a 100% subsidiary of YMC and supports IYM to market and sell its motorcycles & scooters in domestic as well as export markets. Indian Yamaha Motor is highly customer-driven and has a country-wide network of over 2,200 customer touch-points including 500+ dealers.

So if you are planning to open a sports bike dealership showroom and you are confused which company to choose then choose only Yamaha bike dealership which is one of the best sports bike worldwide. So, today in this article we’ll discuss about the Yamaha Dealership applying process, its investment, requirements, profits & margin and many things.

Yamaha Company’ India Details:
Type Of CompanyPublic
IndustryMotor Vehicle Manufacturing
Founded (Year)1995
HeadquartersChennai, Tamilnadu
SpecialtiesFuture Mobility, Sustainable Mobility, Racing, and Motorsports

Why to choose Yamaha Dealership ?

  • Yamaha offers a good supplementary business to your existing business, with an assured income every month at a minimal initial investment in infrastructure.
  • The widest range of products, from mopeds to scooters to high-end bikes, each caters to an exceptional array of customers. In this way you can have the wonderful chance to offer advanced items to the largest set of customers to increase profits.
  • The company also provides operational and spare parts support to the two-wheelers offered for sale at the respective Yamaha bike dealerships.
  • It also provide support to dealers to setup his business and to increase its showroom sales.

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Yamaha Bike Dealership Business Model:

If you want to take Yamaha Dealership then you can open by some ways which are given below:

  • Main Dealer: In this you’ll be the main dealers your stock will directly come from company. And you will be the authorized dealers of that place. And to be a main dealers of any location you must have more investment.
  • SUB-Dealer: If you have less investment and already a Yamaha bike dealers in your location then you can start as a SUB dealers. You can start with minimum of 5-10 vehicle.
  • Spare-Parts Distributorship: You can join as a spare parts distributors of a particular location. In this you can only deal with the spare parts not bike and scooters. And generally the investment depends on the location.

Yamaha Bike:

Here are some list of the bike and scooter of the Yamaha Company which will be available for the sell if you take the dealership of the Yamaha. Presently, its product portfolio includes Sports models such as Blue-Core Technology enabled models such as Sports model YZF-R15 version 4.0 (155 cc), FZS 250 CC, FZ 250 CC, MT-15 V 2.0 (Fuel-Injected 155cc), FZ-S FI (Fuel-Injected, 149 cc), FZ FI (Fuel-Injected, 149 cc), Fuel-injected 125cc Scooter Hybrid Range of Ray-ZR Street Rally 125 Fi (125 cc), Ray-ZR 125 Fi (125 cc), Fascino 125 Fi (125 cc) and Aerox (155 cc)

Yamaha bike dealership/ Yamaha dealership

For more bike/scooter brochure you can Click Here.

Space Requirements for the Yamaha Dealership:

If you want to open Yamaha Bike dealership showroom then you must know some thing about the space area. For your knowledge I’ve mentioned all the information about the space requirements for the Yamaha Bike Dealership and sub dealership which is given below:

ParticularsMain DealershipSUB- Dealership
Showroom AreaMinimum Front 40 ft.
i.e., 40 X 50 = 2000 sq. ft.
Minimum Front 25 ft.
i.e., 25 x 40 =1000 sq. ft.
Service(Workshop)2000 sq. ft.1000 sq. ft.
For spare Parts 300 sq. ft.200 sq. ft.
For Washing Area 150 sq. ft.100 sq. ft.


Eligibility Criteria for Yamaha Bike Dealership:

  • Should have proper space for Dealership Unit.
  • Should be engaged any FMCG/ Retail/Automobile business.
  • Should be financially sound.
  • Must have a business minded.

Yamaha Bike Dealership Cost:

If you want to invest in the best bike showroom then Yamaha Bike dealership would be a good option. So by choosing this dealership you can start a sports bike dealership showroom. To open this type of showroom you have to invest minimum of 1 crore to 1.5 crore. Bifurcation of investment is given below:

SlNoName of Particulars Amount (Rs)
1.Dealership Fee5 Lakh
2.Infrastructure (Building construction, workshop shed, tools & Equipment, electrical, water & pipe fitting)30 Lakh – 50 Lakh
3.Initial Stock40 Lakh – 50 Lakh
4.Spare Parts5 Lakh
6.Human Resource Management1 Lakh
7.Advertisement2 Lakh – 5 lakh
8.Working capital30 Lakh
Total Investment1.5 crore(Approximately)

Note: In Investment Lands (Space Area) price is not included.

And if you do not have that much investment and want to open a Yamaha bike dealership with less investment, then you can take a sub dealership with an initial investment of Rs 25 lakh.

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Manpower required for Yamaha Dealership Showroom:

Courteous, efficient and trained manpower is vital for maintaining the successful operation of the dealership and achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.

  • Manager
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Sales Consultant
  • Technicians
  • Supervisor
  • Workshop manager
  • Service Advisor
  • Salespersons
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Other

Documents & License:

If you want to open Yamaha Dealership then you must have some documents and license which is given below:

  • ID Proof : Aadhaar card, Pan card, Voter id card
  • Address proof : Ration card, electricity bill
  • Photograph, Phone number, Email id
  • GST Registration certificate
  • NOC of unit/shop
  • Unit/shop address proof
  • Franchise agreement
  • Trade Certificate
  • Trade License
  • EPF & ESIC Registration

Yamaha Bike Dealership Profits and Margin:

Yamaha company manufacture many different type of sports bike and scooter. Including petrol bike/Scooter and electric scooter/bike as well as spare parts and merchandise. Yamaha is one of the best two wheeler sports bike company in the India. They provide best service to their customers and dealers. It also provide good profits and margin in vehicles and spare parts. Profits and margin which are provided by the company to the dealers are given below:
Company will provide average profit = 5% – 7% (depends on models)
Net profit on Spare Parts= 20% – 25% on MRP

Profits and margin may vary according to the location. So, if you want more information about the profits and margin then must contact to the company. Or visit its official website: Click Here

Revenue Sources for Yamaha Bike Dealership:

If you will take Yamaha Dealership then you can generate your revenue from many sources. Revenue channels include sale of vehicles, service of vehicles and sales of parts, giving you a continuous revenue cycle that is independent of market scenario which is given below with the margin:

  • Vehicles Sales (3%)
  • Retail Finance (up to 3%)
  • Insurance (up to 40%)
  • Vehicle Servicing
  • Parts (25%)
  • Engine Oil
  • Accessories
  • Value Added Services

Company Support:

  • Marketing Support: Company will help you in marketing via digital marketing in your area.
  • Sales Support: The company will help you to increase sales by trained staff.
  • Training will be provided to workshop technical staff and non-technical staff.
  • Training will be provided to sales team on product features & benefits, customer handling, sales process.
  • Advertisement support(Expenditure 50/50)

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How to apply for the Yamaha Bike Dealership ?

If you want to open a Yamaha Bike Dealership Showroom, then first you have to apply for the Yamaha Dealership. To apply for the Yamaha dealership you have to follow some steps which is given below:


Yamaha bike dealership/ Yamaha dealership

  • After landing on this page you have to fill some personal and business details.
  • Fill the dealership form properly.
  • Submit the form successfully.
  • If the company will consider your profile then they will contact you back within a week.

Before applying for the Yamaha Bike Dealership make sure that there should not be existing dealers in your location. In this case you cannot open for the Yamaha Dealership in your location.

Process To get Yamaha Dealership:

  • First of all you have to apply for the Yamaha Bike Dealership. Then if company consider your profile for the dealership in your area then you’ll get a confirmation mail form the company.
  • Company’s executive will explain you via call. If you’ll agree for the dealership.
  • Then they will survey your area properly, make a plan and discuss with you.
  • After a day, they proceed your process if you’ll agree.
  • Now, the area manager will help you to setup your business and make the agreement.
  • You have to pay some amount for the agreement.
  • After getting approval you can start you showroom works.
  • They’ll provide you training and a sales man will work with you.
  • And the process take 30 days.
  • So, after 30-45 days you can start you Yamaha Dealership Showroom.

Yamaha Dealership Contact Details:

If you have any query related Yamaha Bike Dealership then you may contact to the company via given details as I’ve mentioned below:

Office: 7th Floor Tower 1, TVH Beliciaa, MRC Nagar,, Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai, Tamilnadu 600028.
Toll Free: 18004201600

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ):

Q. Who started Yamaha motorcycles? 

Ans: A Japanese businessman, whose name is Genichi Kawakami.

Q. When did Yamaha start making motorcycles ?

Ans: In 1955, Yamaha launched its first motorized product, the YAMAHA125 YA-1.

Q. How do I get a Yamaha Spare Parts Dealership ?

Ans: If you want to get the Yamaha spare parts dealership you can get by applying for the spare part distributorship. You have to visit its official website and fill the dealership form. Within a week the company will contact you.

Q. Can I service my Yamaha bike at any dealership ?

Ans: Yes you can get your Yamaha bike serviced at any of the dealership showrooms. As this facility is not provided by any dealer, it is provided by the company.

Q. What country makes Yamaha motorcycles ?

Ans: Japan, Providing “Made in Japan” Quality Around the World.

Q. How do you start a motorcycle dealership ?

Ans: There are some steps which you should follow to start the motorcycle dealership in India.

  • Choose the proper location.
  • Select the Showroom space.
  • Choose the motor company.
  • Apply for the Dealership
  • Talk one on one with the area manager of the company.
  • If you’ll agree then the company will proceed for the dealership agreement.
  • After that you have to pay some security money for the stock.
  • Now you can start your motorcycle dealership after getting approval.

Q. Is Yamaha Bike Dealership profitable ?

Ans: Before saying it Yamaha Dealership is profitable lets discuss about the Yamaha Company. It is famous for one of the best sports bike/scooter in India. And now a days everyone wants that I must have at least one good sports bike. Due to which now a days the demand of selling sports bike is increased in India. And the existing dealers is selling more than 40 bikes per months. And there are more earning sources for the Dealers. Whenever you will join to the company they will guide you for the everything. So, we can say Yamaha Bike Dealership is profitable.

Q. How much does it cost to open a Yamaha dealership? 

Ans: If you want to take Yamaha dealership then you must have proper investment of about 1 crore to 1.5 crore for the main(authorized) dealers. And if you have less investment then you can start as a sub-dealer. And in long term you have to invest more.

Q. How much profit do motorcycle dealers make in India ?

Ans: The profits for the bike dealers depends on the total number of sales he made in a month/year. A motorcycle dealers can make many from different sources like saleing new and old bikes/scooter and servicing. But on an average a bike dealers can earn more than 2 lakh per month.

Q. How to apply for Yamaha dealership in India ? 

Ans: To apply for the Yamaha bike dealership you can apply via visiting its official website or Click here to get the dealership contact form. Fill the form properly and submit the form. The company’s executive will contact you within a week.

Q. What is the profits and margin for the Yamaha Bike Dealership ?

Ans: The profit depends on the total sells and servicing you made in a month/year. But as a expected profit is given here: Company will provide average profit = 5% – 7% (depends on models). Net profit on Spare Parts= 20% – 25% on MRP.

Q. How do I get a Yamaha sub dealer ?

Ans: To start Yamaha Sub Dealer you can contact to the company or you can contact to the existing authorized dealers in your location.

Q. How do I open a Yamaha dealership ?

Ans: First you have to fill the dealership form then the company’s executive explain you everything. If you’ll confirm for the dealership then they’ll visit your area and verify. After their verification they give you the confirmation letter. You have to pay some amount for the dealership application process. After getting dealership approval you can start your Yamaha dealership.


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